Poetry -- discussions, part 4










Part 4


written 2014 through 2017







wherefore not an american king rule
seated high above upon gilded throne
issuing orders oppression count cruel
when correctly enforced by mindless drone

cannot government elite make their case
for natural born leadership anew
knowing their own intelligence replace
any need for legal account review

a humbled population broken bow
before the seat of power’s corruption
expecting special favors to endow
a pleasant future without disruption

heretofore spoken objection remain
quietly neutered by hostile recompense
yet hidden among silent heart’s disdain
from retribution death’s demon dispense

nameless attacks upon innocence speak
of forceful vengeance for outspoken view
and positive praise upon loyal meek
for upholding lawlessness greed pursue

forego fear’s obstacle in goodness’ heart
where anxiety reveal her desire
remembering ancient document’s part
in fueling founder’s patriotic ire

arise once again for justice aright
before liberty’s destruction succeed
when providence demand verity’s fight
to protect against growing lib’ral greed


March 31, 2014.
Copyright © 2014 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







silent ghosts along the boulevard walk
from early morning to the sun’s retreat
where many fearful people sometimes talk
from behind darkened doorways of the street

daytime wanderers take refuge at dark
in densely treed properties remaining
hidden till morning’s light skyward embark
upon today’s eager search sustaining

hopeful outcasts seek for a better day
but cannot find the way yet untaken
while searching for assurance in dismay
when a new reality awaken

helpful hearts upon every hill approach
to gather together children broken
lost souls upon whom circumstance encroach
with life’s many treacheries unspoken

caring people volunteer precious time
to listen to the many stories told
trauma’s history leading toward crime
and violent addiction uncontrolled

anointed shepherds lead the way unseen
to a better beginning tomorrow
where character’s instruction intervene
for building skills to wipe away sorrow

self-sufficient behavior learned anew
awaken thoughts of coming better days
where integrity’s recompense debut
with transformation’s gratitude ablaze

cannot one ever conquer homelessness
with so many resources brought to bear
for ending habitual helplessness
redeems another from endless despair


April 23, 2014.
Copyright © 2014 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







political pride her reward demand
from all inhabitants of a nation
quietly drawn by obscurity’s hand
in service to debt’s accumulation

compounding regulation’s hardship grow
unabated for politician’s greed
transforming a people whose desire sow
oppression’s law of poverty decreed

homegrown energy flourishes alive
in abundance across the northern heights
where politics demand it not survive
galvanized in support of green’s delights

coal burning power stations now pollute
no more than an old politician’s speech
when conservation remains resolute
for liberty’s destruction evil preach

free flowing gasoline from nations come
expensive before this generation
held hostage beneath desolation’s thumb
to fuel a politician’s elation

our own refineries desolate lay
across the pages of history’s book
full of tales destruction’s madness repay
for prosperity which evil forsook

when the face of law’s defiance withstand
attack from moderation’s battle cry
designed so that indifference demand
constitution’s rejection in reply

knowing ancient documents countermand
engineering the social playing field
by demanding discipline’s reprimand
for creativity liberty yield

however still darkness descends behind
on an unsuspecting population
peacefully living freedom unconfined
unaware of coming revocation


May 15, 2014.
Copyright © 2014 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







insanity reigns among the elite
calling evil good for prosperity
in a dying democracy replete
with her outspoken insincerity

while poets remember love’s lost passion
and country singers write of treachery
our politician’s prevailing fashion
becomes worshiping evil’s sorcery

note how a lawless leader lingers long
upon dark thoughts of ending liberty
and plunging a once great nation headlong
into economic captivity

telling complicity’s redefined tale
throughout every corner of a nation
to common sensibility assail
with propaganda’s pacification

forget not the blood of patriots shed
upon American soil long ago
when a government upon freedom tread
and excess regulation overflow

how long a peaceful population wait
for evil to silently slink away
knowing wherefore reality dictate
opposition to lawlessness repay

before her coming distant battle cry
resounds oppression’s death across the land
to every person failing to comply
with persecution’s lawless reprimand


June 4, 2014.
Copyright © 2014 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







violence lingers silently beyond
reason’s border without understanding
demanding fervent followers respond
to a charismatic fool commanding

politicians reopen borders wide
under the guise of America’s dream
twisted in knots by lying lib’ral pride
for destruction’s deception to redeem

interlopers from a foreign country
forego family for reassurance
of promised governmental gallantry
to open shifting doors of tolerance

searching for freedom’s opportunity
throughout a land languishing divided
in order to destroy humanity
and to allow evil reign unguided

opposition’s anger in rage increase
against a government out of control
almost ready for oppression’s release
from a population virtue extol

when frustration flows across golden plain
to climb the highest mountain to foresee
patriots coming to destroy death’s reign
and to finally overthrow D.C.


June 25, 2014.
Copyright © 2014 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







integrity unwanted turns away
from growing government condescension
for announcing independence dismay
over lady liberty’s suspension

when unreason politicians proclaim
to an unsuspecting generation
with lie’s imagination to inflame
lawlessness corrupting a great nation

as desperation’s cry unheard at night
within gilded halls of power’s elite
unconcerned with America’s true blight
destroying goodness rendered obsolete

a senseless war on godliness engage
a faceless army hidden out of view
whose conspiratorial ways enrage
a people who morality pursue


