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Father in heaven
hallowed be thy name
       the name that is above all names
       the name at which every knee will bow
       and every tongue confess
       Jesus Christ is Lord
       to the glory of the Father

thy kingdom come
thy will be done
on earth
as in heaven

give us this day O Lord
our daily bread
and forgive us our debts
as we also have forgiven our debtors
and lead us not into temptation
but deliver us from evil
       the evil of my flesh
       the evil of others
       and the evil one

for thine O Lord God Almighty
is the kingdom
and power
and glory
for ever and ever

from everlasting
to everlasting
thou art God

the Lord
the Lord God
merciful and gracious
and abundant
in goodness
and truth
and justice





I have been writing poetry off and on for more than half my life.  I loved reading many different contemporary and classic poets, and one day challenged myself to see if I could write a poem.  I thought they were worse than awful at first, then I noticed some improvement; but I will let you, the reader, be the judge.  I got married, had two children, was saved by Christ, and began to devour scripture.  Then in 1992 I picked up my poet’s pen where I left off, but this time finding a true meaning for my poetic expression.  I began writing a series of “discussions”, albeit one sided, that I had with God the Father.  These “discussions” are currently divided into four groups, the first I call “rantings”, the second “obsessions”, the third “expressions”, and the fourth “expectations”.  

All of my early poetic forms fall into two categories, a free-form random rhyme and a Shakespearian sonnet; however, in 2014 I moved to a less structured rhyming format in order to tell a broader story.  They are unabashedly word pictures painted from the depths of my heart and soul; and therefore it is my hope and prayer in sharing them that they touch a chord in you as they did in me when I wrote them.  That chord is Christ, the One to whom I belong, and the One to whom I lay bare my true feelings.  He is creator of the heavens and the earth and all that is therein; and I seek only to bring honor and glory and praise to His name.

“for them that honour me I will honour,
and they that despise me shall be lightly esteemed”
                                                          1 Samuel 2:30






Part 1


written 1992 through 1995






       I wanted to go that way;
       but you had another direction in mind.
I wanted power and riches and fame;
       You wanted obedience and trust and worship!

I was wrong to think I knew better.
       You are my path to understanding truth!

With your grace
       I will follow you in righteousness
       and still my heart to false desire.
I praise you, O Lord, with every breath I take;
       And I love you, Father, with my everlasting soul.

You lead
       and I will follow.


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






The path to you, O Lord, is paved with cobblestones of obedience.
Along that path there is neither fine silver nor precious gold;
for they are metals of the earth,
       and you are the mettle of life.
Obedience to your commands brings everlasting life to those who follow.
Obedience to you,
       who gave Israel the law,
       and who breathed the truth into prophets,
       and who offers salvation to all in return for faith;
obedience to you, Father, is my everlasting covenant,
       sealed with the blood of your Passover Lamb.
Obedience to you, Lord, is all that I have
       that is mine alone to give;
for the rest is already yours.


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






I was born into the ways of Israel,
       to whose house nothing comes easy;
       especially obedience to you, Father.
Fill me with your Spirit, O Lord,
       so that I might praise your name,
       proclaiming your grace to all who will listen.
Why, Father, does salvation come so easy
       as a result of faith in the death and resurrection
       and ascension of your Son, Jesus Christ?
Forgive me, O Lord, a sinner,
       whose head makes difficult
       what my heart knows to be the truth.
Forgive me, O Lord, a sinner,
       who forgets to ask and then doubts
       when spoken to clearly.
Forgive me, O Lord, a sinner,
       who is unworthy of the love you give to me
       in return for my unyielding faith in you.
Forgive me, O Lord, a sinner,
       who would be lost forever
       without you walking by my side.


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






Our children are being abducted!

I cry out in warning, but evil’s hand covers my mouth before I can get a single sound out.

They do not know that what they see and hear and feel is the antithesis of all that you teach; they do not know the strength of your forgiveness, and of your love, Father.

They are taught to worship false gods, held up as real by too many of society’s role models.

I am caged like a wild lion, pacing back and forth, the scent of evil dripping from my nostrils.

