Poetry -- discussions, part 5










Part 5


written 2017 through 2018






the path

a young boy stands looking into the well
seeing all that is ordained to transpire
then looks to the Ancient of days to tell
the meaning of all that his heart desire

he begins his journey along the path
set before him by the Ancient of days
walking through the valley of evil’s wrath
long before the darkness is set ablaze

he exits safely on the other side
expecting to be attacked on the way
seeing then clearly the chaos worldwide
where once tranquility was led astray

life goes on in the midst of the battle
between the henchmen of evil and good
he cannot ignore the lying prattle
coming from a conflict misunderstood

innocence cannot escape their worst fear
with violence running rampant in the street
many of the rioters persevere
until driven backward in forced retreat

mass shootings from a Las Vegas hotel
kill countless concert goers at night
while many find safety where goodness dwell
upon wings of eagles in soaring flight

more shootings at a Texas baptist church
kill children and parents in godly prayer
a neighbor fires back from his hidden perch
saving sunday worshipers unaware

malicious actions that hatred demands
to fuel the unseen fire burning below
can never be stopped by lawful commands
by a congress setting cities aglow

he looks back to where his journey began
knowing the Father’s promise still remains
then assessing the progress of His plan
follows the path that evil still restrains


December 6, 2017.
Copyright © 2017 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






too late

the name of the Lord is a strong tower
standing in the middle of every heart
safety can be found in His strong power
protecting every soul He set apart

be not ashamed for His gospel will save
everyone who believes He is able
righteousness is revealed to free and slave
yet only faith in Him will enable

put aside ungodliness forever
it will only lead to your destruction
set your mind on goodness to endeavor
to hear the truth from Jesus’ instruction

see not the emptiness hiding inside
when your heart intently desires the good
and see not your mind seeking after pride
in order to do that which evil would

learn from your introspection of the past
knowing all your behavior sets your fate
and come to the resurrection at last
before death’s destruction makes it too late


December 22, 2017.
Copyright © 2017 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






in the end

turn away today from evil speaking
about those with whom you now disagree
and continue not angry critiquing
of every conservative devotee

your anger will only set you apart
with all the hatred your mind can condone
and all the darkness in your hurting heart
to battle goodness again for the throne

hear not the hidden sound of ticking time
swallowing up the life you have undone
why have you not repented for your crime
against the nation you so desire won

illegal dreamers maybe save the day
to set the stage for your reelection
knowing not the final price you will pay
for freedom to take the wrong direction

so easily you ignore the founders
who established a government to last
based on the sacred honor of voters
to whom only integrity was asked

you encourage the dead to vote once more
for your latest left leaning lunatics
thinking you can easily change the score
in favor of your corrupt politics

lying comes so easily with a smile
about a sitting president who cares
with false claims of racism you beguile
an unsuspecting public unawares

you decry his straight forward honest speech
that wakes up America to your deeds
going on the offensive to impeach
with an ugliness only evil heeds

at the start your actions exposed your fear
of losing control of the election
so you used government to interfere
with your secret spying misdirection

in the end your corruption gets exposed
by sentries of a divided nation
trying to keep the door to darkness closed
to prevent liberty’s ruination


January 16, 2018.
Copyright © 2018 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







why then do many find themselves betrayed
by elected officials gone astray
when the government elite masquerade
as the people’s champion to obey

and why does Schumer shutdown government
forcing good people to work without pay
he exhibits no sign of discernment
by allowing the illegals to stay

will our military protect and serve
all people regardless of position
and the government they swore to preserve
even if thought guilty of sedition

why then do the illegals enter in droves
quietly crossing the southern border
following coyotes to secret coves
provided by those seeking disorder

Shumer’s lib’rals are demanding a law
allowing the illegals to remain
but it will never leave the congress floor
when Trump rallies his forces to restrain

many millions may gain citizenship
if Shumer’s lib’rals can get their own way
but Trump will triumph with his brinkmanship
by providing the wall’s funding today

some dreamers may become a citizen
if they have no criminal history
and want to become a new denizen
of the true American mystery

chain migration demands a new debate
to discuss the unlimited entry
of fam’ly members walking in the gate
and bypassing the D.H.S. sentry

the hated immigration lottery
provides admission without background checks
a guarantee for open treachery
by admitting more terrorist suspects

even though Americans have spoken
to remove illegals from our nation
our immigration laws remain broken
and need to be replaced for causation

it’s now time to deal with the lethal threat
to attack the problem from every side
to pass a law only evil regret
when illegal entry’s flatly denied


February 4, 2018.
Copyright © 2018 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







why do Americans feel so betrayed
by the F.B.I.’s long spying crusade
established secretly by Obama
to help with Hillary’s melodrama

