Poetry -- discussions, part 3










Part 3


written 2008 through 2014






O how i love you
let me tell you some of the ways
i love how you laugh at my stupid little jokes
and when you look at me as if i were really someone special
i love how not one day goes by that you do not put me first
and when i look at you i see the beauty of your soul
i love how when i touch you electricity sets my nerve ends dancing
and when i hold you in my arms we can never quite get close enough
i love how you have learned to put up with my Jewish craziness
and when your Irish determination keeps you solid as a rock
i love how each year i love you more than the last
and when i still desire to sit and talk with you for hours
i love how i could never want life lived any other way
and when i close the door to the world we are all that we ever need
i love you in more ways than mere words could ever express
and when i try i still stumble and bumble like a smitten teenager
i love how thirty years have flown by so fast
and when i cannot remember a time when i have not loved you
i love most of all how God has knit our hearts and souls together
forever creating harmony in one from two so very different






i cannot see you with my eyes
but i know you are close enough to hear my cries
desire driving me to that quickly coming day
when there will be nothing more i could say
to the One to whom my soul belongs
no more softly singing songs
no more reading written words
no more seeing human herds
stumbling through life looking for answers
to all those questions that should never be asked

then i will get to see You O Lord with open eyes
and finally be able to say thank you face to face
for all that You have done to love me
and keep me Your very own
up until the end of time
eternally sublime






cannot one day’s desire ever tire
of distant decades shamefully remembered
of a time traversed without You
yet now reversed to forward facing motion
a magnanimous correction carried out
amidst a silent shout from within my soul’s deepest depth

cannot a fondly found friendship change
more than rearrange a life
one ravaged rife with overwhelming sin
cause change swelling up from within
overpowering the devil’s din to win one soul
teetering tenuously on the brink of destruction
with divinely destined construction
opened for intense inspection

cannot destiny’s dangerous desire
ever tire or even retire
from the devil’s destination for souls
the time is secretly coming
to every harrowing home standing alone
of love lavishly grown by a master gardener
planting precious seeds
in the hearts of His own
forever sown in glory






there was a time
i remember it all too well
when i was not like everyone else
when i heard not silence
in answer to our discussions
when i felt not emptiness
to a presence only memory sees

how long O Lord
how long must i wait
till a time when forgiveness will overtake
for the most horrific mistake
in a life littered with many

how long will You keep silent
and stand far off
just because i was foolish enough
to want to be like everyone else
understanding not the specialness
of a gracious gift given from childhood
now only vaguely remembered
and fiercely sought after
all the days of my life

O that You would return the gift
that i would be not like everyone else
ever again






every moment
my beating heart meditates not upon You
breeds distress within my soul

a cauldron
of old insignificant laments of life
looming all around
tossing me aground
a rat drowned in a sea of human expectations

and yet
my love for You is always there
so easily plucked out of the air
a remedy for despair
if only i would try
to focus my mind’s eye upon You

my redeemer my rock my Lord
lover of my soul
my shield my sword






early mornings are a special time of day
when sleep recedes
and awareness is not filtered
by conscious defenses

there you are
not quite visible
on the periphery of my senses
just out of reach
just far enough
that i spend the whole rest of the day
seeking to get Your face into focus

searching for You
in the land of the living
giving meaning to my life
as i look for Your goodness
in every face i encounter during the day
just waiting to say “there You are”

but alas
it is not possible to know
how far i need to go
till i can seek Your face
and find You

Your face is elusive
from my conscious mind
and yet i find Your presence unmistakable
and Your love uncomprehendible
and Your mind unsearchable
as You grasp me tightly in Your hand
and never let me go






why saith thou there is no living God
and goeth about thy day pretending
narcissism never altogether odd
when indulging desire unbending
why saith thou there is no longing love
and selfless giving outdated design
arrogance an obvious well worn glove
understanding only all that is thine
why saith thou there is no compassion
staring solemnly out of a dead face
ego’s rationale masks comprehension
while allowing neither mercy nor grace
       how canst not thou see God’s peaceful solace
       compassed round about with perfect justice






praise the Lord all ye calling upon His name
and seek His face early in the morning
He provides His saints with eternal fame
when fortunes counted at final dawning
praise the Lord calling upon Him loudly
lift up thy hands to Him only who saves
sing thou songs of love and truth most gladly
when faith’s atoning work destroys death’s graves
praise the Lord with sincerity of heart
and acknowledge Him as the one true God
He alone longsuffering set apart
showing only goodness without the rod
       His truth and justice never in fashion
       love the Lord with all consuming passion






why seest thou not His truth before thee
and goest about thy day in darkness
error entangles His simple decree
of showing not thy brother His starkness
why seest thou not how firmly to stand
and cower behind thy incorrect speech
pernicious behavior forever grand
when desolation’s promise fills the breach
why seest thou not evil all around
and applaud Ishmael in uprising
the pursuit of happiness run aground
when liberal response not surprising
       His gifts squandered in rational debates
       freedom falters when good procrastinates






cannot my soul pursue You in gladness
leveling high mountains to overcome
seeking ever only for Your goodness
when actions taken together in sum
have not You required humility
as my best behavior seen by others
love’s compassion a timeless quality
giving comfort and aid to my brothers
are not You exalted high above all
in a life seeking only Your glory
daily honor and praise to You stand tall
in the center of telling my story
       protection present clearly do i find
       before me ever even from behind






newscasters conceal daily oppression
spewing out false fairness at every chance
never speaking to rampant recession
when captivated by deceit’s dark glance
telling lies about taxes never raised
and how much better off we are today
simple stories of politicians praised
for leading suffering masses astray
media’s message maters to our health
left leaning words filled with iniquity
shattered lives living drained of all their wealth
as vassals trodden from antiquity
       death served up with government’s subtle lies
       life given only when God hears our cries