Do not hold me back, Father!

Unleash your fury through me so that our future generations may be saved by your Grace, and by your Word.

Place your sword in my right hand, Father, so that I might strike death’s blow upon the abductor’s head, so that I might pierce his icy heart, and bring him to his knees in repentance.

I know that without your protection, Father, he can destroy me with a whisper, erase me from the face of existence with a single thought.

But that is no longer important to me!

I will be the one to strike the blow for you, so that he will be chased away in retreat before you, Father.

I will be the one to strike the blow for you, so that he will run from our children’s bedroom door in fear, back into the darkness of his evil world.

I will strike the blow for you, Father, knowing in my heart that your hand will shield me with your radiant love.

Our children are yours alone, Father, entrusted to us in life so that they will not perish at death’s dark door unsaved.


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






You are the one true, living God; you are my everlasting Father, the Father of my Fathers, the Father of all who exist.

You are my teacher for all worth knowing; you are my protector from evil; you are Savior of my soul; and I am nothing without you, Father.  I am unworthy of the grace you have bestowed upon me.

From the earliest times I can remember you have always been nearby.  From the beginning of time you have been available to me when I called upon your name, and the name of your Son.

And you continue, through this very day, to guide me and to intercede for me; even without being asked.

Most of the time, however, I am oblivious to your intercession, taking it for granted, not even acknowledging it until years later.

All I can do is say, “Thank you, Father,” afterward, and praise your name for the grace you have given to me all throughout my life.

I am truly unworthy of your good grace, a two-year-old Christian more needy than giving.

I pray in the name of Jesus Christ, my Lord, and my Savior, that you might find it in your infinite wisdom and generosity to forgive me, again, Father.

Do not bring disruption, again, upon my life, and the lives of my family.  They look up to me, and all I know how to do is let them down again, just like I have let you down again, Father.

You have been in my life all of my life so far, and I know with all my essence that you will be in my life long after my time here is complete.

I know that is not the issue you have with me, Father.  I also know that I repeatedly let you down, and that I am not doing what you have called me to do.

But what do I do if I cannot understand the call?  Or more truthfully, Father, what do I do if I understand the call, but do not know how to make the first step?

I can no longer allow fear to be my guide dog.  I beseech you, Father, lead me by the hand as you would a two-year-old.  Show me the next step, and assure me it will not be a pit of vipers; or if it is, that you will not abandon me or my family.

They have done nothing to warrant this level of stress that is knocking down our back door, except maybe to trust in my lead too much, and in your grace not nearly enough.

I am incapable of proceeding on my own, Father.  I pray in Jesus’ precious name that you grant me this request for your everlasting strength and your unyielding support.



Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






I love you, Father.

Your light shines on me, and I follow it freely; I walk in its radiance morning, noon, and night and am baptized with your Holy Spirit in the name of your Son and Savior Jesus Christ.

The darkness is close enough to me that I can reach out and grab it, or taunt it, or laugh in its face; but I do not for fear of being pulled in without mercy.

So I skirt by the darkness without flinching, without looking into it too long; I keep my gaze fixed only on your grace emanating from within the light, Father.

And life flows on without serious incident as long as I remain focused on your light within the light, and do not deviate even slightly to the right or to the left.


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






Some days I find it very difficult to believe that you are still working in my life, Father.

I know in my heart you are still there; and I know it is not you who has left me; but rather it is I who have moved my attention away from your world and into mine.

These are days of flesh, not of the Spirit; days when only thoughts of myself fill my mind; and then I remember, transforming them into days of longing to return to thoughts of only you.


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






I was born into the ways of Israel, to whose house nothing comes easy; especially obedience to you, O Lord.

I pray you can forgive me for the doubt in my mind, which foreshadows the faith in my heart.

Fill me with your Spirit, Father, so that I might praise your name, proclaiming your grace to all who will listen.

Salvation comes too easy as a result of faith in the death and resurrection and ascension of your Son, Christ Jesus, our Lord.

Forgive me again, Father, a sinner, whose mind makes difficult what my heart knows to be truth.


