Poetry -- discussions, part 2










Part 2


written 2007 through 2008






my heart seeks after the shadow

of Your presence Father

i cannot bother

with the doings of this world

which overwhelms

and destroys

to them we are just toys

to be transformed

into objects of need

and greed and glory

a well worn story

but to You O Lord

i am the crowning glory

of Your creation

a world in constant anticipation

of You

You wrote Your story

in the flesh of my heart

setting me apart

for only You


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






O Lord my God

i have displeased You

i have not been

absolutely true

to my promise

vowed obedience


but now i ask

for Your forgiveness

mercy grace and

Your loving kindness

and Your promise

of cleansed uncleanness


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






O how great a gift i have been given
holiness and righteousness Yours alone
all transgression by my God forgiven
with repentance that demands i atone
incapable of living life Your way
understanding no other choice abound
no teacher prophet nor human repay
my debt collected with int’rest compound
forgiveness of God’s only Son avail
removing sin from precious soul’s account
abundant mercy grace and truth prevail
believing blood and resurrection count
       salvation election Your choice divine
       choosing life over death’s reward is mine


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






little one my baby girl all grown up
flying off to college before the sun
raised on meat my Lord’s pleasant table sup
Your saving Word in heart on lips begun
temptation ever before focused eyes
teaching talking training her in Your way
a world around her lost in frantic cries
proud parents preparation for today
people’s disguises no longer hidden
seeing eyes penetrating to the truth
always straying from world’s fruit forbidden
desiring Your teaching learning from ruth
       God’s wisdom understanding world that flatters
       heaven’s heart desiring One who matters


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






strong tower shelter from the enemy
hidden under wings that cover me
Your name standing above every other
even father mother sister brother
seeking Your face early in the morning
praying wanting crying Your will dawning
directing my feet along straightened path
any other direction brings forth Your wrath
obedience always Your heart’s desire
from which i neither shrink nor seem to tire
my heart’s commitment following Your lead
standing counted among abraham’s seed
       neither knowledge nor understanding prevails
       when faithfulness in Godly heart avails


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






once i saw in all Your glory sitting
light’s illumination then emitting
a picture of the One and Only King
surrounded on Your throne by all who sing
today that image has faded to black
death’s dark demons mounting vicious attack
unable to see Your glory O Lord
only feel the weightiness of Your sword
my life now lived in anticipation
of seeing the author of creation
there comes a day when all Your truth’s revealed
my glorious Lord’s gift of heaven sealed
       in need of Your help patiently waiting
       hopeful confident anticipating


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






new mornings entering into Your presence
drawing near bowing before Your essence
unable to see unable to hear
just knowing that my mighty God is near
new mornings calling on Your Holy name
drawing closer approaching Your bright flame
knowing sensing feeling You here today
sweeping my unrighteousness far away
new mornings shower dress drink my coffee
driving thinking adrift amidst a sea
working weekdays ‘til precious time complete
teaching Your word loving discussion’s heat
       Your work my comfort feeling passion’s love
       bills paid nerves frayed fam’ly taken care of


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






God stands calling in the front of the room
follow Me to escape the coming gloom
hear My truth learn My lessons know My word
no more standing in the midst of the herd
sun darkens moon’s crimson stars falling down
God’s wrath descends on iniquity’s clown
a life sown in self loathing importance
not even considering repentance
no remorse no mourning no humbleness
never seeing sin’s standard to confess
what a mess your selfish life has displayed
with God’s second chance how’d it be replayed
       ask for it in truth and sincerity
       maybe God will give you lucidity


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






i wish you knew His goodness as i do
He alone represents all that is true
you follow after your own heart’s desire
unaware your soul’s headed for the fire
attending San Jose State for design
another woman in your bed supine
the world’s ways seep through cracks in the walls
fame and fortune standing at your door calls
which way do you go which way do you turn
following the path you’re on breeds concern
i feel it in your eyes and in your hug
life’s conquests reduced to a shoulder shrug
       do you choose to continue along your way
       or stop stand your ground spread your arms and pray


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






receive God’s word with your heart hearing
never to depart life lived with soul cheering
incline your ear to hear wisdom spoken
never to depart life lived with soul broken
cry after knowledge with your voice raised loud
always standing separate from the crowd
seek after Him and to Christ He will draw
always standing separate from the law
grasp God’s Spirit of understanding life
producing mercy justice free from strife
hear His discernment flowing from within
producing mercy justice free from sin
       fear of the Lord gives life enduring forever
       judgments of the Lord are true altogether