You alone are ever only before my eyes

listening to my cries and sighs day and night

You alone are ever only compassed round about

removing every doubt that comes to mind

You alone are ever only the One i find

loving unconditionally

without exception

with a special kind of compassion

You alone are ever only near in every season

the only reason here being that You Are

You alone are ever only never far away

standing without sway just beyond focused vision

You alone are ever only the One without derision

offering daily provision for living life

You alone are ever only the remover of strife

cutting it away with a surgeon’s knife

cutting away all that honors not the One who Is

You alone are ever only the One to whom all glory is due

the only One i do pursue

with heart and mind and soul

You alone are ever only the strength of one growing old

never sold out for fame and fortune

always the singular goal of life lived for You

You alone are ever only wholly in tune with Your creation

knowing the elation of those who follow only You

what more can anyone do

You alone are ever only holy and righteous and just

giving gracious gifts to those who trust only in You

what more can anyone do

You alone are ever only the One true God

Your name ever only stands forever

eternal protection ever only for all who bow at Your feet

how sweet the end






Egypt once prominent when Pharaohs reigned
monuments erect in eloquent praise
designs on honor eternally gained
when history recalls her special days
modern rulers only earning disdain
with Chicago tactics of corruption
power’s prominence never to remain
when chanting angry mobs cause disruption
military generals take control
till democratic elections upheld
alert soldiers with vigilance patrol
as every uprising is quickly quelled
       old things abolished in favor of new
       hope stands sentry knowing not what to do






destruction stands silently at the door
wanting ways to secretly gain entrance
dogmatism fights for that we do abhor
while martyrs kill all without repentance
lawmakers ignore the people’s crying
for tightening control over borders
politicians continue denying
the existence of evil marauders
military preparations occur
for battles to be fought around the globe
ignorance causes them not to deter
every chance the enemy has to probe
       perfunctory measures hold back the flood
       till destiny comes for infidel’s blood






can spending simply ever decrease debt
building over many generations
ignorant logic the reason to fret
when giving bailouts and reparations
presidential budget beyond excess
by comparison to any other
selfish ambition progeny’s distress
inflamed by payoffs to friend and brother
entitlements amass the lion’s share
of gratuities liberals dole out
provocative actions a double dare
against conservative’s minuscule clout
       beaten masses abhor any uprising
       anger’s reprise may dictate revising






founding generation’s history lost
amidst years of public education
constitutional clarity the cost
of debase progressive prostitution
Adams and Jefferson never agree
when giving reasons for the nation’s birth
dueling desperados split sov’reignty
grabbing fiercely for power’s greater worth
calumny’s destruction the final goal
hidden beneath civility’s veneer
unbalanced societal scales the toll
when mobilizing emotional fear
       Obama father of hypocrisy
       trying to dismantle democracy






enter Obama Pelosi and Reid
evil destroyers of democracy
leading liberals loving only greed
with their double minded duplicity
twenty six governors fighting for life
liberty and pursuit of happiness
erecting obstacles with pen and knife
to dismantle corruption’s craftiness
serious battle lines carefully drawn
over guns healthcare and immigration
gauntlet taken up defending the dawn
of dwindling government provocation
       caped crusaders deftly defying all
       fear nothing but failure before the fall






a birthplace remains inconsequential
an interesting footnote to living
until ill-gotten gain proves substantial
and all consuming power a craving
rapacious desire shackles the heart
Presidential office the final prize
great fantasies of knowledge to impart
influence peddling bedfellow’s reprise
constitutional crisis looming large
over legal standing of our leader
outspoken conservatives sound the charge
to enlighten every Kool-Aid drinker
       Supremes agree to another hearing
       can rule of law’s demise conquer fearing






public sector unions think themselves due
every pernicious thought within their heart
cravings of malice and greed to pursue
defiant actions setting them apart
upon the back of every taxpayer
their burden is laid for generations
rapacious envy their true destroyer
selfish desire their inspirations
oppressive opposition a talent
making every dictator envious
intimidation their foremost intent
motivations ever so devious
       Saul Alinsky singing songs of their praise
       struggling masses seek their end of days






i call attention to understanding
many essential truths of power’s goal
ongoing expectations her demanding
when starring down a trusting helpless soul
prestige and esteem her requirement
an opening payment for admission
special gratuities her excitement
when standing in honored recognition
most favored treatment her needed respect
commensurate with advantaged elite
fame and fortune her delighted subject
fearing the coming day when obsolete
       power’s obsession can never turn back
       even when a conscience mounts an attack






i sing you songs of sweetness from my heart
never failing passionate praise to show
life’s circumstances keep us not apart
when destiny has but grace to bestow
beauty’s halo dances about your face
as sparkles twinkle glimmering to glow
passion’s aligned polarities in place
magnetic forces pushing us to go
many wonderful years of looking back
with multicolored happenings in tow
unseen actions conspired with a knack
to pull us in directions that we know
       thirty-one years cannot consider odd
       multifaceted marriage gifts from God






security stands guard within her walls
when protection paramount for defense
captivating children my heart enthralls
clowning around in perfect innocence
cannot you see their curiosity
silently following fantasy’s shores
stories gobbled up with intensity
actor’s pretense lurking behind closed doors
spend time within her corridors gleaming
see how lasting love lingers present there
laughing crying rejoice never dreaming
four lives entwined amidst walls never bare
       simple pleasures accumulated years
       earnestly looking back overflows tears






teetering governments pushed to the fore
enraged zealots for freedom clamoring
violent unrest driving civil war
hatred beguiles religious reasoning
wherever ends contemptible madness
cannot any see posterity’s light
mother’s sons in suicidal sadness
understanding not evil forces fight
sympathy saunters silently far behind
pushing misery’s agenda headlong
calamity confronts all of mankind
whenever terror excites to belong
       approaching turmoil surging silently
       death’s destruction coming violently






we know neither time nor coming hour
when the last grain of sand falls far below
destiny’s delight coming in power
to gather together all those who know
you may stand uncommitted to the end
knowing not the winning side in the fight
broken reeds in the wind could never bend
when blinded eyes insensitive to light
see not the obvious standing about
in sun and moon and stars the story told
pay close attention to remove all doubt
to see the living King from times of old
       time will come when you see Him face to face
       will you stand in His honor or disgrace






a poignant player standing center stage
with cherubic face of intelligence
pushing himself on founding father’s page
to escape from lifelong irrelevance
eager participant in all debates
about life liberty and happiness
behind the scene fighting foreign ingrates
as champion of war’s wooden fortress
statesman ambassador and president
independent nature fosters success
as federal city’s first resident
the target of political distress
       above all standing with integrity
       fighting freedom’s call for posterity