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






You can have my job, Lord,

as long as you keep me true to you and walking by your side.

You can have my house and cars and everything material in my life, Lord,

as long as you keep me true to you and walking by your side.

You can have my life here on this earth, Lord,

as long as you keep me true to you and walking by your side.

I do not want to give even one of them up yet, Lord;

however, I do not want you to leave my side either.

If you make me pick, the choice is simple!

There is nothing worth anything if I were not able to walk by your side, Lord, in the truth and the light and in life.

And yet all would be freely discarded

if I were truly blessed with a glimpse of your shining face, Lord.


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






I cannot give up, Father.

I cannot settle for that which is not the vision you planted in my mind’s eye many years ago.

I will keep following your lead; and

I will keep my own desires held in check by your grace

We have not arrived there yet, Father; however, I know we are getting very close.

Is it just around the next bend?

Or over the next hill?

Or behind the next obstruction in the road?

I ask you, and you tell me I am still on track;

however, I stumble down blind alleys, through which I must back out carefully, without stumbling again;

and you tell me I am still on track.

There is no doubt in my mind what will happen next, Lord.

I will ask you for guidance;

I will ask you to show me your way and your truth for my life, Father;

And then I will listen attentively for your answer;

And I will go in the direction you point, and look for your predetermined signposts along the way

One day, Father, but I cannot tell you when, we will arrive there together, at your appointed hour.


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






Lord, please instruct me; show me where and how I have gone astray from your grace.

Why do you let the evil one continue to stalk me like a mugger stalks his victim through the darkened city streets?

I can run just fast enough to stay ahead; but I am slowing and he is gaining and you have not jumped out to save me, yet, Father.

Exhaustion overflows every muscle in my aging body

The climax is approaching, and I have nowhere to turn.

My back is up against the alley wall, and there is no way out, except through confrontation and fighting and death.

He must perish so that I might live; but he is strong enough to take on five thousand like me at the same time and triumph.

I have but one way out, Father, and I cannot find where you have hidden your light.

I know you will not let me perish this way, and without due cause.

My heart has remained true to you, and only you, O Lord.

And yet I cannot find your light to cast upon the darkness.

I cannot find your light, Lord, to cast upon the evil one, to expose the treachery and death he brings to unsuspecting believers, such as I.


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






The eyes of ancient prophets are tear stained and red with sadness.

They have pointed out the way of truth and of light, but very few have followed their calling.

The Lamb has shed his blood once for all to be saved who will believe strongly enough to follow.

And yet most turn to look the other way, staring into the darkness, hoping to find their own path through the maze, called life.

Some turn to peers for recognition and self worth.

Some use money and possessions as answers to all the wrong questions.

When all we have to do is turn inward to our own heart; for that is where our Savior hides, waiting to be found by all who dare to look.


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






The end justifies the means,

only if the end goal is to be in God’s presence,

and the means of getting there are by faith, obedience, and love.

Getting to the end is the wrong reason for traveling wherever it is you are going;

it is more important to rejoice in the trip along the way;

it is more important to trust in God to get you there at all;

for that may not be where he wants you to go.

It is not as important to get where you are going, as it is to go there alongside our Lord, Jesus Christ.


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






Albert says that time is relative

to the one who tries to keep it.

Abraham thought time moved too slowly

and tried to take it into his own hands.


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






Satan has grabbed hold of him by his large ego,

and will not let go until he is destroyed in the darkness.

His mind is filled with easy ways to get the job done,

quality be damned; incompetence reigns supreme.


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






You were right there with me in the beginning, before I understood.

I did not know you, and I certainly did not know of you, but you knew me as well as a Father does his son.

You watched over me, and guarded me from unseen dangers, and guarded me through my early childhood and the difficulties of my youth.

And then you allowed me to see you up close, in all your glorious splendor, as you had to intercede in my life to guide me with a firmer hand.

You were here and gone in a flash, but I can still remember your fading image, with bright white curly hair and beard and the depth of eternity looking out at me from within your loving eyes.

You have set your stone before my feet, Father, and I have stumbled many times throughout my adult years.