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






knocking at Your door i stand

heart held out in shaking hand

across the line in the sand

every morning my voice cries

bowels groaning quiet sighs

this old life never denies

You my Lord and King so grand

looking in i see Your throne

jeweled beauty never known

Your love’s passion in me grown

seeking help on my knee bent

my prayers with fragrance sent

worship always my intent

from this life living on loan

in Your presence drawing near

in You Lord i never fear

to Your voice i always hear

to Your words softly guiding

in my heart secret hiding

on wings of eagles riding

seeing knowing my eyes tear


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






place your foot upon the Rock

worry not about the clock

draw closer to His essence

keep your eyes on His presence

through the world in silence sift

quickly grabbing for His gift

‘cause you belong to His flock

your need for Him exceed all

each morning feeling so small

crying out for this or that

sounding like a little brat

need something easily done

just another little one

‘cause you belong in His call

cast your eyes upon His seat

ever sensing evil’s heat

wanting needing all His grace

shining brightly on your face

looking seeing He is there

healing broken heart laid bare

‘cause you belong at His feet


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






in the beginning God’s Word created
heaven and earth leapt into existence
night day dark and light were not debated
land trees and plants offered no resistance
sun moon and stars light the sky show the way
for the animals in sea air and earth
human beings created the sixth day
quickly rebelling need another birth
eve is deceived by slithering serpent
adam follows eating forbidden fruit
sin shouts to be caught needing to repent
covered with God’s promised salvation suit
       heaven’s battle begins the world’s decline
       forcing man to turn to the Lord divine


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






“eat from the tree and you shall surely die”
said God about His special knowledge tree
but the serpent’s subtle convincing lie
removed doubt for good and evil to see
the woman saw its fruit was good for food
desiring to be like God she did eat
she offered it and man too disobeyed
ignored God’s command and ate with deceit
the woman will want to be the husband
and the man must work and sweat to survive
creation winds down destroying the land
beginning life’s struggle to stay alive
       so the battle of life and death begins
       and only by faith God removes our sins


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






each brother attempts to do what was asked
thinking God most desires our first fruit
the true meaning of the request was masked
when obedience our only pursuit
shed blood alone the proper offering
yet does not cover intentional sin
cain presents his heart’s desire sighing
pushing against God’s perfect will to win
when confronted he rose up in pride
shedding instead his brother able’s blood
murder committed and nowhere to hide
the leaking puddle turned the ground to mud
       repentance not considered in his heart
       so God cast him out marked for death apart


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






evil reigns upon the face of the earth
when sons of seth marry daughters of cain
God seeing man’s doings questioned their worth
and with sorrow in His heart brought on rain
but noah found grace in God’s searching eyes
a just man in all his generation
amidst violence corruption and lies
the end of flesh comes at His destruction
God’s covenant established with noah
eight souls saved from wrath against the wicked
ark’s foreshadowed promise to isaiah
of the One to come for His elected
       some of every kind marched into the ark
       emerging into the light from the dark


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






patience ponders pending pleasures past due
Satan sending certain outcomes to flee
unable to touch those belonging true
empty worldly wantonness flowing free
desperate damsel demanding more time
fame and fortune grabbing ‘round soft sweet throat
shaken sullen soul giving her rhyme
spoken in conversation’s caustic gloat
deepening devotions drawing too close
success seething beneath silent surface
almost spoken laughingly too verbose
writhing willfully midst wisdom’s distress
       cannot complete your travels on road laid bare
       when His distractions made clear your despair


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






God said to abram leave behind haran
and go to the land of promise shown you
in obedience a nation began
to bless all families with promises true
canaan’s land given to His unborn seed
the Holy One of promise yet to come
to Him Prophet of moses you will heed
and to His commandments you will succumb
abram stood before the Lord without heir
knowing one could not come through barren wife
yet seed’s promised number cannot compare
with uncounted stars of heaven so rife
       and so abram believed the Lord’s promise
       who added to his account righteousness


