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I was born a Jew. My maternal grandfather loved the God of the Tanach. He taught me about God and His love for His people as a living example of Deuteronomy 6:4-9. Although he died when I was still a child, 6½ years old, his teaching made a huge impression on me; one that I will carry with me till the day I go home to be with my God, Jesus Christ.

As an adult, I heard my believing friend and neighbor Paul say to me that Jesus is the Messiah. My first reaction was quite strong, ‘No, He couldn’t be! If He was, my grandfather would have told me.’ So, after hearing this a number of times, in my characteristic arrogance, I decided I would prove He was not the Messiah; and to do that I had to read the Tanach and, ‘God forgive me’, the New Testament. I started in Genesis, and by the time I got to the end of Deuteronomy I finally understood what it meant to be Jewish. Go figure! To make a long story short, I then had to study the prophets and the prophecies of the Messiah, read the New Testament gospels to learn what it said about Jesus, and then start comparing the prophecies with the stated fulfillments.

After about six months, I was sitting with my friends in their church (Valley Church) one Sunday, not paying attention to the sermon, thinking about all I had read in scripture, and just casually said to Jesus ‘You are the One, aren’t you?’ The veil was immediately lifted from my heart and from my eyes, and I saw Him clearly, and understood the mystery of His incarnation and His plan for humanity.

This was December 1990, I was almost 45, and for the next five years I did not open up any other book but His, except as required by work. I devoured the Old and New Testaments like a man who went without food or drink for his whole life.

Since then I was predominantly involved in men’s and teaching ministries at Valley Church. I helped out at AWANA for eight years as a leader, director, and commander. I led an early morning men’s bible study from 1997 through mid-2011; I led a series of Sunday evening bible studies in Christian faith doctrines, harmony of the gospels, and bible prophecy (including Isaiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, and Revelation) from 2004 through mid-2011; and I led a Sunday morning young adult class on knowing the Son, His life, and works. I developed and led a foodbank ministry, Shepherd’s Table, both in California and Idaho, delivering food to people who were mostly home bound.

I currently minister to a number of people coming out of prison and/or rehab, helping guide them in the character traits and life skills they never learned growing up; and I currently lead a weekly community bible discussion group at a friend’s house in Hayden, which is ongoing and open to the public, since 2015. My life’s verse is: “Them that honour me I will honour, and they that despise me shall be lightly esteemed” 1 Samuel 2:30

In the precious name of Jesus,
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