And yet with your love and the firmness of your gentle hand around my shoulder, I am always able to pick myself up, brush off the devil’s dust, and know to look more closely for that stone the next time.

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

Romans 8:28


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






My first reaction, Father, is to look for different ways to do the same old thing we have done too many times before;

my first reaction is to look for the easy way out, to avoid the inevitable confrontation, to go along to get along.

And then your hand reaches out, caressing me on the brow, assuring me that I still walk in your grace, Father,

assuring me that you will guide me through this valley of darkness without wounds inflicted by the evil one,

assuring me that the victory will be yours, Father, and that we will emerge on the other side of this valley into your glorious light and in safety.

I know you would not put me into the middle of these cosmic confrontations if you did not believe that my reactions would glorify your name, Father;

but why don’t you defeat him this time, Father, so that all your warriors can take a well earned rest for a thousand years.


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






Is there no other way to test the faith of my family,  to test the strength of their belief in you, Father?

Why do you let the snake loose to roam throughout my life? And throughout my home?

We have all gathered together in prayer to our Lord and Savior.

And in the name of Christ Jesus we cast light upon his slimy underbelly, slowing his slither long enough for us to retreat to the safety of your light, Father.

But he is faster than I thought, and is able to chase us down and swallow us whole into his unnerving darkness.

In the name of Jesus Christ, Lord and Savior, I call upon your light to flow out of my heart into every part of my body, and out of my body into the surrounding darkness.

Into every unseen crevice your light explodes, Father, illuminating the darkness so that he is forced to retreat beyond the depths of our existence.


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






From across the pages of time your hand is stretched out before me, Father, casting out evil all around.

I stand previously condemned of running in a world rampant with evil desire and consumed with self-serving motivations.

And yet you are willing to lift me up as your shining light in the midst of the unseen darkness.

I am an unworthy beacon in the storm of the life of those you lead to me, so that they may see your glory in my eyes and feel your love in my heart and know your presence emanating from within me.

However, only those you want to see will have their eyes opened, and only those you want to love will feel your hand upon their heart, and only those you want to know your everlasting glory will understand clearly

And only those you want to be your witness, Father, will you hold up as your beacon to others.


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






Why, Father, have you allowed them to be raised up against me?

Everywhere I turn they are waiting in the darkness to knock me down, and kick me unmercifully.

He is calling in waves of vicious animals, wanting to tear away the helmet and shield and belt you carefully clothed me in.

And I cannot locate the sword you gave me to use to fend them off, Father!

All I can do is pull out the thorns they are driving into my flesh, holding them up to you, Father, praising your name in my time of weakness.

There was given to me a thorn in the flesh, the messenger of Satan to buffet me, lest I should be exalted above measure.  For this thing I besought the Lord thrice, that it might depart from me.  And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness.  Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.

2 Corinthians 12:7b-9


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






Who am I to think that I am more worthy of easy going times and limited struggles in this alien nation?

Did not the Apostle Paul call himself the least of all your apostles, Lord?

And yet, did you not hold him up as a shinning example of how we should deal with the people and events of this world?

Was not your grace sufficient for him in his times of troubles and weaknesses?

How minuscule then are my trials compared to his, Lord.

And yet, I stand as your witness, exemplifying how your grace is absolutely sufficient, so that in my weaknesses your light reveals your everlasting greatness, Lord.



Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






There are days I find it very difficult to trust that you are still working in my life, Father.

I feel your presence all around me, but I cannot feel your hand on my shoulder, directing me where to go and what to do.

These are days I go off in the wrong direction, any direction, thinking that I am supposed to do something rather than just enjoying the momentary peace you have blessed me with, Father.


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






You are moving quickly to close out an era of my life, Father, in which my growth in Christ was paramount.

My youth you have moved into my distant past; it was a time of learning your ways, Father, and of growing in a world devoid of spiritual leadership and without moral values.

If only you will allow me to give back but the smallest portion of your gifts to me, Father;

so that then the future might unfold in glory to you, Father;

and so that all who hear will understand you, and all who see will follow you.