July 26, 2014.
Copyright © 2014 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






when again

wherefore wisdom comprehend not darkness
in an outspoken politician’s heart
when contemplating future lawlessness
to force a nation’s goodness to depart

with many little rules to transform day
from life’s pleasant sunshine to endless night
and a multitude of ways to portray
his condemnation for a lesser’s plight

signing lawless presidential orders
designed to drive up life’s daily expense
and to remove the pretense of borders
protecting us from terror’s consequence

how then a loathsome lib’ral pen destroy
the promise of America’s great dream
with enmity his government deploy
many agents to whom evil esteem

when then congressional action abide
upon a promised lawful liberty
contained in a constitution applied
to guarantee freedom’s posterity

when again arise goodness to defend
the lost principles godliness reveal
to a people drowning at sorrow’s end
while patiently awaiting death’s repeal


August 16, 2014.
Copyright © 2014 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






time awaits

senseless death upon innocence descend
amidst the quiet days of summer heat
when reputation violence defend
against baseless lies of power’s elite

a time when life’s simple pleasures erupt
into looting a neighbor’s local store
by interlopers who want to disrupt
everyday comfort peacefulness implore

a time when retribution’s dark desire
out of evil’s bottomless cavern climb
from the depths where deadly demons conspire
to destroy all godly goodness sublime

a time when foreign fighters contemplate
an American homeland invasion
in order to infidel desecrate
upon the altar of truth’s dissuasion

time awaits considering her next move
against people ignoring signs of war
so arise to safety’s action approve
before devastation death underscore

arise against partisan politics
driving a government to inaction
and lying lib’ral apologetics
intended to destroy truth’s attraction

arise again freedom’s fierce defenders
to reestablish liberty once more
in order to expose proud pretenders
devoid of godly goodness heretofore

arise to our constitution adhere
before the approaching terrible day
when liberty and freedom disappear
and evil unchecked godliness repay


September 14, 2014.
Copyright © 2014 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







drones circle above in expectation
of catching evil’s henchmen unaware
while they prepare to strike tribulation
upon a government in disrepair

foreign fighters obsessed with destruction
of a western culture freedom uphold
stand captive to religious seduction
by the fables false godliness unfold

open borders remember not darkness
silently slipping through liberty’s gate
unattended due to lib’ral laxness
in order to democracy berate

sleeping terror among innocence hide
pretending to love America’s dream
while awaiting promises life denied
before destruction’s religion redeem

wherefore then education’s hate conspire
to raise up a wicked generation
with a heart that devastation desire
for the demise of another nation

wherefore now innocence unseen allow
the presence of immoral men hidden
among the godlessness they disavow
when partaking pleasant fruits forbidden

the final day of vengeance soon approach
from far across the storming sacred sea
where devastation’s demons seek reproach
upon the goodness liberty foresee


October 13, 2014.
Copyright © 2014 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






modern day prophets

modern day prophets of darkness conceal
a conspiracy growing against good
following government leader’s appeal
to progressive fanatics of falsehood

who misdirect the public’s attention
away from true disaster arising
to generate popular dissension
among the champions of uprising

anything necessary to prevail
against the moral majority’s stand
even enforcing destruction’s travail
from the beginning when lawlessness planned

America trapped within a torrent
spreading fear and death today
through actions good people deem abhorrent
while God’s justice await evil repay

cannot evil ever understand good
when a deceiving heart encased in hate
and set on accomplishing what they could
before scrutiny then demand debate

cannot goodness obstacles overcome
with the simple love of one another
brandishing God’s mighty sword to become
the salvation of a long lost brother

redemption follows from a humble heart
believing only God can show the way
when righteousness confess that sin depart
before the coming of the judgment day

when reasonable men regret defend
self-possession’s life of rapacious need
unable to godliness comprehend
when at the last to God they must concede


November 5, 2014.
Copyright © 2014 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







freedom remembers not tribulation
fighting for right in sight of God and men
when circumstance demands contemplation
of oppression returning once again

suppressing the truth innocence reveal
behind closed doors one to another
while awaiting a government’s appeal
so that freedom’s greatness soon recover

illegal activity yet remain
unchecked by the beltway bandit’s power
terrorizing all goodness with disdain
and seeking all godliness to devour

cannot then freedom overcome
selfish thoughts of everlasting control
when driven by frustration to succumb
to darkness filling evil’s deadly soul

wherefore freedom’s desire to be set free
contemplates wielding evil’s mighty fist
when sanity awake to referee
between lawful action and anarchist

yet freedom continues to form her plan
to modify a nation’s direction
knowing the progressive’s path never can
guarantee liberty’s resurrection


December 9, 2014.
Copyright © 2014 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







politics lingers on a darkened street
awaiting the demise of lawful rule
held hostage by lying lib’ral deceit
and trampled on by open ridicule

politicians feigning sympathy’s grief
over the loss of lady liberty
continue mocking innocent belief
in the righteous acts of prosperity

reality straining to overcome
oppressive regulations passed anew
by an executive set to become
malevolent ruler over virtue

why then follow insanity’s control
by repeating ills government require
while hiding virtues only God extol
and with the world’s correctness now conspire

forget not simple pleasures from the past
when goodness to a brother reigned on high
when forever freedom appeared to last
and every living soul to her comply

before resistance deemed a futile fool
held captive by the darkness of desire
before majestic power counted cruel
and destruction’s politics then aspire

awaken to lady liberty’s call
resounding throughout a weary nation
take heed lest this unique republic fall
to the power of evil’s temptation


January 25, 2015.
Copyright © 2015 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







wherefore cries of outrage heard not aloud
amongst a people leaders now oppress
and carelessly set aside disavowed
demanding that liberty acquiesce

wherefore freedom cannot forever last
in the heart of a growing multitude
whereas for principle our founders cast
aside life for a moral rectitude

cannot then everyday people arise
to a resounding call to action now
to expel everything goodness despise
and in response our godliness avow