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






ninety years have slipped silently away
each one lived as a child of avrahim
cannot technology show you the way
God’s gracious gift never what it would seem
friendship blossoms regardless of season
one wants a lasting legacy to leave
the other driven by deeper reason
a precious soul for my God to reprieve
cannot you hear truth quietly spoken
the words of God trumpeting loud and clear
the battle fought out of sight and hidden
when principalities of darkness near
       i know not what directs your heart today
       yet God’s in control no matter the way


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






two sons born amidst the tumult of life
first ishmael to a young handmaiden
then isaac promised to a barren wife
through the ages always trouble laden
one wild and lacking moral rectitude
forever at odds with those around him
fighting against another multitude
relationship over time growing dim
the other in covenant of promise
with God requiring obedience
even at the brink of death’s door rejoice
mercy’s offer for future covenance
       isaac’s sacrifice Messiah portends
       upon whose blood salvation’s gift depends


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






does not Your Holy Spirit offer me
blessings beyond my imagination
relationship with God alive can be
filled with unforeseen anticipation
Your words spoken through Him quietly known
reminding me of promised provision
Your seeds of salvation silently sown
within my heart escaping detection
yet results abound all around me near
having more then needed for my journey
family friends all those i hold so dear
as i seek Your face clear on bended knee
       Your closeness Lord is all i desire
       prayer for which i will never tire


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






promises freely given to abram
so willing to follow You wherever
and then You changed his name to abraham
father of many nations forever
unnumbered multitude for promise given
at the time deuteronomy opens
following idol images driven
and separation grown silent deepens
promised land of canaan also received
at the end of joshua’s leadership
yet each did what was in his heart deceived
disobedience breaking fellowship
       Your seed of promise stands above all other
       Jesus Christ precious gift from our Father


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






does not eternity call out aloud
a melody so sweet within my ear
people standing all around in a crowd
Your spoken sound which they can never hear
temptation stands before me now knocking
a clever disguise to draw me away
remembered self confidence now blocking
as Your call recedes to another day
cannot You break through the strong barrier
with Your sweet sounding softly spoken word
new days arise within without waiver
seeking out again that which i once heard
       Your voice flows through green meadows to my mind
       leading me back to Your presence i find


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






father abraham a man of wisdom
faith earned first place within God’s history
tested by time his will to overcome
asked to offer isaac to God’s glory
following God to offer his own son
his only son ready for sacrifice
in obedience it was to be done
until replacement came a ram His price
shadows fall from long into the future
from a time when another Son offered
setting right past man’s fallen nature
who cannot follow His way not preferred
       covenant born in Him who does obey
       covering our sin for another day


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






desire stirs each day for You my Lord
old feelings back anew in Your power
narrow path never known to common hoard
who run at mention of Your strong tower
Your glory cannot easily be shown
even to those who call upon Your name
no matter how great expectation grown
sin and transgression only You can tame
mercy grace longsuffering Your true gift
for all who believe the work of the cross
humble contrite mourning soul You will lift
for all who receive forgiveness and loss
       abundant in goodness and truth are You
       justice repaying accordingly due


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






within Your will i will walk each day saying
to You belongs glory honor and praise
to You Abba in heaven now praying
supplication and thanksgiving i raise
fool’s hearts believe boldly You exist not
seeing nothing pointing them otherwise
missing faith’s precious gift what have they got
but a lonely life lived as heart’s devise
diligence fills me seeking every day
knowledge completely knowing my reward
faith growing within me always to stay
heaven’s protection forever out poured
       boldness pursues Your door loudly knocking
       escaping from a world coldly mocking


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






leaving the temple You are clearly seen
even solomon cannot contain tears
captivity snares every single teen
babylon’s hostages seventy years
on the mount of olives You stand weeping
for a nation not able to obey
Your Holy Place covered with vines creeping
when destruction comes that fateful day
discourse boldly describing future event
the end will arrive with violence felt
believer nor jew could never prevent
one flees and the other disaster dealt
       promises made of an end as received
       salvation poured out on those who believed


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






love overflows unseen with conviction
faith’s fragrant realization not denied
sacrifice offered for Your inspection
amidst the world’s darkest evils decried
cannot anyone appease Your justice
when surrounded by those who disobey
sacrificial blood the common practice
for sin’s pernicious debt we must repay
faith demands we walk within Your presence
an honor born believing You exist
however none could approach Your essence
unless seeking You daily we persist
       by faith we follow wherever You lead
       knowing the rewarder of those who heed


