Poetry -- discussions, part 5










Part 5


written 2017 through 2018






the path

a young boy stands looking into the well
seeing all that is ordained to transpire
then looks to the Ancient of days to tell
the meaning of all that his heart desire

he begins his journey along the path
set before him by the Ancient of days
walking through the valley of evil’s wrath
long before the darkness is set ablaze

he exits safely on the other side
expecting to be attacked on the way
seeing then clearly the chaos worldwide
where once tranquility was led astray

life goes on in the midst of the battle
between the henchmen of evil and good
he cannot ignore the lying prattle
coming from a conflict misunderstood

innocence cannot escape their worst fear
with violence running rampant in the street
many of the rioters persevere
until driven backward in forced retreat

mass shootings from a Las Vegas hotel
kill countless concert goers at night
while many find safety where goodness dwell
upon wings of eagles in soaring flight

more shootings at a Texas baptist church
kill children and parents in godly prayer
a neighbor fires back from his hidden perch
saving sunday worshipers unaware

malicious actions that hatred demands
to fuel the unseen fire burning below
can never be stopped by lawful commands
by a congress setting cities aglow

he looks back to where his journey began
knowing the Father’s promise still remains
then assessing the progress of His plan
follows the path that evil still restrains


first published on kengilbert.com, December 6, 2017.
Copyright © 2017 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






too late

the name of the Lord is a strong tower
standing in the middle of every heart
safety can be found in His strong power
protecting every soul He set apart

be not ashamed for His gospel will save
everyone who believes He is able
righteousness is revealed to free and slave
yet only faith in Him will enable

put aside ungodliness forever
it will only lead to your destruction
set your mind on goodness to endeavor
to hear the truth from Jesus’ instruction

see not the emptiness hiding inside
when your heart intently desires the good
and see not your mind seeking after pride
in order to do that which evil would

learn from your introspection of the past
knowing all your behavior sets your fate
and come to the resurrection at last
before death’s destruction makes it too late


first published on kengilbert.com, December 22, 2017.
Copyright © 2017 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







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