February 27, 2015.
Copyright © 2015 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







life’s simplicity clicks now into place
walking along a path yet untaken
leading away from unpleasant disgrace
at a time when godliness awaken

eyes that never saw before open wide
to see a gentle goodness long hidden
covered by confidence in deadly pride
masking humility long forbidden

suffering seems a distant memory
left behind with life’s addiction to death
recovery remains illusory
attempting to overcome evil’s breath

even though many supporters arise
to walk alongside with hope for today
only gratefulness learned anew applies
for a better tomorrow to repay

wherefore shall we not together reason
to desire to embrace addiction’s end
openly accepting life’s new season
with fervor only goodness comprehend


April 16, 2015.
Copyright © 2015 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







see not therefore a dry and thirsty land
driven deceitfully by worldly care
for whatsoever dark desire demand
entrap each soul that evil’s love ensnare

cannot then one escape the coming end
before our greed enslave the gentle peace
and never again goodness apprehend
the grateful justice godliness increase

wherefore come the growing agitation
in the heart of many a silent soul
who walk away from death’s congregation
to finally embrace God’s gospel goal

remember then words long ago spoken
before all madness daily life devour
and never again reject God’s token
mercifully offered in His power


first published on kengilbert.com, July 25, 2015.
Copyright © 2015 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







coming devastation in darkness hide
behind a façade of friendly faces
speaking sweetly spun words evil supplied
to remove goodness from public places

cannot then each individual hear
deception spoken boldly every day
and yet pray that godliness reappear
before justice catches up to repay

wherefore then silence upon lips remain
passively awaiting another’s word
unheard whenever correctness ordain
godly character forever absurd

speak up before goodness passes away
to linger amidst death’s congregation
knowing that only truthfulness portray
the redemption of a lying nation


October 11, 2015.
Copyright © 2015 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






seventy sevens

seventy sevens
were determined
to the end
of ungodliness
as light

that which is right
the one and only

who created
that is

to whom
all allegiance

to the
of the


the fire
of His wrath
than ever

we saw
the destruction
of Israel
for blatant
of the

have we
ever won


the time
will come
we need
to make
the choice

to obey
and follow
the one and only
of the

to disobey
and rebel
all that is

to be
by our


if we

will take us
with Him
to His Father’s

we will
in His


January 9, 2016.
Copyright © 2016 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







there once was a government freedom grew
from the seeds of patriots planted sure
watered with the blood of a sacred few
who wanted the homeland rightly secure

they fought the British soldiers to the death
to redeem the nation liberty wrought
and were willing to fight to their last breath
against a monarch evil’s power sought

in victory they searched for God’s blessing
when establishing the nation anew
then wrote a constitution professing
life liberty and happiness pursue

they constructed it to follow God’s law
of equality among citizens
three branches balanced against human flaw
and multiple parties of partisans

upon one issue they could not agree
to abolish evil’s deadly foothold
knowing the one answer to slavery
shall remain a deadly wound unconsoled

but with many others agreements came
to set aside differences profound
and one nation under God proclaim
that now lady liberty has been crowned

they fought for rights revered greater than life
in order to guarantee freedom abound
for every citizen living in strife
and end slavery in battle renowned

we long for simple times of long ago
when words were spoken with integrity
knowing how many lies from Chicago
are focused on killing prosperity

for today right is wrong and truth denied
when God’s precious word spoken publicly
angry that goodness is now cast aside
by liberals acting destructively

daily hidden battles today confound
the many true followers of goodness
shielding them with protection quite profound
in order to maintain their righteousness

then comes a president in defiance
of the established rule of common law
unwilling to govern in compliance
with the godliness our founders foresaw

he defines the constitution anew
according to his own depraved desire
knowing congress will bow before his view
because with power’s darkness they conspire

nevertheless his time draws to an end
and soon he will retire to the golf course
speaking up occasion’ly to defend
a past presidency without remorse

how will history remember this man
at the end of a long line of others
to whom power given to fuel a plan
of destruction under lib’ral covers

history sees not the future anguish
from her vantage point fading far behind
knowing then godliness will accomplish
all the pleasant goodness our Lord designed

when worldly influences do conspire
to destroy a people who are His own
we have His promise we can still aspire
to sit with Him forever in His throne

the time now has come to speak up aloud
to let the world know evil cannot win
we affirm what the founding fathers vowed
to keep America safe from within


January 10, 2016.
Copyright © 2016 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







has consequences
by those
who do not follow
the commandments
of the

Adam and Eve
were removed
from the garden
for disobeying
God’s commandment
and eating
of the tree
of the knowledge
of good and evil

their eyes
were opened wide
when they
ate of the tree
and they saw
for the first time
their nakedness
and feared

all the people
of the generation
of Noah
were out of control
with wickedness
and disobedience
to the commands
of the

so God
killed them all
in a worldwide flood
except for Noah
who was a righteous man
before God
and Noah’s three sons
and their four wives
who rode out the flood
in an ark
had him build
to survive

and so
salvation came
upon the waters
of the

and then
the generations
began again
from Noah
and his wife

a new life
to try again
to put

well then
here we are
about 5,000 years
to disobey
the Lord’s
over the face
of all
the earth

has anyone
given much thought
to what
will do
with all
who disobey

you pray
for God’s

what comes

by fire

to the mercy
and goodness
of the
to whoever
in the
and commits
to follow Him
wherever He

or perish
in the fiery depths


January 17, 2016.
Copyright © 2016 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







wisdom speaks her gentle truth
in a small quiet voice
causing you to rejoice
with the fervor of your youth

yet some people wonder why
evil goes not away
forever here to stay
looking you straight in the eye

can you resist on your own
and come up with a way
for blessings to repay
standing for goodness alone

knowing God sits on His throne
in the heavens above
showering you with love
if you obey and atone

obedience His demand
for all who do follow
but pride you must swallow
and repentance fess firsthand

choose you now to Him esteem
and your heart to Him care
for His cross He did bare
shedding His blood to redeem

the One who died in your place
to cast off evil’s grip
and send you on your trip
to stand fast within His grace

ever ready to embrace
His goodness newly found
and follow His renowned
up to His heavenly place