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






O Lord,

Lord of my fathers,

Lord of all that is, and all that ever was, and all that is to be,

you have blessed me far beyond my wildest desires.

I am not worthy of all you have provided in my life;

I am not worthy of your unfailing love and comfort;

and I am certainly not worthy of your unwavering grace;

so I rejoice morning, noon, and night, singing you songs of praise and thanksgiving within my heart.


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






I sing you songs of praise and glory, Father; I sing you songs of praise and glory with lifted up hands and heart.

You have put me in a position of freedom and obedience simultaneously by taking away my worldly job;

and now you are asking me to put all of my trust in you, Father;

saying loudly that you will take care of me, and that you will provide for my family.

For the first time in my life I am listening with all of my being, with all that is mine and with all that is yours.

Yesterday you showed me three clear directions for my life to go in as a way to earn a living within this materialistic world.

Today you tell me clearly that any direction will do as long as my life is handed up to the service of you, Father, and to the service of my family.

I sing you songs of praise and glory, Father; I sing you songs of praise and glory, for tomorrow you will open for me a gift of opportunity.


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






I sing you songs of praise and thanksgiving, Father, resounding from deep within my heart.

You have delivered me from the hands of mortal men and placed me on a path toward you.

Your blessings overflow my life, spilling onto all those lost and saved you bring my way.

I sing you songs of praise and thanksgiving, Father, even though death’s master has his hands around my throat and will not let go.

He cannot strike me down now, at a time when my heart is firmly planted in you; especially when you are about to open for me a gift of opportunity.

He cannot shake me from your path; he can only squeeze tighter and tighter, until he overpowers my physical body and I receive your gift of eternity.

I sing you songs of praise and thanksgiving, Father, seeking only to glorify you, basking in your grace and in your promise.


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






My heart aches to stand before you, Father;

to have blessed you with a life that is worthy of being welcomed into your presence.

I would give you my life in an instant, if in so doing I could glorify your name;

and I would give you all that I hold dear upon this earth to glorify you in the recounting.

For my heart aches to stand before you, Father,

to look directly into the depths of your seeing eyes,

to kiss the strong hand that has guided me through life,

to bow down before your greatness in the glory of a judgement of grace,

and to be welcomed home with open arms by the greatest Father of all.


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






I love you, O Lord, with all my heart;

I will sing of my love for you before all who choose to come near.

I will bow down before your mighty feet,

and will sing songs of praise for your love and your faithfulness,

for you are exalted above all things upon the earth and within the heavens.

When I call upon your name, you shower me with your lovingkindness;

and I am able to grow strong within the sight of your love for me.

May all who have experienced your lovingkindness sing you songs of praise;

lifting up your love and your faithfulness for all who come near;

For your lovingkindness inspires abounding love in return;

and it is to your glory that your love begets love a hundredfold.

Though I walk through the trials of my faith in you every day,

your love abounds all around me, and with it I am shielded from evil.

Your love goes before me like arrows piercing the hearts of my enemies,

and with your love my heart overflows.

Your love fills me with your purpose for my life and directs my steps along the way.

Your love, O Lord, endures forever; and I will never withdraw my love from you;

For I am your loving servant.



Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






You are always there beside me, guiding me, protecting me, loving me.

I remember you from my youth;

it was a time my need for you was overpowering.

I remember you standing in the background patiently, even when I turned my back on you;

it was a time of darkness in my soul.

I remember you encouraging me to return, and when I did you opened your arms wide to receive me with your love;

it was a time of triumph over evil.

And I will remember you throughout the ages as your presence plays a prominent role in the lives of my children, and their children, and their children to come;

it will be a time of rejoicing.

Also, that the soul be without knowledge, it is not good; and he that hasteth with his feet sinneth.

Proverbs 19:2


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






Why do you let me choose my own way, when you know the right way for me to go?

Why are there such large obstacles along the paths I choose for myself, while the paths you choose for me are filled with knowledge and understanding?

Why have I not learned to ask you in faith before I choose for myself?

Life’s lessons are so much easier to learn when they are of your choosing.


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






Fear is not a feeling present in my being when I think thoughts of you, Father.