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






which way O Lord do i turn for relief
when nothing i do seems to be correct
going this way brings overwhelming grief
when action demands it’s You i reject
how can i turn my back on You my Lord
when kindness and provision are given
i could turn to inaction and be bored
waiting for You O Lord until heaven
watching resources dwindle to nothing
as i wait for You to make my way clear
listening for words that tell me something
words of many waters i cannot hear
       waiting upon You for which way to go
       knowing that in You it is faith i show


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






predestination’s battle rages on
while day’s length is pounded on an anvil
discussions of darwin never far gone
amidst people’s politics of evil
salvation’s followers argue one’s loss
and how can one chosen choose his own fate
goodness just hidden among refined dross
and politeness a veneer over hate
God’s prosperity preaching fiercely fought
while faith’s unwanted outcome hidden in darkness
people’s expectations of wealth from naught
driving passion for living out cruelness
       arguments rage over nits on a pin
       while perishing people die in their sin


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






no one O Lord can understand Your ways
no matter how long we have studied You
we can live life looking our many days
and never know a single answer true
how then Lord can anyone ever know
Your justice and mercy tempered by love
and yet the backdrop of life’s awesome show
contains miracles never spoken of
how then O Lord has a world not believed
the only true and living God revealed
while man follows a heart of sin conceived
hidden in darkness and always concealed
       You are a God beyond understanding
       with love and obedience demanding


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






You light my way O Lord so i might see
the path before me once dark and hidden
now from evil’s treachery i can flee
following along life’s path now bidden
looking back i can see how You did lead
devastation’s draw to the left and right
walking up the middle it’s You i heed
directing my steps even in the night
looking forward i cannot see the way
only enough light for a short distance
placing each foot only after i pray
following Your path without resistance
       Your Word illuminates understanding
       knowing obedience You’re demanding


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






Your faithfulness is life’s only given
provided when needed without asking
protection and provision from heaven
my Lord’s love and mercy now unmasking
honor and glory offered in return
whenever opportune times will allow
no longer living on my own to learn
as i approach on bended knee to bow
worshiping gratefully at my Lord’s feet
singing heartfelt songs of Your victory
drawn in close to Your radiant light’s heat
as You bring to an end all history
       always faithful from beginning to end
       interceding each time i need a friend


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






i write many wonderful heartfelt words
to the steadfast guardian of my soul
Your flowing fountain filling many voids
surrendering all that i am my goal
clear visions exploding in heart and mind
so i may know better the One i serve
freely following You one step behind
never once allowing me to loose nerve
pictures painted with words portray my love
for my Lord my savior and protector
heaven’s images what i’m thinking of
bowing low in honor of my Savior
       will not eternity’s outcome display
       victorious battles pointing the way


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






teach me O my Lord thy marvelous ways
and i will know to follow right from wrong
teach me thy commandments all of my days
so that i may know to whom i belong
teach me to see justice in thy judgments
and i will better know thy righteousness
teach me unfailing love for thy remnants
in accordance with all thy holiness
teach me to follow wherever thy lead
so that i may remain within thy light
teach me honor and praise in all i plead
so i may fervently pray day and night
       teach me what it means to be one of Yours
       prepare me to fight in thine unseen wars


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






desperately wicked the human heart
and deceitful above human measure
according to works are we set apart
not mine but God’s who grants us His treasure
a circumcised heart is God’s desire
for any to be considered a jew
His fury comes forth in consuming fire
unquenchable ‘til stony heart made new
burnt offerings no linger required
covering my unintentional sin
humbleness and contrition desired
as well as a repentant heart within
       my heart given before earth’s foundation
       a gift of God prior to creation


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






my heart O Lord desires only You
awakening each morning to dawning light
cannot i for closeness learn to pursue
my master true who teaches only right
my heart’s love for You encompasses all
freely flowing forth from within unknown
loving You with all my heart my Lord’s call
God’s great gift given for glory alone
my heart sings silent songs of loving praise
to You who lifts my spirit high above
do not i want to follow all my days
as a child pleases a parent they love
       to You alone belongs my heart and soul
       set apart for You Lord each day my goal


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






promises pound against a sea of doubt
trying to push away darkness within
feeling Your love and hearing Your voice shout
in a moment my soul begins to grin
new morning’s bright sun shines down upon me
Your radiance filling overflowing
when i look up it is Your love i see
coming from within my soul now glowing
by day’s end the evidence has faded
of Your presence such a short time ago
beaten by a world in which i’m graded
and measured according to those i know
       You are the one and only begotten
       and by Your love i am not forgotten