February 5, 2016.
Copyright © 2016 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






Psalm 40
in my own words

for the Lord i patiently awaited
He inclined unto me my cry to hear
raised me out of the pit unabated
and established my goings without fear

into my mouth He put His song of praise
so many shall in the Lord put their trust
blessed is he who respects not prideful ways
nor turns aside to wicked lies of lust

many are Thy wonderful works O Lord
and Thy thoughts to us which are excellent
they can never be in order explored
nor if spoken numbered without consent

sacrifice and offering Thou seek not
my ears Thou have opened so i might hear
willingly burnt offering Thou forgot
and sin offering no longer held dear

I said lo in the volume of the book
it’s written of Me from the beginning
to delight to do Thy will I partook
of Thy law within My heart unsinning

i have set my heart to preach righteousness
within the people’s great congregation
i have not refrained my lips from goodness
Thou know O Lord nor from Thy salvation

Thy righteousness have i not hid ever
Thy faithfulness and salvation declared
Thy lovingkindness and Thy truth never
concealed from the congregation but shared

withhold not Thy tender mercies from me
O Lord as i worship Thee all day long
let Thy lovingkindness offered by Thee
as well as Thy truth preserve me now strong

for many evils compassed me about
and my iniquities have taken hold
i cannot look up to Thee when in doubt
for my heart fails of my sins uncontrolled

with me O Lord my God be therefore pleased
and show me Thy mercy to deliver
make haste O Lord that my soul stand appeased
and shower me with Thy help forever

let them all be ashamed and confounded
together that seek my soul to destroy
let them be driven back and astounded
and put to shame those who evil employ

let every one who seeks my destruction
be made desolate by God’s outstretched hand
as repayment for their shameful action
who say aha aha as reprimand

let all that seek the Lord in Thee rejoice
and be glad in Thee from morning till night
let such as love Thy salvation with voice
say the Lord be magnified in Thy sight

even though i am poor and needy now
yet the Lord thinks upon me with favor
my help and deliverer i avow
tarry not O God that i not waver


February 20, 2016.
Copyright © 2016 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







i have many loves O Lord
that You alone have given to me
according to Thy great lovingkindness
and Thy tender mercies

but the greatest love of all
is the love i have for You
and for Your Word
which You have given me
from the beginning
so that i might begin to know
Your goodness and Your majesty
all the days of my life

i thank you
from the depths of my soul
with the gratitude
that to You alone is due
to the Holy One
who inhabits eternity


February 21, 2016.
Copyright © 2016 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







modernity can never understand
the true nature of Your being
nor the fact of Your seeing
all those who follow Your Son
Your only begotten Son

do You ever wonder why
the many multitudes
choose not to follow after You
but rather seek to pursue
all the many kinds of riches
the world has to offer

they amass all the treasures
stored in all the strongholds
throughout the land
and count themselves grand
achieving all that they planned
before the final end comes
to take them away naked
of all they once were


February 21, 2016.
Copyright © 2016 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







where am i
why am i in the middle
of an endless sea of people

“hey do you know where we are”
“no man i have no clue”

there’s like a multitude of people
as far as my eye can see
there seems to be no end

what’s that up there
is that a throne
made out of pure gold
high and lifted up
and what are those funny looking creatures
with what appears to be wings
covering their bodies

and there before the high throne
are twenty-four smaller thrones
with twenty-four people sitting on them
wearing golden crowns
who are they

“this is weird man”

hey who’s that old dude
with the white hair
sitting down on the high throne
and who’s that
sitting at His right hand

O crap
is this what i think it is

if that’s God
and Jesus
sitting at His right hand
then i am screwed

i never saw this coming
and i certainly never considered
that the stories were true
i thought they were for weak people
who needed a crutch to get through life
i was too busy amassing my fortune
by stepping on the backs of all the little people
i never considered
what would happen
after i died

O crap

“O God
please forgive me now
i was such a fool”

“it’s too late my child
it’s time to pay the debt you amassed
for all the times I called to you
asking you to repent and follow My Son
but you ignored Me
and went right on doing
whatever you desired”

“open the books”


February 21, 2016.
Copyright © 2016 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






some people

some people stand afar off in darkness
not wanting to be seen by trying eyes
they hide their true persona in meekness
and they speak sweetly to cover up lies

they can spin a yarn that fantasy wrought
easier than taking in a deep breath
speaking the many stories evil taught
to captivate innocence unto death

some listen mesmerized to evil’s tale
accounting every word for truthfulness
allowing their soul to enter travail
unable to perceive such wickedness

others remain steadfast in doing right
to always honor the Lord of glory
and to love Him daily with all their might
awaiting completion of His story

they awake to see His goodness each day
shining upon His people with great love
knowing only righteousness He repay
for confessing His name as the Lord above


May 28, 2016.
Copyright © 2016 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






Psalm 95
in my own words

O come to the Lord and before Him sing
very pleasant songs of praise in His ear
let us make a joyful noise of blessing
and to the rock of our salvation cheer

let us come before His presence each day
singing psalms of thanksgiving to His name
for the Lord is a great God to obey
and salvation and blessing His great fame

He holds the earth’s deep places in His hand
and the strength of the hills are His treasure
with His outstretched hands He formed the dry land
and He made the sea for His good pleasure