his words resound to all generations
declaring our nation’s independence
driven by personal expectations
to fight against federal prominence
partisan politics’ foremost father
when ensuring success with all calumny
state sovereignty’s solid bellwether
depicting deceit’s hidden treachery
consummate consumer always buying
financial debt following to the grave
never truthful and always denying
and for country indifference deprave
       history’s greatness elevates him tall
       following his example brings our fall






natural disaster never warning
unsuspecting souls going about life
awake to see devastation dawning
amidst harrowing hales of sorrow’s strife
catastrophe shaking earth’s foundation
industrial cities swallowed up whole
too many searching in desperation
to find every tsunami ravaged soul
horrified faces in disbelief stare
colossal destruction litters meadows
women and children in fog of despair
aimlessly walking in silent shadows
       today’s emptiness seems never ending
       destiny’s road travels always bending






you taught me going in and going out
all goodness of the living God above
sitting and watching you praying devout
listening to your stories of His love
you walked with me many early mornings
the seashore’s mighty roar within our ears
life for me beginning early dawnings
and yours slipping silently on my tears
your gentle smile lingers in memory
and softly spoken Yiddish lifts my heart
age never lessened our simple story
a grandfather’s love can never depart
       you would be proud of the man i became
       your love within me still growing the same






there is a place where safety sits silently
and little boys look up to their mother
hidden wars surprise so violently
unexpected times there is no other
simple truth never was the right answer
whenever demons invade your heart
never knowing always under cover
until the time of terror would depart
apologies never in all your years
another’s gentle words what was needed
pride your only standard for all life’s fears
selfishness all that you ever heeded
       a mother’s love life’s living advantage
       yours left behind emptiness and carnage






honeysuckle and jasmine in the air
follows a little boy from long ago
seldom times were you ever really there
to comfort a son you never did know
often baseball would bring us together
could any hit your slider dancing by
or your knuckleball light as a feather
wherever did all those teenage years fly
adulthood brought another direction
when independent natures go their way
you thought my behavior insurrection
what debts accrued did i never repay
       a father’s love life’s building character
       yours hidden behind tragedy’s actor






my soul’s forever father stands ready
to direct my steps each time requested
safety never far away quite heady
knowing you’re always with me invested
your demands never very difficult
only to love you with all of my heart
always present when waned for consult
with obedience you’ll never depart
ever ready to provide for your own
food shelter and basic necessities
stories of all you do are seeds sown
as followers tell their testimonies
       perfect righteousness of your love giving
       covered by your blood for blameless living






chicken little a favorite story
teaching children reality’s reason
she ran around forgetting history
ignoring what occur’d in due season
can you see similarities today
between that sad hysterical chicken
and politicians ever in dismay
when disaster casts life away stricken
can you hear Alinsky speak in their ears
telling how to seize hold of the moment
so all use could be made of people’s fears
to push them without hope to the pavement
       when life is driven by contradictions
       the left always responds with restrictions






Obama community activist
abusing every crisis to pass by
actions speak of being a communist
ruling class elite never to decry
does certainty tell of his country born
how many with stimulus dollars paid
where sits compassion when Japan’s been torn
can leadership rally boldly to aid

financial problems collected like gold while stability can never be bought
our children’s security has been sold
with monumental debt higher than ought
       economic discernment his life’s bane
       and position upon world stage inane






where did the antiwar activists go
when Libya target of our forces
missiles and bombs raining down not for show
but covering for rebel resources
wherefore does Obama get a free pass
without any peacenik demonstrations
are they all back at Woodstock smoking grass
or chasing after love’s excitations
what’s their expectations for war and peace
and why wasn’t congress notified first
who are these rebels getting a new lease
are we then again rescuing the worst
       world coalition again together
       what blowing breeze behind stormy weather






middle eastern violence stands calling
while huddles masses cry loudly for aid
jihadist behavior most appalling
as religion’s leaders head the crusade
real battles brewing beneath the surface
when what appears is freedom’s rally cry
truth paints another picture of disgrace
when world anarchy safety to decry
what role remains for those of righteousness
knowing providential causality
overcoming against such evilness
ensconced within heaven’s reality
       destiny’s dark demons taking control
       destruction’s desolation on patrol






life’s ever winding road quickly speeds by
never meandering for your pleasure
twists and turns have you sometimes asking why
always searching for life’s hidden measure
know you not the secret to life’s meaning
with all her uncertainties provided
nibble carefully life’s edges gleaning
while watching all her outcomes decided
when enters sanity snapping you back
to reality’s sweet summer season
caution quickly recedes facing attack
from liberal ideal without reason
       make your stand for rational behavior
       government spending never your savior






wherewith before my Lord God shall i come
before the most high God myself to bow
shall i bring burnt offerings for ransom
with year old calves for transgressions avow
with thousands of rams will my Lord be pleased
or with ten thousands of rivers of oil
with my first-born for transgressions appeased
fruit of my body for my soul’s sin spoil
He has showed thee O man that which is good
what then requires the Lord God of thee
to do justly to love mercy thou should
and forever walk with thy God humbly
       mercy not sacrifice His desiring
       knowledge of God more than burnt offering






debt’s deception

debt’s deception stands knocking at the door
enticing you with all her beauty bold
images dancing gladly evermore
of all life’s wealth amassed before untold
can appetites ever be satisfied
when life’s financial desires compel
negotiations never ratified
by passions pushing safety to rebel
think not of your final danger’s outcome
when overwhelming debt your life consumes
for every penny pays the total sum
destruction dancing as disaster looms
       politicians so love their money gained
       taxpayer’s poverty the cost maintained


June 2, 2011.
Copyright © 2011 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






our economy

our economy circles round the drain
getting closer to destruction’s black hole
politicians discussing with disdain
voter’s requests for oversight control
yet stimulus dollars do disappear
into government friendly coffers
ready to bailout all those who revere
past progressive political proffers
over regulation reinforces
our economic slide to recession
leading to never ending discourses
regarding today’s spending obsession
       economic disaster unforeseen
       when overwhelming haughtiness obscene