Hillary thought Trump’s unending lecture
on government ills complete conjecture
that he is politic’ly ignorant
and in foreign affairs belligerent

she thought him beneath her discerning mind
in political matters left behind
when he spoke loudly about right and wrong
as if he alone knows what makes us strong

while appointed secretary of state
she entered into many a debate
on preventing terror by suicide
while ignoring benghazi homicide

she would charge everyone for her influence
to quickly increase Clinton affluence
million dollar fees allowed her to choose
the right rules to match her client’s views

travelling the world in her private jet
conspiring with world leaders to beget
private deals for her foundation’s coffers
that we hope brings her D.O.J. offers

but then her computer server went wild
trashing all the correspondence she filed
how did it disappear she said when asked
forgetting the copies Huma amassed

they quickly scrambled to erase the files
handing over the computer with smiles
forgetting Huma’s husband had email
that backed up Clinton’s sedition detail

the F.B.I. began searching for facts
wanting to know all her illegal acts
so they could stop any prosecution
with a clever cover up solution

then they went out on a limb to protect
her reputation with a misdirect
denying there was any wrong doing
with anything they had been pursuing

this allowed for a presidential run
without fear prosecution had begun
opening her coffers for pay to play
and sending Sanders into disarray

D.N.C. super delegates allow
picking a backroom winner to endow
surprisingly it would be Hillary
chosen by their super artillery

she would be the best candidate ever
thinking of themselves to be quite clever
easily deceiving Bernie’s voters
with their super electoral floaters

then it was time to damage Trump’s campaign
with the Steele dossier to inflict pain
but Trump claimed Russian collusion all lies
while Obama said for Putin Trump spies

the media signed on to the story
trying to spin for democrat glory
by accusing Trump’s campaign of treason
all throughout the pre-election season

now we know who purchased the dossier
who wanted to attack Trump’s bold foreplay
both Hillary and the D.N.C. paid
third parties who created the charade

even F.B.I. leaders went along
with the charade to make Hillary strong
the D.O.J. too was willing to help
kill Trump’s campaign with a victory yelp

they lied to get a warrant to surveil
for dirt that would prevent Trump to prevail
the F.B.I. and D.O.J. agreed
all the evidence was truthful indeed

they knew the evidence was false at best
not wanting it to be put to the test
but everyone lied to protect the scheme
to help Hillary to attain her dream

a D.C. secret can never be kept
since the keepers always become inept
the naked truth will finally abound
sending everyone hiding underground

congress held hearings to investigate
looking for evil to interrogate
a special counsel was then selected
to convict a president suspected

the democrats were ready to destroy
president Trump with their childish ploy
but congress found that the democrats lied
and with the cover up they all complied

the special counsel talked to everyone
the left pointed to the dossier done
the right defended their suspect actions
but could not quell the counsel’s reactions

and all the counsel was able to find
were traces of Russian tracks left behind
they tried to rig the twenty-sixteen vote
thinking Hillary freedom’s antidote

the Trump campaign is no longer suspect
vindicated by the Russian connect
but Hillary and her cohorts are not
since they’ve been caught hatching this evil plot

and the F.B.I. and D.O.J. too
have been caught protecting Hillary’s crew
many have resigned and some others fired
and the public ultimately grew tired

no one understands the coming future
while evil controls the nation’s culture
we gave them our children our towns our schools
and they regarded us as country fools

where will we draw the line of last resort
will we listen to those who truth distort
or follow godly goodness to the end
and America’s greatness to defend

it’s time to choose this day whom to follow
those who choose to leave you spent and hollow
or those who can guarantee liberty
and America’s dream of equity


February 18, 2018.
Copyright © 2018 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







a young girl dances across the lit room
laughing to a magical tune playing
she twirls around in a bright pink costume
handed down from mom with the ends fraying

you can see the innocence on her face
as she spins around on her toes smiling
lost in the memory of God’s embrace
thinking His plan to be quite beguiling

she looks out the sliding glass door to see
the sunshine brightening the coming day
expecting her mom to forever be
ready to protect her in every way

she begins to see the gathering clouds
bringing darkness to the afternoon sky
knowing the reason the lingering crowds
worship at the altar goodness deny

and then she feels the wind shift direction
alerting her to darkness at the door
then remembers her mother’s instruction
to call upon the Lord forevermore

she wonders what the future will behold
when the darkness overshadows the good
and countless godly stories go untold
at a time when goodness misunderstood

and when will she be able to see light
shining brightly on many a dark heart
holding evil at bay without a fight
so goodness need not hide again apart

today she dances and sings happy songs
entangled in mom’s protective embrace
but when tomorrow adds its many wrongs
will she remember God’s forgiving grace


March 3, 2018.
Copyright © 2018 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







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