O come now let us worship and bow down
let us kneel before the Lord our maker
for He is our God and His fame renown
and we are the people of His pasture

today if you will harken to His voice
harden not your hearts in provocation
as when tempted you did fail to rejoice
and did disobey in reprobation

you wandered for years in the wilderness
when your fathers decided to tempt Me
and tried to provoke Me to unkindness
even though My miracles you did see

forty years this generation grieved Me
a people whose heart did err in protest
so then I swear in My wrath against thee
never ever can thou enter My rest


July 16, 2016.
Copyright © 2016 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







history remembers from long ago
stories told of a simpler time to know
when friendly neighbors always said hello
and gratefulness much easier to show

remember then that very pleasant day
when godliness showed in open display
and caring affection the heart portray
as one for another true love convey

how then after that pleasant day’s delight
did darkness descend to destroy the light
when public goodness receded from sight
and hid herself from evil’s deadly plight

the times now demand goodness awaken
to battle for her honor forsaken
and men of valor arise unshaken
for sacred honor to be retaken

as media fairy tales cause distress
and government power steals in excess
while lib’ral leaders can only repress
all innocence to godliness oppress

half the country’s households live on welfare
in order to survive oppression’s snare
while captivity holds them in despair
and death’s destruction stalks them unaware

government entitlements do destroy
with deceptive kindness they now employ
and lib’rals must always lie to enjoy
federal power that evil deploy

they want to devastate liberty’s cause
and banish all the constitution’s laws
so that goodness now forever withdraws
never again to shine on evil’s flaws

regardless then of evil’s dark desire
to see goodness on a funeral pyre
how then shall God allow this to transpire
when representing glory’s best attire

shall not evil ever begin to see
the coming of God’s greatest victory
when everyone knows His loving story
to establish goodness for His glory


August 29, 2016.
Copyright © 2016 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







a spiritual man encountered peace
at a time he needed to find his way
amidst a people wanting evil cease
from the hand of fanatics of the day

he cried out to a god he thought he knew
for comfort in the face of affliction
and then journeyed long to evil pursue
with a heart overflowing conviction

like-minded men followed him in combat
to enemy strongholds across the land
bringing devastation evil begat
with a vengeance only darkness command

and yet this unknown god continued siege
on an open heart wickedness now own
by forcing visions upon evil’s liege
for destroying enemies of his throne

compassion for life eluded his soul
from the moment vengeance entered his heart
knowing only death fulfill evil’s goal
for his life’s mission to never depart

thinking rewards in heaven his true gain
for following his unknown god’s leading
to kill infidels with evil’s disdain
and prevent all Goodness from succeeding

he knew Goodness sent His heavenly host
to protect the elect from death’s dark door
while killing continued that evil boast
of destroying Goodness forevermore

little did he know that Providence reign
in affairs of men throughout the ages
regardless of the way evil sustain
death’s demand for the infidel’s wages

unto this day continues the killings
at the hands of his spiritual seed
looking to collect on evil’s billings
for the despair brought on by terror’s greed

Goodness enjoys the final victory
decreed before the beginning of time
when Providence wrote evil’s history
and then guaranteed payment for the crime


October 11, 2016.
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call your children

you call your children from a far country
where they have wandered many untold years
because they could not shed idolatry
long established by captivity’s fears

freedom comes only by your outstretched hand
gently touching an unsuspecting heart
guiding them in the direction you plan’d
long before you ever set them apart

you bestow your gift of faith in abundance
for discerning your heart and will each day
and teach them to walk in obedience
in order that your goodness they display

you are the Lord God of all creation
the Holy One to whom all glory due
the only One to offer salvation
in order that your goodness they pursue

your children stand witness to the darkness
of those who deny your true existence
and make for themselves idols in likeness
of living things to arouse resistance

why then they never consider turning
back to the one true God of creation
even when in emptiness their yearning
points them to the God of restoration

their ego drives them to never obey
the commandments with which they disagree
so then in God’s presence they cannot stay
since their evil demands death’s guarantee

send out then many prophets with your word
amidst the congregation of the dead
ready to tell them justice will be heard
before the coming of disaster’s dread

tell them open your heart to Glory’s voice
speaking directly to your heart of stone
so that the Lord of Goodness may rejoice
and change your heart to be His very own

hear Him for His loving kindness spoken
directly to the darkness of your soul
knowing that to His truth you must harken
broken for His goodness to take control

and He will place you on His highest hill
so that through you His light may shine abroad
and through you His goodness He will fulfill
throughout a land where darkness death applaud

bow down then before the Lord your maker
in honor of the glory due His name
and receive His shed blood as partaker
of the goodness all His children proclaim


November 12, 2016.
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a story has been told of a great king
who came in the lowliness of a child
and to Him all heavenly host do sing
in recognition of His mercy mild

He never owned a single possession
as He walked through the towns in homelessness
and never made a single concession
to Israel’s leaders of lawlessness

He entered Jerusalem unannounced
to be baptized in the Jordan by John
then Satan asked that goodness be renounced
so that Jesus could evil’s darkness don

but He would never deny His Father
for His obedience He did affirm
when thrice He did reprove Satan’s offer
overcoming temptation to stand firm

He called His twelve disciples to follow
and to leave all their possessions behind
wanting them to depart from evil’s shadow
to walk along the path the Lord defined

He performed miracles for all to see
so they knew that God sent Him as foretold
in the days when Moses said one like me
would lead you to His kingdom to behold

and thus many believed and followed Him
as He walked through the towns calling His own
they came to see at risk of life and limb
to hear the way of truth that He made known

He healed everyone who by faith believed
so He could do for them as for others
and showed the world goodness could be conceived
to dispel death’s darkness evil gathers