June 8, 2011.
Copyright © 2011 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






how knows one Your sovereign will’s season
when diverging roads suddenly appear
cannot one then seek self-virtue’s reason
selecting the path one’s own heart revere
how knows one Your sov’reign will’s direction
when looking at life’s spinning weather vane
cannot fortitude avoid detection
when one sets aside spiritual gain
how knows one Your sovereign strength unsown
when weakness takes command before the fall
cannot inner strength fight against its own
when haughtiness begins to stand up tall
       my sovereign Lord always stands nearby
       awaiting the contrite to Him comply






His heart and mind forever unconcealed
living life with wisdom His words confess
know you not lovingkindness so revealed
loudly speaking from ancient times address
see you not goodness looking to be found
truth and justice showing clearly arrayed
seeking fairness missing never around
when recompense for evil not repaid
His life story from ancient times retold
when yet before His name was ever known
God’s Son in glory speaking words of old
showing forth destiny’s lineage sown
       entering the world with boldness speaking
       His message for all who follow seeking







speaking simple words of misdirection
his head held high above the common crowd
people unprotesting his deception
pride ever dancing in eyes never bowed
traveling ’round the country day and night
with fortune’s enigmatic fortitude
promises made to cure poverty’s plight
eliciting worship and gratitude
portraying himself another savior
representing everyone’s own int’rest
platitudes conceal his true behavior
’til desperation’s flight made manifest
       integrity and honor nowhere found
       Obama ready lying to confound


February 4, 2012.
Copyright © 2012 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







life overwhelms us at sundry times
falling prey to a world hating the meek
when nothing can be done but writing rhymes
and standing on the wall for those who seek
poverty attacks from all directions
devouring today both rich and poor
poverty leads many insurrections
against evil’s hand lurking at the door
cannot One’s goodness restore life’s standing
before multitudes of helpless hunger
today’s world has a way of demanding
deceit’s deception in worthless anger
       the world devours us unsuspecting
       only the One’s promises protecting


February 26, 2012.
Copyright © 2012 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







in the streets wailing and lamentation
for growing hunger never satisfied
mourning faces bright in expectation
for a people turned away horrified
not now knowing even where to begin
or how to help a world in groaning pain
Christ’s community must now turn within
for simple ways to fight poverty’s gain
people helping with food clothing shelter
all who silently plead for help indeed
cannot tenderness displace disaster
with determined patients sowing His seed
       poverty stands not sorrow’s chance this day
       when grace abounds with love to all display


March 3, 2012.
Copyright © 2012 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






despotic contenders

prices soar beyond reason’s demanding
for necessities and fossil fuel
politicians now together banding
’round economic destruction cruel
progressives attack conservative foes
finding only incompetence at home
both driving prosperity to new lows
and recording all in history’s tome
blogs abound with righteous indignation
fervently warning against freedom’s loss
politically forced deprivation
enslaving everyone in double cross
       where then find we liberty’s defenders
       hidden among despotic contenders


March 7, 2012.
Copyright © 2012 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






demon’s death

when one partakes of different thinking
then brought about by artificial means
assaults on a desperate mind sinking
beneath reality’s intended scenes
cannot your inner self survive alive
amidst life’s crying pressure to succeed
entreating passion never to deprive
when fondest fantasy can not recede
your end lingers in shadows yet unseen
mustering deadly forces to deploy
wake up your inner self to intervene
before the shadow’s forces do destroy
       hear not silent whispers of life’s last breath
       before the Lord’s hand conquers demon’s death


May 6, 2012.
Copyright © 2012 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






bane of Obama

prayer for power deceives a hurting heart
when thinking subtle thoughts of destruction
incantations never seem to depart
from walls built for personal protection
stellar distance separates a brother
seeking self-satisfaction’s gratitude
cannot you stop to comfort another
broken by political platitude
destiny’s child shines forth evil’s essence
whenever acting the people’s behalf
ignoring all but lucifer’s presence
ages passing withstanding garden’s gaff
       deceiving masses hollywood’s drama
       veracity now the bane of Obama


May 25, 2012.
Copyright © 2012 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






freedom’s pay

honored soldiers securing freedom’s wall
throughout the numerous generations
what fortitude finishing freedom’s call
loudly made by founder’s expectations
heard resounding from revolution’s war
oppression falling to independence
cannot you see them closing freedom’s door
bowing down to government ascendance
two worlds confronting national unity
pulling prosperity wounded in tow
see not now divisive’s insanity
destroying freedom’s sacrifice just so
       sad memories this Memorial day
       what passage toll the cost of freedom’s pay


May 30, 2012.
Copyright © 2012 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






humanity’s destruction

cannot truth be found these turbulent days
amidst economic insanity
see not poverty coming through the haze
of broken promises’ reality
children crying for comforts demanding
from parents determined to keep alive
governmental agencies commanding
explosive regulations that deprive
workers lined up against oppression’s wall
for a paradise unattainable
hearing financial security’s call
of liberty now unsustainable
       progressive’s darkest powers standing here
       humanity’s destruction coming near


June 6, 2012.
Copyright © 2012 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






union bosses

long shadows crawl across the forest floor
as time’s approaching deadline transpires
city streets erupting violence more
now occupied by selfish desires
songs of kumbaya can never reveal
the darkest depths of any human heart
gracious sounding words will always conceal
unseen motives designed to tear apart
freedom’s dissatisfaction disrupts life
of inner city dwellers fighting on
all living there react to jobless strife
and debt relief ideas now spat upon
       confessions of political losses
       calibrate the truth of union bosses


June 11, 2012.
Copyright © 2012 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






life’s apprehension

see the Lord coming in all His glory
love on His left and justice on His right
be still and know the truth of His story
spoken in every language in His sight
many hear of His triumphs in battle
and believe because of an open heart
while others thing it an old man’s prattle
deception to those ego set apart
Sodom and Gomorrah stand His witness
made manifest to each generation
see today’s world consumed in emptiness
unknowing His proper veneration
       Father’s comfort surrounds His children’s grief
       life’s apprehension conquered by belief