I cannot fear my glorious King, who shows me His mercy as repayment for my transgressions.

I cannot fear my victorious Savior, who fills me overflowing with His lovingkindness and grace, even when I am undeserving.

I cannot fear my compassionate Friend, who guides me through difficult valleys of my life, directing my steps with understanding.

I cannot fear my mighty Protector, who stretches out His arm against the anger of my enemies, shielding me in His glory.

Oh no, Father, fear is not a feeling ever present when I think thoughts of you.


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






Father in Heaven, forgive your humble servant from the sins of my flesh.

Forgive me, for I try so hard to control the transgressions of my earthly nature.

Show me your mercy, as you have done for me in times gone by.

Strengthen me with your lovingkindness;

Feed me understanding with your own two hands;

Comfort me with your presence through the valleys of my life.


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






Show me those who do not know you, Father;

Bring them into the presence of my caring.

Open my mouth with boldness of your mercy, O Lord;

Bring forth words of grace to turn the heads of hatred and deceit.

Shower them with unending love of your Salvation, Father;

and lead them out of darkness so they are no longer lost.

Lead them in lovingkindness to your side, Father;

Bring them into your presence, and under your training, so that you might guide them in paths of righteousness for your name’s sake.



Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






My Father, Lord God Almighty, Creator of the heavens, and of the earth, and of the seas, and of all that lives therein.

Your power is beyond human comprehension, and yet your love and compassion for people is even greater.

You bless us with your mercy, even when we cannot walk in your righteousness;

You bless us with your grace, even when we refuse to acknowledge you with a simple “Thank you, Lord.”

I am a sinner, and I ask you for your forgiveness for every one of my transgressions against you, and against your Word;

Whether large or small, I ask for your forgiveness with the free will of my heart and mind and tongue.

And I ask for your forgiveness for my country, and for all the people in it.

We have been ranked with the greatest of countries in your eyes, Lord;

But we have forgotten that all of our greatness was a gift from your Hand, and for your glory, not ours.

But amidst our human frailties, we have turned away from you Lord, thinking that our greatness was the making of our own hands.

I ask you for your forgiveness for my country Lord, and for all the people in it.

I ask for your blessings in spite of our many transgressions, and in spite of our ignorance, and in spite of our enlarged egos.

For you are a merciful God, the God of Creation, the God of Abraham, the God of my Salvation, the God of my life.

Forgive us Father, bless us with your grace, and use us to glorify yourself, not us.

Allow us to spread salt and light across the country; hold us up as salt and light to a dark world;

A world that seems to have learned from us and surpassed us in integrity and morality.

Or is our time already fulfilled, a country on the wane, succumbing to our own immoral depravities

A country masked in darkness and greed from sea to shining sea.

Forgive us Father, for we are a country and a people who have stepped outside of your will.

Show us your grace when we really need it, and have mercy on us,

And mark this day in your book as the day of forgiveness for a stiff necked people who once put you first, and who can again with your help.



Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






You are the Father of my fathers, and I love you with my heart.

You are the Father of my brothers, and I obey you with my life.

You are the Father of my sons, and I follow you with my spirit.

You are the Father of Adam, and the Father of Christ Jesus, and through them both you are also the Father of me;

       And through your eyes I can see, and through your ears I can hear;

       And I will never again fear anything of this world.


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






You can dress up an unbeliever in elegant clothes,

But where is he who really knows how to receive his blood washed, gleaming white robe.

The day will come when I will kneel before your throne,

And in the knowledge of you I will have grown beyond my wildest dreams;

And I will listen to the screams that cannot touch my soul,

Because seeing your face has become my life’s goal.


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






The sins of the world rest heavy on the heart of a righteous man;

       while the foolish go about their own business.

A heart guided by the ways of the world is an abomination to the Lord;

       and the love of the Lord to His glory.

A life lived in the service of the Lord brings peace to the spirit;

       and serving a brother brings joy to the heart.