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






desire overwhelms me overflowing
knowing it is You who i want to serve
love fills me full from within now growing
sowing mercy’s seed never to deserve
compassion freely placed within my heart
apart from my natural selfishness
service to fellow humans more life’s art
depart will i toward my Lord’s righteousness
faith found seeping into my soul within
grin upon my face knowing it’s from You
obedience my goal to combat sin
in my heart to approach the light anew
       it is You my Lord true who i follow
       knowing gift given removes all sorrow


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






i see You in all Your glory sitting
high up above creation’s broad expanse
light for living Your presence emitting
knowing my adoption was not by chance
You knew me before the world’s beginning
before anything that was made was made
You gave me life capable of sinning
and covered me forever my debt paid
Your hair like white wool and bright eyes glowing
penetrating into my heart and mind
every feeling and thought You are knowing
Your gift of mercy in my life i find
       worshiping at Your feet my dear Father
       it is You i serve and not another


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






gratitude growing from the depths above
seeping flowing moving within my being
filling overflowing my gift of love
from my everlasting Father seeing
kindness from my Savior God now appeared
washing renewing cleansing every day
from before foundation’s feet my heart feared
in reverence and awe apart to stay
abundant mercy provided freely
bleeding covering ev’ry single sin
finding faith justifying truly
creating hope eternal from within
       Father Savior God upon golden throne
       upholding forever the one You’ve known


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






i know not what lies before me creeping
compassion seeping away in darkness
see not eternity’s clown now weeping
aggressive world steeped in dying starkness
evil’s treasure hidden behind each scene
pulling puppet’s dangling strings with gladness
pleasant politeness masking hearts so mean
suddenly exposing silent madness
glimpses of future desolation seen
hidden abominations standing near
devastation moving closer to glean
unknowing recipients cannot fear
       wars and rumors of wars continue still
       impelling t’ward completion of Your will


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






my life lived O Lord is for Your glory
and nothing i can do can change that fact
days unfolding pages of Your story
written upon a heart of flesh to act
people enter and exit life’s highway
so silent glimpses might be seen anew
quickly fading contacts can always sway
a soul to reoccurring thoughts of You
words simply spoken comfort another
penetrating through the mind to the heart
flower buds blossom converting brother
fellowship with God never to depart
       Your glory always present in my mind
       sharing silent glimpses with those You find


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






i could sing You songs of praise forever
passion poured out from humble heart within
words of existence on balanced lever
O so clever to silence evil’s din
hear not those wailing cries from the darkness
penetrating ears that can never hear
see not starry skies through heaven’s brightness
protecting eyes that see the One so dear
i could sing my songs of love all day long
worship offered to kinsman redeemer
simple heartfelt words floating on a song
words of future glory from a dreamer
       a world cries my Savior dies all for love
       my words ring true for You i’m speaking of


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






You spoke of things few could understand
secret mysteries ‘til Your Son revealed
how many followed to the promised land
standing in faith forever Spirit sealed
Your kingdom can never be seen with eyes
nor entered without an invitation
one can sit down and hear the weeping cries
by those locked out of glory’s salvation
treasure hidden within the seeds to grow
a fisher’s net cast out to catch Your own
redemption’s prize offered to those You sow
from creation’s beginning they are known
       Your kingdom belonging to all You choose
       never to imagine any to loose


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






there is nowhere to go to escape You
when obedience is not desired
imagination creates something new
yet false lies make me so very tired
deception can only be self-serving
pointing me toward my own destruction
absent direct connection to deserving
as partaker of Your resurrection
why cannot i simply stand on my Lord
whose presence remains firmly fixed in place
is it not i who wanders when i’m bored
returning only because of Your grace
       Your promised acceptance is always true
       when wandering heart returns back to You


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






You are infinite and never changing
a loving standard a beacon to see
wisdom divine my life rearranging
guiding directing leading only me
although it cannot be explained so clear
why You find me worthy of such great love
my heart longs for the One i hold so dear
and in my mind it’s You i’m thinking of
love’s bond draws me near every single day
close to the bright flame of all creation
i see You sitting on Your throne and say
change not ever my heart’s great elation
       my soul sings love’s sweet sounding songs for You
       my Savior my God my Friend only true