June 15, 2012.
Copyright © 2012 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






destruction’s goal

governmental abuse running rampant
radiating out from the white house door
occupiers singing greed’s hymnal chant
coveting unspoken prizes the more
left and right wrestle insanity’s mind
as media matters’ words spoken loud
savage actions only serve to remind
of power’s madness hyping evil’s crowd
department heads boldly steal with both hands
while blatantly blaming the other side
dying businesses strewn across the lands
emptied of resources by ransom’s bride
       hear not now liberty bell’s missing toll
       Obama playing out destruction’s goal


June 23, 2012.
Copyright © 2012 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






love unseen

under the altar rest all the souls slain
for the Lord’s testimony they held fast
how long O Lord ’til we know our soul’s gain
and our blood avenged on the earth at last
one hundred forty four thousand called out
as servants of God on their foreheads sealed
every tribe of Israel without doubt
holy chosen children in time revealed
behold a great unnumbered multitude
from all the many kindred of the earth
standing before the Lamb in gratitude
their white robes revealing heaven’s new birth
       the Lamb’s blood washes tribulation clean
       wiping away all tears in love unseen


June 26, 2012.
Copyright © 2012 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






the din

constitutional rights trodden under
by fast talking bureaucrats knowing best
written words’ timeless truth torn asunder
by lying leftist leaders’ plunder quest
Jefferson will not ever understand
why big government allowed to exist
cannot you hear him from his grave demand
politicians quickly cease and desist
Roberts skillfully wrestling the line
of the commerce clause leaning closer right
no longer now can the left redefine
massive taxes to mandate fancy’s flight
       Obama’s legislation winning spin
       repeal’s resounding battle call the din


June 29, 2012.
Copyright © 2012 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






freedom lost

when freedom falls folly to evil’s reign
under economic persecution
silence replaces liberty’s refrain
with words of Creator’s execution
independence in dark shadows hiding
from occupiers seeking to destroy
revolution’s patriots abiding
behind battle lines ready to deploy
seven trumpets resounding freedom’s call
across a land once held in high esteem
liberty’s history reminding all
how only spilling precious blood redeem
       must not each generation count the cost
       when nation’s voters know not freedom lost


July 5, 2012.
Copyright © 2012 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






lady liberty’s call

why not seize you then the day called today
declaring boldly inner inventions
serve not light’s goodness nor darkness display
when showing forth your heart’s true intentions
why sing sad songs of pleasant times gone by
objecting not to excessive tax raised
can not you see clouds gather in the sky
fierce battles for progressive power praised
why no longer throwing tea overboard
when protesting rapacious behavior
see not precious blood spilled by evil’s hoard
remembering not the people’s Savior
       watchman awaken upon our nation’s wall
       protect again lady liberty’s call


July 8, 2012.
Copyright © 2012 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






Obama’s politics

once mighty rivers surrender her dead
signaling times of transition anew
fierce storms gather at the borders of dread
seeing reality alas askew
occupied cities show forth destruction
with democracy quickly retreating
city in the stars under construction
haven of evil envy entreating
north winds announce new ways to inflict pain
hope and change renounce American life
leftist lies encompass truth with disdain
Pravda’s public rantings radiate strife
       songs of social injustice sing aloud
       Obama’s politics makes Karl Marx proud


July 16, 2012.
Copyright © 2012 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






evil’s dark days

long lingering lies float upon the air
from felony accusations loudly spoken
voter’s minds locked in a thousand yard stare
beaten by media madness broken
midnight movies manifest deadly tears
for violence erupting with a crack
gunshots speaking words everyone now hears
ignoring all warnings of an attack
safety surrenders sadly to power
of political corruption’s disguise
leftist lies seek reason to devour
anticipating truth’s coming demise
       see not now the joker’s oppressive ways
       only One stands against evil’s dark days


July 23, 2012.
Copyright © 2012 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







above all stands my God mighty and true
with hand outstretched to those who clearly see
decide within your heart whom to pursue
and so doing will ever define thee
ask of Him your innermost desire
with patience to direct your countenance
make known to Him whom you most admire
God’s great goodness or your own impudence
see Him to whom all glory due today
with love’s expectation filling your heart
announce acceptance of your debt repay
when His merciful grace sets you apart
       choose you to follow after worldly lusts
       or follow Him whose treasure never rusts


August 6, 2012.
Copyright © 2012 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






freedom’s abduction

elected spokesmen come from far and wide
to voice opinions on liberty’s fall
everyday common sense falls prey to pride
when in response to greed’s attraction call
once eloquent speeches fall on deaf ears
each jockeying to promote their own views
hometown people abandoned to their fears
by tyranny’s useless words to accuse
newly established rules oppress the weak
costly regulations locking down doors
can any understand what leaders seek
when deception slides across polished floors
       human reason cowers to seduction
       congress now fathers freedom’s abduction


August 16, 2012.
Copyright © 2012 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






for pennies sold

fabricated arguments spoken here
lies erected on shifting foundations
truth by black magic made to disappear
dark wizards throwing up incantations
false promises of hope lead one astray
by fairness ideals of ruling elite
humanity’s downtrodden now display
a long lost fragrance covered by deceit
dark deeds in eloquent abundance grow
lushly watered daily and hidden hung
forgotten innocence no longer know
joyful songs in youthful ecstasy sung
       even heroes can stumble before gold
       freedom’s moral compass for pennies sold


August 21, 2012.
Copyright © 2012 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







woes can come quickly when unexpected
upon all seeking fame and fortune first
Godly principles thrown out rejected
unprotected from night’s lightening burst
woe to hypocrites wallowing undone
in their very own devastating deeds
self-righteousness from beginning begun
by fondly following ungodly creeds
woe to politicians of destruction
who in sincerity clearly sell peace
they blindly follow hidden instruction
a multitude of innocence to fleece
       woe befalls all seeking evil’s own way
       consequences revealed when God repay


September 2, 2012.
Copyright © 2012 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







can politics of destruction not fail
when ego’s instrument of lies replete
see than how man upon man evil rail
dark words secretly spoken strength deplete
politician’s overspending abounds
where government thievery committed
hard work’s repayment oppression compounds
whenever social fairness permitted
politician’s confusion rings aloud
for liberty bell’s silence greed’s excess
deceit’s principles corruption avowed
’til hidden confessions death repossess
       political lies renounce overgrown
       hear only truth spoken by His alone