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






I know you have known me from before my beginnings,

I know because you have given me your Word, which I have lovingly placed within my heart,

and because you have carefully set me apart from the world of your own creation;

My knowledge of you has brought elation to my spirit, with a knowledge of you, which I have recently learned;

a knowledge of you having been burned into my heart and mind and soul from times of old;

from times long past, when my world was still cold and uncertain.


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






I sing you songs of praise, O Lord;

I praise you for the story of my life,

a simple one, starting out in strife,

offered up for the generations gone before me,

to set right the paths of those who follow after me;

I sing you songs of praise, O Lord.


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I am nothing without you, O Lord;

without you I have not the works of my hands;

without you I have not the seeds of my flesh;

without you I have not the breath of my life;

I am nothing without you, O Lord.


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With you, O Lord, I am all you want me to be;

all is a gift from the mercy of your heart;

all is a gift from the abundance of your riches;

all is a gift from the testimony of your glory;

With you, O Lord, I am all you want me to be.


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There are times that I have trouble following your Word.

I cannot always do what you say, when you tell me over and over again to “fear the Lord”,

and I can find nothing but love for you in my heart, O Lord.

I want to follow you without reservation because I love you, and I love all you have done for me, and all you have given me;

All of which I do not deserve.

I cannot understand you when you tell me He that walketh in his uprightness feareth the Lord;

and I do not comprehend you when you say In the fear of the Lord is strong confidence.

I walk in my uprightness not because I fear you, O Lord, but because I love you, and I want to glorify you with my every step.

In you I do have strong confidence, O Lord, because you have loved me from before my creation; and from that time forward you have always been with me, directing my steps, so that my life will be lived according to your plan, and not mine, and for your glory, and not mine.

He that walketh in his uprightness loveth the Lord; but he that is perverse in his ways despiseth him.

Proverbs 14:2

In the love of the Lord is strong confidence; and his children shall have a place of refuge.

Proverbs 14:26


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Give me this day, O Lord, to shine amidst the darkness.

You are the light shining in my life, leading me to follow your way and truth and life.

You are the light shining in my life, O Lord;

use me as your light to shine amidst the darkness,

use me to shine on lives who do not know you,

use me as a beacon leading people in your direction,

use me as a signpost along the path of life,

use me to your glory, O Lord, to shine amidst the darkness.


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I see you marching across the heavens on a great white steed,

ready for battle, with a heavy golden sword in your mighty right hand

and the Book of Life held against your broad chest with your left.

I see you marching across the heavens, ready to battle the evil one of old,

ready to protect every soul whose name is written in the Book

and ready to cast away every soul who is not.

I see you marching across the heavens, protector of your Father’s precious children;

Saviour of the souls He has given to you before the beginnings of time.

Come now, my Lord, to this humble servant, who is in the midst of numerous trials.

Come now beside me.  Lend me your sword to strike down those who have risen up against you.

Come now to clear a wide path before me, allowing me to continue marching forward in your Name here on earth.

Come now, my Lord.


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Father, King of Kings. Lord of Lord, I exalt you above all else in my heart, and in my mind, and in my soul, and in my life.

From before the beginning you have known my heart for you, and of my desire to find and to follow you, and to let your hand guide me through the wilderness.

Father, without you I am void of wisdom and understanding, without you I am but a fool following a fool’s desire and finding a fool’s treasure of emptiness.

From before the beginning you have set me apart, you have ransomed me to be your very own, and bestowed upon me priceless gifts that cannot be swallowed up by this Godless world devoid of wisdom and understanding.

Father, why me?  Why me, and not one of the family-oriented Mormons that I work with side by side every day?  Why me, and not the sister of my youth who follows the god of the Jehovah Witnesses, or one of my long time friends who follow the Pope of the Roman Catholics?  Why me, Father?


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I spent the youth you gave me searching for greatness in my own eyes, and in the eyes of others,

And all I found was emptiness in the pit of my being;

And then one day I woke up in my mid-forties, realizing that my six year old daughter needed me more that I needed greatness.

You opened my eyes, and you opened my heart, and I fell to my knees to ask your forgiveness;

For I forgot the God of my grandfather until that glorious day in which you gave me more mercy than I deserved;

And you filled me overflowing;

And the emptiness was eradicated forever.