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






simple sounding words are never spoken
when describing people’s great beginning
simple thinking attacked kicked and broken
by those unable to resist sinning
grinning when they fabricate the story
of how human beings evolved from apes
simply ignoring my God’s great glory
of creation hidden behind dark drapes
a bird flies a child cries a man dies
all to show a Creator in control
miracles denied by skeptics with sighs
political correctness on patrol
       all creation speaks softly about You
       the only One who makes it ever true


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






i know not what transpires each morning
creation groaning for Your quick return
science and logic explain the dawning
sunshine spreading light for me to discern
each day surely bringing new beginning
another chance of doing what is right
to walk accordingly without sinning
remaining at the center of Your light
each morning brings me closer to my goal
closer to the One my heart desires
closer to You who owns my precious soul
and gives me grace for all that transpires
       mornings find me seeking after Your face
       longing to soon meet the Author of grace


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






human passions grow high over Your word
as anger rises close to the surface
we study and listen to what we’ve heard
praying only to obey our purpose
am i wrong am i right what do i know
what will prove i am studied and approved
reading learning teaching all You did show
passing on only Your truth unreproved
election salvation a mystery
each pointing in different directions
a soul is chosen before history
and a soul can also make selections
       You are Author of truth written by men
       and we study to know what You meant when


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






how O Lord is it possible to know
Your word’s true meaning in Holy Scriptures
studying a little each day to grow
from hidden truth secreted in pictures
does not one understand Your word spoken
through holy men of God so faithfully
waiting patiently humble and broken
for direction of their minds prayerfully
cannot one see Your story unfolding
from before the beginning of it all
because of sin it is You upholding
Your precious moral standard from the fall
       desire darkens every human heart
       knowledge of Your word will set us apart


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






i cry to You O Lord each morning
my heart searching to meet You face to face
within me is my simple soul longing
as desperation overwhelms without trace
Your presence sought after in my actions
knowing You must be the One in control
yet finding disaster my attractions
and foot-in-mouth the price paid for the toll
i know You hear me clearly crying out
words of passion floating up to Your ears
yet again having not a single doubt
seeing You O so clearly through my tears
       every day seeking drawing near to You
       the Lord of all Creation ever true


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






does not eternity’s dawning cry out
each morning the Son shining righteousness
my soul awakening with a loud shout
seeing shadows of Your Son’s true brightness
exhortations of love spoken clearly
approaching golden throne with reverence
surrendering soul beholding dearly
my living Gods unrelenting patience
gratitude overflows my soul given
from my God first offering His true love
yet finding heart and mind filled and driven
to the only One i am thinking of
       the end of all creation drawing near
       Your love and patience O so very dear


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destiny’s dark disciples in control
of a people who willingly follow
the devil’s daemons always on patrol
seeking souls that are empty and hollow
protection provided without request
to those who believe in God’s only Son
He entered our world to offer His best
death was conquered and the battle was won
victory belongs to all who believe
that God died and rose again for my sin
overcoming he who wants to deceive
with power from my living God to win
       the devil seeks all he wants to devour
       yet God steps in at His appointed hour


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






remember when i did not know the way
and simply read about it in Your book
i did not know where to go or what to say
and not even where on earth i could look
why was it You took me under Your wing
and taught me what it was You really meant
You showed me how to You people would sing
and how by You Your messengers were sent
You gave me wisdom for living each day
and discernment so i could do what’s right
You gave me knowledge of forces in play
and understanding of Your shining light
       nothing has been done by me to deserve
       Your precious gifts to one who wants to serve


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






praise the Lord all you who honor His name
sing Him sweet songs of worship from your heart
knowledge of His terrible works His fame
and justice and wrath what sets Him apart
give to the Lord all glory to Him due
sing Him songs of honor on bended knee
after Him alone are you to pursue
and from the evil one are you to flee
look all around to see creation’s truth
heavens above declaring His glory
the evidence has been seen from your youth
how then can it be denied when hoary
       marvelous are Your works O Lord to me
       awestruck by it all when i look to see