September 19, 2012.
Copyright © 2012 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






ancient crusades

al qaeda’s footprints leave long trails unseen
covered over by winds of arab spring
insurgents before rolling cam’ras preen
exposing empty songs corrupt hearts sing
rioters clamor for justice revealed
yet murder and rape in God’s precious name
true motives speak volumes with bombs concealed
exploding hope of heaven’s lasting fame
government officials cower in fear
of retribution’s hand crushing free speech
can you apprehend whatsoever clear
proceeding from death satan’s children teach
       wanton men resurrect ancient crusades
       only Jesus’ truth by His love persuades


October 14, 2012.
Copyright © 2012 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






election’s hope

modern day warriors take public stage
boldly jousting before fate’s fair princess
everyday people hopelessly engage
seeking calm overtaken by distress
hostile forces take our capitol siege
fervently hiding stories of a fall
common goodness clouded by lie’s prestige
and evil’s heart seeks liberty’s recall
time’s grandfather clock slowly running down
while world’s greatest actors await stage left
future king’s courtesans prepare his crown
his soul revealed integrity bereft
       empty words lead many a man astray
       election’s hope ready to change today


October 28, 2012.
Copyright © 2012 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







manhattan stands sentry before the fall
capital central magic once alive
immigrant port resounding freedom’s call
when all escaping tyranny survive
collapsing memories hide silent stains
blood washed away by violent waters
blowing winds scatter lingering remains
across devastation’s missing borders
government regulations shatter life
masquerading as brokenness repaired
faceless masses under poverty’s strife
now fighting off oppression unprepared
       Obama wins a nation on her knees
       relentless evil doing as it please


November 15, 2012.
Copyright © 2012 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






blatant lies

terror strikes a fatal blow from afar
overrunning embassies with her hate
Obama blames viral video’s star
shutting down all reasonable debate
popular media use talking points
prepared by astute political hacks
outspoken voice of unreason anoints
pravda’s heartfelt description for attacks
seven secret agencies block the way
to freedom and growing prosperity
yet half a nation still looks for a day
when discourse encounters reality
       accept a world with evil’s blatant lies
       or hear salvation’s call for death’s demise


November 25, 2012.
Copyright © 2012 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






anarchy attacks

financial precipice looms large ahead
accelerating closer every day
some gaze upon it with destiny’s dread
others demand oversight to repay
republicans desire spending cuts
to stop erecting disaster’s tower
yet continue they playing D.C. sluts
exchanging integrity for power
democrats demand higher taxes now
as punishment for capital success
at redistribution’s altar they bow
causing further economic distress
       anarchy attacks from all directions
       whenever our own exclude protections


December 3, 2012.
Copyright © 2012 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






narcissist’s world

control brightly adorns deception’s hall
where stolen memories fade away fast
attendees hear not reality’s call
amidst history’s retelling recast
heroes and heroines stand not a chance
against magical illusion’s dark spell
they refuse inclusion in evil’s dance
recounting encounters with truth retell
political pawns publish ugly lies
performed by marionettes on short strings
media’s puppet master’s hidden ties
made manifest by songs deception sings
       recognize not demon’s dark death today
       as narcissist’s world transformed to repay


December 11, 2012.
Copyright © 2012 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







control abandons principle’s reason
overwhelming opposition’s clear thought
all disagreement considered treason
when logic dictates error to be taught
subtle lies misdirect social discourse
to lay fallow ever prosperous fields
honest behavior slain without recourse
forever prey to evil power wields
national desires demand attention
while individual needs cast aside
liberals require honor’s mention
pushing forward grand ideas to divide
       ungodly actions disguised to disarm
       everyday people fall prey to their charm


December 24, 2012.
Copyright © 2012 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







desperados walk among nodding heads
convincing them of their good intentions
ignore they say life’s overwhelming dreads
and dream dreams of progressive inventions
surrender life’s possessions for the cause
hoping help goes to those less prosperous
join your comrades exuberant applause
upholding officials less virtuous
follow quietly death’s congregation
dancing among the hot embers of hell
silence simple minded expectation
upon which graceful Godly goodness dwell
       anointed leader redefines the rule
       orders conceived the desperado’s tool


January 19, 2013.
Copyright © 2013 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







all God’s children stand some distance away
separated from darkness approaching
offer up righteous resistance they say
to progressive inventions encroaching
yell from rooftops your sacrifice of praise
to be heard by a remnant remaining
remember Godly gratitude these days
amidst lingering lies quickly gaining
fight against satan’s song of deadly lust
presented misleading to all who hear
conquer evil before becoming dust
and follow after righteousness so dear
       tyranny’s temper continues to rage
       graceful goodness abandoned to the stage


January 31, 2013.
Copyright © 2013 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







hazy lazy day singing songs gone by
when presidents always did what they said
never would they ever tell a small lie
knowing only God their heart’s fear does dread
what then can any common person do
to point out their integrity lacking
have we Godly fortitude to pursue
to destroy their political backing
good memories fade now quickly away
so we remember only evil done
only One account ever can repay
made manifest once judgment has begun
       illegal actions stay the demon’s course
       only Godly goodness conquers the source


February 6, 2013.
Copyright © 2013 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






deception’s daring

winter winds dispense deadly white blowing
burying northeast cities once alive
misconception’s global warming knowing
popular masses can never survive
rising expenses fueling growing debt
a government’s failing excessive greed
devastation’s deadly plans death beget
political patsies seeking self-need
heed time’s trembling terror before the fall
a government’s guarantees grow worthless
promises presented proudly for all
to cover corruption’s remnant clueless
       deception’s daring leaking leftist lies
       middle class destruction oppression cries


February 15, 2013.
Copyright © 2013 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







sequestration smiles cheshire-like broadly
before falling into wonderland’s hole
Obama’s team frames the battle badly
for massive spending to comfort the soul
other people’s money addiction’s need
to fulfill imagination’s desire
indulgence hypocrisy’s godless greed
derived from wanton worthless we admire
economic disaster’s secret plan
confuses the common masses lying
ignore they say whatever spending ban
to survive fiscal ruin undying
       spending brings not security alive
       safety only comes when true love revive