Israel’s leaders knew He had to die
if they were to hold on to their power
and so they conspired with evil to lie
to murder Him at the appointed hour

but the Holy One escaped corruption
when death could never hold His soul in hell
and His resurrection caused disruption
to Satan’s plans to godliness dispel

even though man could never stop sinning
due to a fallen rebellious nature
God had planned a way from the beginning
to give His children hope for the future

so take hold of His gift offered freely
to all who believe He died for your sin
and confess Lord Jesus to them boldly
when His salvation heals you from within


January 9, 2017.
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America became soft and battered
by lib’ral forces from within her midst
and her constitution torn and tattered
to guarantee her people not resist

all her claims of freedom and liberty
remain unknown to this generation
who grew up in lib’ral captivity
and were taught their lies for compensation

they never learned critical thinking skills
so as to discern godly truth from lies
and they listened to the media shills
who taught them godliness they must despise

power and fame are their promised reward
for following after lib’ral liars
and they guaranteed goodness be deplored
in order to follow their dark desires

today the battle has come to the fore
with lib’ral forces pretending retreat
while speaking the lies of a DC whore
who sells her service to johns on K street

all our politicians have gone astray
to follow after rapacious desire
in order to America betray
to the lobbyists with whom they conspire

they pretend to want what the people do
in order to get themselves elected
and then reveal the evil they pursue
against the goodness they have rejected

they speak crass words against goodness revealed
and destroy cars and stores to demonstrate
they accuse others of hatred concealed
hiding behind their intolerant hate

how then will justice expose their deceit
and all their lib’ral lunacy repay
when an outsider brings on their defeat
by opening doors for goodness to stay

but this now is just another salvo
in a war that has been raging for years
pray then that many victories follow
for goodness to repay their profiteers


January 25, 2017.
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testing a new president

people are willing to discard the law
that protects life from outside invaders
even from the fanatics they foresaw
coming from afar with death’s crusaders

fantasy informs them that all seems good
and that everyone believes life precious
trust then in others to do as right should
and ignore the evil growing vicious

Alinsky calls to his own from the grave
to destroy godliness wherever found
trusting Obama to goodness enslave
with his ugly activism unbound

hidden heretics strike out from the dark
ready to destroy a new president
speaking sedition’s casual remark
to reveal death’s deadliest dissident

when then many lib’rals attack with lies
and fake news to create contentious strife
to destroy the people evil despise
with calumny’s words to devastate life

many globalists have infiltrated
the halls of the political elite
a shadow government long created
to overcome the world with dark deceit

the battle lines have been drawn for some time
to set in motion a new world order
one which evil’s henchmen portray sublime
while secretly creating disorder

this unseen war rages throughout D.C.
for the soul of our great constitution
some believe that lawlessness can reign free
without ever seeing retribution

others think it protects all innocence
from the eyes and ears of our government
intent on illegal reconnaissance
to silence their opponent’s argument

we now stand on life’s precipice looking
at the dark road leading to tomorrow
wonder whether goodness is abounding
or retreating from our growing sorrow

imagine the tragic consequences
for allowing evil to overcome
by destroying our greatest defenses
without ever heeding the calling drum

why then do we forget to call goodness
to the forefront of the raging conflict
for He is our shield and our righteousness
even when our worship is imperfect

so arise O godly men of glory
to reclaim your sacred honor anew
the time has come to rewrite the story
evil wrote with her long attempted coup


March 6, 2017.
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the braying ego of a godless man
echoes through the cities of his nation
he thinks back to when treachery began
and imagined his own coronation

he would imagine evil to drive fear
into the heart of America’s soul
to destroy family and jobs held dear
and to put goodness under his control

the time came when he arose to power
and began to set his enemy’s fate
making his plans for goodness to cower
to the authority of the deep state

he ignored the people’s constitution
any time its demands blocked his desire
to incite oppression’s persecution
and pave the way for darkness to transpire

he then repeated all the lib’ral lies
as a puppet of the global elite
wanting to ensure the coming demise
of freedom and liberty at his feet

he encountered the ISIS brotherhood
starting uprisings in muslim nations
and provided weaponry when he could
for the rebel’s deadly aspirations

as is typical in life time ran out
before he could complete his darkest dream
so he left his followers most devout
to entangle Trump in his deep state scheme

his henchmen stayed hidden in the darkness
ready to destroy the new president
who legislated with godly goodness
to remove ties to the last resident

they started spying on him long ago
as a new presidential candidate
knowing they could use illegal info
to block appointments and intimidate

they created fake news about his life
and all his dealings as a businessman
knowing it would cause him unending strife
in dealing with the D.C. taliban

they even blocked his attempt to repeal
and replace the accursed Obamacare
which Trump promised voters in his new deal
to ensure them better medical care

and even his supreme court nominee
has been threatened with a filibuster
because the obstinate dems disagree
with a judge who already passed muster

but the senate leaders went nuclear
to lower the threshold to fifty-one
and elevate Trump’s legal warrior
in his most important battle yet won

creating new jobs was first on his list
with all the companies he knew before
he contacted friends so none would resist
moving manufacturing back on shore

he lacked the background to command in war
and many doubted he would take control
then Syria demanded he do more
in his military leadership role

he rose to the challenge on the world stage
in response to the use of chemicals
and launched cruise missiles to evil engage
denying deadly tools to radicals

Russia Iran and North Korea railed
against America standing for right
saying our motives would soon be unveiled
determined to world conflict now ignite

psycho Kim threatens a deadly attack
to America fearing for his life
knowing our battle group is coming back
as the world’s avenging surgical knife

whenever America acts from strength
the lib’ral lunatics come to the fore
complaining tolerance at any length
must be shown to those that goodness deplore

open conflict consumes national thought
throughout the countries of the east and west
each tries to understand what evil wrought
teaching muslim youth to goodness detest

know not then that the world is now at war
for the third time in the last hundred years
a time worse than the crusades of before
when once again religion interferes

just enter the code and press a button
and all the infidels can be wiped out
then return home to dinner of mutton
with the desert wilderness all about

a civilized response can then be sent
as a raining shower of destruction
upon the people terror did torment
during the last thousand years of seduction