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






You entered jerusalem on sunday
bless’d coming in the Lord of Glory’s name
palm branches placed before You on the way
hosanna in the highest Your true claim
You entered and cleansed Your Father’s temple
fulfilling promises from long ago
words of salvation came with Your gospel
so that those who could hear would truly know
You spoke of coming total destruction
of all things that israel held so dear
promising a coming resurrection
that would evidence Your kingdom so clear
       You came to live and die and live again
       so that with You we could live love’s refrain


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






i live at Your pleasure bringing glory
to the One who created everything
writing words to tell a simple story
of my God’s love resting under His wing
You clearly knew me from before my birth
and taught me about You when very young
seeing scripture’s stories for all their worth
passing on only what’s written and sung
You are in my thoughts every single day
and through my heart Your love flows to others
knowledge of Your word’s meaning what i say
offering Your wisdom to my brothers
       i am Your bondservant doing Your will
       keeping my eyes only on Zion’s hill


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






wherein do You dwell that i cannot see
regardless of how carefully i look
i know that Your Spirit dwells within me
and knowledge of You is found in Your book
where hides Your face that i might find You
while seeking after You every morning
i know right well Your presence fills me true
and Your words provide a simple warning
how then can i know You really exist
when my eyes see not and my ears hear not
yet i know if only i could persist
until my life’s end wherein lies my lot
       then i would see Your face in all glory
       at last knowing the end of the story


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was it possible Lord You did not know
just how many days You would be buried
how many nights are required to show
the sign of jonah could not be tarried
three days and three nights did death require
to prove the truth of Your words as spoken
paying the price for sin Your desire
the bonds of disobedience broken
rising from the grave that beautiful morn
appearing in newness of life to Yours
walking on the road with them by dawn
entering their presence unstopped by doors
       O death where is the power of your sting
       victory alone belongs to my King


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the power of God unto salvation
for everyone who believes the gospel
jew and gentile regardless of nation
for every tribe and kindred and people
the righteousness of God revealed by faith
of Jesus Christ unto all who believe
judging ungodliness with heaven’s wrath
against all sin for which my God will grieve
the knowledge of God is unsearchable
and we are beyond finding out His ways
yet His qualities seen by the humble
are manifest and true all of our days
       the invisible things of God are seen
       clearly revealed to all those who glean


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You do bless me beyond my wildest dreams
providing all my needs for life’s living
showing me nothing is as it seems
in this high tech world of human striving
all those who are Yours alone see clearly
the hand of the Lord in our simple life
and cherish all that You do so dearly
allowing us each to live without strife
Your mystery of peace freely given
is unknown to all Yours who do receive
and yet it is a gift straight from heaven
to all Your cherished ones who do believe
       the ways of the Lord i can clearly see
       when Your righteous hand guides and directs me


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






how long O Lord provider must i wait
for life’s ongoing trials to subside
it seems they have only strengthened of late
taking me on an emotional ride
i look to You Lord for daily guidance
on all choices needing my decision
willingly deferring to Your presence
before considering the conclusion
experiential knowledge grows true trust
with heart’s desire teaching me Your way
knowing obedience to You a must
in order to draw close to You each day
       i stand firmly facing Your glowing throne
       worship and supplication Yours alone


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






merciful God of glory O so great
my love abounds beyond comparison
looking forward knowing i cannot wait
until i can see the face of Your Son
Your grace and mercy showered upon me
every new day amidst the world’s antics
exposing all unrighteousness to see
every claim portrayed by godless tactics
Your longsuffering cries out every day
knowing good and evil do coexist
forever goodness and truth show Your way
ensuring Your outcome only persist
       Your light brightly shines on all who follow
       and uphold Your name revered and hallow


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is it racism or just racial pride
driving all the different groups to speak
how can one just standing by on the side
know who represents the humble and weak
inflamed rhetoric the standard today
using emotion to rally support
cannot you see we are loosing our way
integrity suffers common retort
wherever can i find my God’s reply
for setting eternity’s record straight
when can i hear the popular decry
against all who use evil to debate
       self-righteous offenders grand stand and preach
       always accusing others of hate speech


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who can say why love will last forever
two hearts beating together as one flesh
every day you see my passion’s fever
entangled with you in life’s simple mesh
banal days march by in endless parade
two hearts singing sweet songs of love’s caring
never lost in meaningless motions made
without compassion offered with daring
you never cease to put my welfare first
even with more important things on your mind
each heart seeking the other in love’s thirst
never departing from what God designed
       each choosing to live together for life
       honoring the Lord as husband and wife


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