March 1, 2013.
Copyright © 2013 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







distance determines devastation’s toll
when swallowed whole by Maslow’s arguments
recognize not prosperity’s lost goal
written in ancient blood-stained documents
brothers sacrificed among death’s remorse
to ensure continuing freedom’s cause
now evil a nation’s collapse enforce
too polite to prolong the left’s applause
madness permeates popular ideals
secretly spoken to encourage change
confirmation of injustice reveals
pursuit of life’s liberty rearrange
       momentum maintains a maddening pace
       social justice democracy displace


March 10, 2013.
Copyright © 2013 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






gentle warrior

deception brings dark days slowly dancing
across unassuaged memories of gain
when destiny serpent’s desire glancing
eagerly a golden era disdain
life’s living cannot graciousness ignore
in spite of struggles survival demand
when evil’s desperation night implore
hidden a gentle warrior withstand
commanding armies activists deploy
in search of battle patriots engage
when lies economic collapse employ
reality a tarnished truth enrage
       gentle warrior deception prepare
       humility a victory declare


March 18, 2013.
Copyright © 2013 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






hidden hero

fantasy belongs to children playing
adventure’s games of virtuous pretense
hidden hero demon dragon slaying
collecting treasure victory dispense
survival demands attention repay
for clarity confrontation reveal
principle’s forgotten passion convey
death’s dying lawless liberals conceal
destination’s final address declare
a recklessness lying leaders dispute
regulation’s dishonesty ensnare
a ruling class all privilege pollute
       battered nation desolation pursue
       lawless despot hidden hero subdue


April 4, 2013.
Copyright © 2013 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






destiny’s soldier

poverty without clear warning approach
when government regulations deploy
silent thief for evil’s envy encroach
upon innocence selfishness destroy
patient people godly goodness presume
to save the day from persecution’s hand
yet ego’s maddening desire entomb
a population God’s absence demand
solitary soldier unseen apart
before destruction’s comfort living claim
wait not for generations passion’s heart
arise against the demon’s deadly game
       hypocrisy’s deception hope withstand
       destiny’s soldier make known God’s command


April 23, 2013.
Copyright © 2013 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







senseless death upon flower gardens fall
when wayward zealots peacefulness destroy
violence across vast oceans recall
a youth’s innocence vengeance deploy
terror’s face behind education hide
laughing at every word God never spoke
misbegotten truth in error decide
why an infidel’s life vengeance revoke
oppression’s anger death’s destruction teach
for unreason’s ranting upon display
understand not murder God’s love impeach
to settle accounts death’s vengeance repay
       forgotten compassion love’s truth inspire
       perfect holiness God’s vengeance desire


May 18, 2013.
Copyright © 2013 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







deception dances to a slow hustle
before chanting crowds in angry refrain
potomac partners flexing new muscle
legalese to foster financial gain
deception demands a deadly demise
for opposing esteemed reputations
political posturing’s guilty guise
banter to hide power’s incantations
deception disappears in the day’s light
scurrying far away from public gaze
see not cunning fables to devise fright
beguiling stories to set truth ablaze
       deception garners popular allure
       department of evil righteous endure


June 5, 2013.
Copyright © 2013 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






liberty’s blood

dastardly leaders force innocence flee
before illegal actions that conspire
preaching promises truth will never see
to follow after nature’s death desire
contemplate the season signaled begin
to progressive power’s altar ascend
know not heresy’s treason from within
when elected criminals condescend
presidential patsies freedom recall
to silence prosperity’s peaceful stand
invasive snooping government install
to cover opposition’s reprimand
       secret orders penned in liberty’s blood
       can any ever stop the coming flood


June 17, 2013.
Copyright © 2013 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







black robes trample upon justice falling
laying siege to life’s liberty once sown
remnants of simple memories calling
to victims of government overthrown
nine supremes misinterpret documents
written for a foundation tried and true
they shape their many morale arguments
according to man’s image seen askew
a death sentence imposed without remorse
on an unsuspecting population
oppression’s laws they solemnly endorse
to ensure your freedom’s abrogation
       speak up before your generation sold
       tyranny’s injustice makes herself bold


July 8, 2013.
Copyright © 2013 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






history’s child

third world nations rip themselves asunder
under internal opposition’s fire
brother against brother hear fear’s thunder
to spill blood imagination’s desire
murdered innocence haunting city streets
amid aroused excitement chanting death
secret orders from government elites
unreason carried upon evil’s breath
city after city lay themselves bare
at the altar of selfishness gone wild
destruction’s coming tonight unaware
beware the future of history’s child
       America teeters at death’s frontier
       turn back before liberty disappear


July 30, 2013.
Copyright © 2013 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







close not your eyes against reality
starring into death’s bottomless abyss
open minds clearly see causality
knowing lib’ral veracity amiss
senseless grief upon innocence befall
beyond reason’s coincidence of life
when overwhelming debt safety recall
and healthcare mandates the mortician’s knife
retribution on working people rain
while welfare recipients ride for free
regulations regard destruction’s gain
as sweet success against prosperity
       lib’ral hatred stokes the embers of hell
       social redesign God’s freedom expel


August 21, 2013.
Copyright © 2013 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






august 28

tranquility falls prey at evil’s sword
brandished before America’s town square
where hatred the heart of lib’ral discord
and lying fables food for life’s despair
beware convincing tales of care’s desire
to provide for all necessity’s need
before oppression’s darkness death transpire
to elevate the congregation’s greed
take heed of the coming devastation
overtaking growing complacency
with unjust government regulation
and an out of control presidency
       remember equality’s famous dream
       cannot you now hear failure’s deadly scream


August 28, 2013.
Copyright © 2013 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







history tells a different story
of power’s unabated appetite
rapacious consumption her true glory
and sons of anarchy her proselyte
she boldly blasphemes at evil’s altar
to pay homage to and obsession’s creed
singing songs from a different psalter
written to honor an ungrateful greed
amidst hallowed corridors an elite
hear eloquent words of complicity
and lingering acrimony replete
with the scent of hidden duplicity
       power’s corruption deception’s attire
       her only savior redemption’s desire