April 16, 2017.
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the United Kingdom voted exit
from the European Union of states
because E.U.’s leaders became unfit
to restrain that which darkness procreates

freely the U.K. took in refugees
from war torn nations of the middle east
never expecting the hostilities
death demanded from her merciless beast

they gathered together in a ghetto
so that they might protect their sacred way
and then did heed death’s call to overthrow
all infidels in order to obey

and then with brilliance they decided how
to bring death’s destruction to infidels
by brainwashing their children to kowtow
to their leaders that evil now compels

they have entered unknown territory
where reason has been replaced by the quest
for greatness retold in human glory
and paid for by brainwashed children obsessed

blow yourself up in the market today
and then enter eternal paradise
with seventy virgins for death’s display
of your obedience and sacrifice

see how many infidels you can kill
along the path to earn your prophet’s love
thinking only that your glory fulfill
your destiny to meet greatness above

victory may now seem assured at last
when all the killing takes its toll in fear
spreading death among innocence aghast
at the ugliness your hatred makes clear

but hatred will only bring you sorrow
when you see how governments respond
with overwhelming force on the morrow
for the perpetrators that evil conned

and hatred brings unwanted attention
to your great jihad started long ago
and makes known your current dark intention
to destroy all innocence goodness sow

consider the promise may not be real
before you ever take your final breath
however great your hatred makes you feel
to have such power over life and death

and know that your hatred was born of lies
to turn your heart against all but your own
maybe then you can hear the people’s cries
and understand the heartache you have sown


June 12, 2017.
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silent demons dance across the night sky
waiting for violence to awaken
hoping to incite evil to comply
with resurrected plans unforsaken

they seek after truth’s destruction daily
in order to perpetuate their lies
and let desire lead them on a journey
to the precipice of their own demise

will then goodness arise out of the ash
of lib’ral policies torn asunder
after many years of socialist trash
have they really made their final blunder


July 15, 2017.
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America stands ready to attack
a rogue nation creating missile fears
with nuclear technology on track
to unleash her devastation and tears

China remains unresponsive to Trump
regarding help with North Korea’s threat
no the puppet master will never jump
to support destroying her rabid pet

North Korea’s Kim continues to brood
about America attacking first
knowing that his missile program pursued
guarantees devastation quench his thirst

Kim joined forces with Iran to deploy
a missile with a nuclear warhead
however Iran remains very coy
about her weapon’s fitness for bloodshed

will Iran finally show her true face
to a world wishing evil never thrive
she sits down to negotiate with grace
while keeping her nuclear work alive

everyone worries that warheads are sold
to anyone willing to pay the price
for terrorists will not long be consoled
by simple bombs to enter paradise

meanwhile back in the U.S.A. Trump fights
to root out darkness in the D.C. mire
to stop lying in which evil delights
and to mitigate rabid lib’ral ire

the blogosphere spews vitriolic hate
in support of the leaks and the fake news
pronouncing then their truth without debate
and attacking any with other views

the Senate speaks loudly with perfect pitch
attempting to destroy the righteous right
and to encumber their middle class bitch
with taxes likened to our founder’s plight

they promised they would repeal and replace
an imploding Obamacare right now
and then were re-elected with grace
to overturn the worst bill passed somehow

but the republicans cannot agree
whether to repeal or replace the bill
therefore condemning every enrollee
with skyrocketing costs draining the till

Trump threatens to cut the Senate’s budget
subsidizing healthcare costs reimbursed
to insure that they sincerely submit
a healthcare bill putting the people first

he does the administration shuffle
moving his players all around the board
trying to avoid a bloody battle
with the left leaning congressional hoard

nevertheless his strength comes to the fore
in negotiating deals with others
and in making sure defense is top drawer
with the best toys for his combat brothers

so even though China never responds
to help with North Korea’s aggression
he will not allow diplomacy’s bonds
to compel America’s concession

now America holds tests of her own
launching I.C.B.M. hunter killers
to insure incoming missiles are blown
out of the sky like in Star Wars’ thrillers

America stands ready to defend
her homeland from terror wherever found
a people who will argue to the end
yet battle as one to terror confound


August 4, 2017.
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hatred demanding

hatred gathers her forces quietly
sending them out to attract new recruits
then she indoctrinates them privately
to always follow her evil pursuits

she sets her focus on college students
to brainwash with her darkest obsession
while her lies arouse her new assailants
to perpetuate her deadly oppression

she shows her face in Charlottesville’s crime spree
attacking goodness from the left and right
where thousands protest U.S. history
yelling and fighting from morning till night

hatred refuses to ever take sides
in violence masquerading as good
not wanting to expose what evil hides
behind a facade that’s misunderstood

she manipulates those on every side
to do her bidding of intolerance
ensuring that violence will reside
in the heart of lib’ral belligerence

she incites the left to intimidate
with lying that leaves innocence aghast
motivating them to eliminate
all the symbols of America’s past

hatred topples confederate statues
that bring to mind a war against evil
a time when southern states had no excuse
but to aid in the works of the devil

by removing the statues from our sight
she rewrites our darkest past forever
continuing in her deadly delight
with the deception of her endeavor

demanding everyone silence God’s voice
spoken in the midst of public discourse
removing every alternative choice
from the public forum without remorse

it seems unlikely hatred ever ends
abolishing the current culture war
since her self-righteousness daily pretends
that she’s the one whom evil does deplore


August 20, 2017.
Copyright © 2017 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







all lives matter as much as black and blue
and brown and yellow also matter too
why then do people protest to pursue
the destruction of those they misconstrue

and not just with the adrenaline high
of spoken words and signs to explain why
but with violence that all must comply
with their command to liberty decry

bullying everyone who disagrees
with lib’ral lies that calumny foresees
everyone bowing to the guarantees
of power and fortune to evil please

activists who protest everything good
with vitriol to cower those they could
shutting down opponents before they would
stand upon the platform goodness stood

anarchy now reigns throughout the nation
causing every evil expectation
to take the fore in anticipation
of violence for the celebration

evil wins when freedom torn and tattered
running the other way quickly scattered
with the telltale signs of being battered
thinking goodness really never mattered

how then return we to civility
without everyone’s keen ability
to respect others with humility
and a strong desire for tranquility

and how then can we reverse direction
to make the necessary correction
before the twenty eighteen election
with a cure for Satan’s insurrection

we could perpetrate violence also
if only goodness allowed us to know
that for a season our evil could show
in response to the activist’s ego

so we could attack the left with bats
and use our fists to beat back the black hats
to fight all of anarchy’s diplomats
under the spell of lying democrats

but alas we cannot do as they do
we have a higher calling to pursue
following after goodness to renew
obedience to give God all He’s due


September 3, 2017.
Copyright © 2017 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






Lord of eternity

give unto the Lord glory due His name
creation of heaven and earth His fame
a strong tower of righteousness His game
and salvation and forgiveness His claim

God gave us His only begotten Son
Jesus of Nazareth the Holy One
to gather His own from under the sun
and wipe every tear away when He’s done

just turn to Him and say i’ve had enough
there’s no way i can do all this stuff
when life in this world has gotten too rough
with evil’s torment to make living tough

forgive my sins and trespasses this day
and give me my appointed faith to say
that Jesus reigns as Lord of life’s new way
and is forever in my heart to stay

therefore will i daily pray for goodness
and His eternal light of righteousness
to fill me with His joyful happiness
so all around will see His true kindness

call humbly upon Him to set you free
knowing He has chosen your destiny
then following obedience the key
for pleasing the Lord of eternity


September 16, 2017.
Copyright © 2017 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






the outsider

an angry activist stands all alone
awaiting approval from evil’s own
thinking liberty highly overblown
ready to wrestle goodness for the throne

he came out of nowhere to make his stand
ignoring everything history plan’d
rejecting freedom as law of the land
during his years of illegal command

he had his chance to make a difference
a world leader searching for relevance
speaking boldly for social tolerance
while encouraging open violence

but Providence made known His own design
electing an outsider for a sign
that maybe now we need to realign
our attitude so that goodness may shine

and soon the outsider found a dark scourge
left behind where swamp dwellers did emerge
to attach whenever they felt the urge
coming out of hiding to goodness purge

and these dark dwellers began to attack
with trash talking lib’ral lunatic flack
the outsider knew he had to fight back
tweeting his condemnation with a smack

right standing tall against the face of might
calling the dark dwellers into the light
so he could correct the middle class plight
and turn back the coming beast of the night

but now it seems he will never succeed
against lib’ral lies progressives decreed
in their battle against the goodness creed
and for the soul of America’s seed

congress attacks the struggling nation
desiring socialism’s occupation
to destroy the dream of expectation
for lady liberty’s coronation

senate republicans do their own thing
following the lobbyist’s money string
refusing to repeal healthcare’s dark sting
and the nation’s people disrespecting

then nature sent Harvey with fury’s bath
to devour Houston in its aftermath
and then Irma upon the wind’s warpath
to devastate Florida in its wrath

then came Maria with its full fury
destroying Puerto Rico’s property
turning from the U.S. coast abruptly
to slink away north eastward silently

and now a sniper attacks innocence
killing too many with ambivalence
bullets showering down in compliance
with evil’s dark desire for dominance

with every attack the outsider shows
his caring for those who suffer the blows
meeting them face to face compassion bestows
the silent comfort only goodness grows

will he win this battle of the ages
enacted upon history’s pages
on the left we see how evil rages
and on the right how goodness engages

i long to see the end of the story
where evil becomes the hunted quarry
never again to be predatory
when only God’s goodness gets the glory


October 7, 2017.
Copyright © 2017 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






only one

autumn clouds blow across the blacken’d sky
to shroud in darkness D.C.’s common lie
that fed’ral laws to them do not apply
and truth exists only to falsify

winds will change however from time to time
within the swamp some believe quite sublime
where the lib’ral left can commit a crime
to gain the lev’rage for their upward climb

and yet no one’s crime is ever punished
rarely is their reputation tarnished
never will they ever be admonished
and definitely never abolished

meanwhile let’s set aside the swamp for now
to look at hatred’s calling to kowtow
a country willing to goodness avow
with all the destruction evil allow

first term congressmen struggle to fit in
when learning the truth of their colleagues sin
of globalist pandering for the win
while offering up political spin

ex-presidents attack the newest one
some would say in order to greatness shun
but reality speaks to what they’ve done
to protect the globalist power won

Alabama politics joins the fray
with uniparty lies to save the day
to rescue a senate seat gone astray
because integrity goodness convey

global power money runs like water
through corrupt hands in the D.C. quarter
for money they all would trade their daughter
to lead America to the slaughter

so what can we do to stem the tide
of the global force amassing worldwide
wanting destruction to come from inside
with all the deception evil abide

only one stands up against what’s to come
long before he began beating his drum
make America great again the hum
demanding evil forces to succumb


November 23, 2017.
Copyright © 2017 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







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