September 9, 2013.
Copyright © 2013 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







politicians comprehend human greed
passing legislation for the public
creating utopia without creed
lawlessness replacing a republic
everyday people caught between factions
both illegal regulations impose
poverty covers many distractions
when lost liberty oppression dispose
apprehension stimulates awareness
of government created agony
uncontrolled spending obviates fairness
carelessness the author of apathy
       attention repays the smallest detail
       indifference calls evil to prevail


September 22, 2013.
Copyright © 2013 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







man imagines many marvelous things
gathering around walden’s perfect pond
where lingering souls soar on eagle’s wings
and grab for life’s perfection just beyond
reality tells another story
of devastation knocking at the door
elected elite stealing all glory
demanding everyone sacrifice more
if only every person had it all
they say raising daily expectations
when the burden upon innocence fall
and freedom loses her declarations
       government deception rides a white horse
       cannot you see her death desire enforce


October 4, 2013.
Copyright © 2013 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






shutdown politics

shutdown politics grabs hold her players
more enticing than any other game
they imagine themselves dragon slayers
capturing history by fearless fame
each side demands self-righteousness pursue
confusion to ensnare a trusting heart
redefined definitions words accrue
anger against those with truth to impart
now then deceit never departs alone
out of her public forum’s gazing stare
yet daily people government bemoan
without ever standing up to despair
       political sides together conspire
       integrity falls prey to greed’s desire


October 17, 2013.
Copyright © 2013 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






liberty lingers

liberty lingers unmoved at east’s gate
patiently awaiting her child’s return
replayed memories of life’s lost estate
underscore her desperation’s concern
her ways remain right for generations
following after an ancient ideal
until there arise new expectations
of utopia government reveal
her disciples against oppression speak
now seeing clearly tyranny arise
destined to destroy morality’s meek
with systemic corruption they devise
       despair a politician’s champion
       integrity liberty’s guardian


October 29, 2013.
Copyright © 2013 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







most children blindly trust adult teachers
who upon life’s amazing ways expound
describing humanity as preachers
when their lies reality’s truth impound
no longer remains any absolute
spoken aloud upon the public stage
where only those morally destitute
portray retribution’s growing outrage
lib’rals misleading a generation
with entitlements guaranteed for life
security to transform a nation
into welcoming the mortician’s knife
       memories of better times fade away
       oppression’s tyranny here now to stay


November 11, 2013.
Copyright © 2013 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







integrity from a nation depart
before death destroy forever her soul
never to again her reason impart
wisdom to a people out of control
wherefore mysteries now unknown remain
beyond the reach of those who turn away
with reprobation for freedom disdain
against all who godly ethics display
they now repay ransomed reason for good
amid death’s darkness alone wandering
through shadows where once integrity stood
before destruction her path pondering
       hidden disciples her virtue endear
       cherished integrity come reappear


December 5, 2013.
Copyright © 2013 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







critical minds contemplate circumstance
to enforce rational reason’s demise
and to conceal deception’s deadly dance
of an old politician’s compromise
as power walks naked through government
unmoved by liberty’s lamenting cry
to offer up her sacred sacrament
on altar where evil goodness defy
imagine the day when virtue prevail
with abundance for security’s need
ever flowing freely without travail
to escape humanity’s toxic greed
       pleasant politicians with words deceive
       chastity lost can never evil grieve


December 25, 2013.
Copyright © 2013 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







atop swift horseback a new day approach
when before her morning evil tremble
caressed by her retribution’s reproach
upon the head of all who dissemble
remember forgotten truths unspoken
by an unbelieving generation
hearts hardened by promises long broken
and visions of coming desolation
when streams of innocent blood overflow
because lib’ral betrayal death pursue
every person whose moral justice know
by whom nature’s God liberty renew
       remove treason’s tolerance from within
       before her bloody victory begin


January 3, 2014.
Copyright © 2014 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







speak adeptly upon the public stage
of closely guarded social intercourse
where politicians correctly assuage
intolerant action without remorse
stand boldly before this generation
consumed by iniquity’s wicked word
of fairness’ pretense of condemnation
for ancient goodness evil call absurd
behold darkness upon far horizon
preceding coming of conquering king
when judgment’s prophetic word emblazon
many hearts to whom resurrection bring
       rejoice gladly for courage from within
       government deception consumed by sin


January 15, 2014.
Copyright © 2014 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







wherefore speak political word’s deceit
throughout a land wherein innocence dream
of pleasant days unhindered by elite
government officials evil redeem
godless souls caught beneath corruption’s hand
unable to resist dark temptation
from whence power’s deadly master demand
destruction of liberty’s foundation
slayers of prosperity’s gentle beast
upon America’s factory floor
before industry workers counted least
comprehend evil suppressed heretofore
       freedom’s enemies everywhere surround
       yet goodness prevail to evil confound


February 4, 2014.
Copyright © 2014 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







propaganda with subtle tongue bespeak
boldly of a coming prosperity
forgotten by all but life’s humbled meek
expecting promised word’s sincerity
when deception’s darkness unknown descend
upon undiscerning public with lies
unseen before her evil comprehend
and innocence fall prey to compromise
put forth by sovereign’s government wit
to usurp power upon gilded throne
with orders they illegally commit
against goodness desperation bemoan
       battle clouds quickly gather in the east
       humble heroes arise against the beast


February 20, 2014.
Copyright © 2014 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







many lights upon treachery’s hill shine
to guide the way of death’s congregation
learning incantations dark wraiths refine
from ancient scrolls confounding a nation
with expectations of peaceful pleasure
unassailed by greed or contentious speech
and hallowed by greatness without measure
in modern ballads liberals now preach
with obfuscation’s mask of compromise
for liberty’s application to cease
from serving a population unwise
in understanding the demise of peace
       can a nation divided ever stand
       to defend against collapse lib’rals plan’d


March 8, 2014.
Copyright © 2014 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






liberty’s flight

snow covered barns decorate the landscape
from the high western prairie moving east
to wooded path where righteousness escape
before the hand of evil’s coming beast
beware when overflowing rage consume
everyone upon whom goodness once rest
and whenever politicians presume
to influence everyday affairs best
defend a fading nation once perceived
as greatest to protect life’s downtrodden
from modern day democracy deceived
denying ungodliness yet hidden
       sentry alarms resound within the night
       to alert us all of liberty’s flight


March 26, 2014.
Copyright © 2014 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







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