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






Do you remember the first time in your life that you truly understood that there is a God, and that He is more powerful than you could ever imagine, and that He is truly alive and living in Heaven?

I don’t mean the times as an adult, or even as a teenager, when you tried to find out who you are and what will bring meaning to your life;

I mean the very first time, as a child, when you realized that there may be this all powerful Being, who lives somewhere you cannot see, and who watches over you in ways you cannot understand.

Well, I can!

I remember it as clearly as if it happened yesterday, even though I was only about six years old at the time.

I was introduced to God by my grandfather Jacob, my mother’s father, at an age when questioning and reasoning were not a part of my character.

I can still see so vividly in my mind’s eye the early morning light streaming through the windows as I quietly sat down beside him.

He was standing, rocking back and forth in cadence to the words he read from his black leather book with the words and the letters written in a language I could not begin to fathom.

My grandfather would begin every day this way; every day at the crack of dawn he would get up, get dressed, and greet the day in the presence and in the worship of the living God, the God of Abraham, of Isaac, and of Jacob, the Lord God Almighty, the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords.

In fine Jewish tradition, he would wrap his forehead and his forearm with the little brown leather boxes on long brown leather straps with the words of God inside.

He would cover his head, put on his prayer shawl, and open up his book, and begin to read, standing up, rocking back and forth so he could bow in reverence every time he read the name of God.

I remember watching him every morning we were together; I would get up early in anticipation of this special time we had together; I would look forward to that time when I could bask in the warmth of the love he had for God.

And that love he had for God would spill out of him all day long, in any and every situation, and with all who came into his presence.

And afterward, when he was done reading and praying and worshiping God, he would explain to me little bits of what he read, in words that could be understood by a six year old.

He told me stories of how God loved His people so much.

He told me stories of how God protected and took care of those who loved Him, and worshiped Him, and put Him first in their life.

He told me stories that now I can read for my self in the Bible; and when he told them to me they came alive with the majesty and the love of God for His children.

And he told me how much God loved me, and how He would always be with me, watching over me, and protecting me, throughout my entire life.

He told me of a love that would never depart from me.

He told me of a love that has been within my heart ever since.

He showed me first hand the power and the glory of God’s love, a love that can change lives, a love that has changed my life from the inside out.

Thank you, Lord, for putting him in my early life and for keeping alive my fond memories of his love for You.



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I have established with thee, O Lord, an everlasting covenant of obedience;

obedience to your Word, and obedience to your Will for my life.

I will seek you continually in obedience, and will train my children and their children to also seek you continually in obedience;

and to all whom you give me opportunity, I will instruct in obedience to you as well.


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






The night lingers on without an end in sight, and the surrounding light remains very low, with only a faint glow from a distant street light bouncing silently off the living room wall.

I can feel the presence of many unseen earthly messengers dancing through my consciousness, invading my awareness with thoughts not taught me by my Lord.

I cannot call to them on my own; they do not listen to a grown man calling to them from the dark; nor do they respond to the mortal bark of a frantic father chasing them away from his children.

I can feel the presence of these unseen earthly messengers dancing through my house, yet there is nothing that I can do to them on my own; I am powerless to protect my family without your help, my Lord.

But in you, Lord, I am able to do everything that is good and right, I can cast them away from my sight and from my house.

Evil ones unseen, I cast you out in the name of Jesus Christ; I cast you out of my children, I cast you out of my wife, I cast you out of my house, and I cast you out of my life.

I cast you out in the name of my Saviour, and in the name of my Protector; I cast you out in the name of Righteousness; I cast you out in the name of Jesus Christ, and there is nothing you can do but leave,

for His powers greatly exceed those of all your army, and those of your fallen leader; for the power of light will always win out over the power of darkness.  You will always stand in the starkness of your treachery, to run and hide at the mere mention of His Glory.


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You are the God of glory, the first and the last, and the only, who loves each one of us without end.

To you alone, my God, I pledge my life in an everlasting covenant of obedience.

Make known your will for me; direct my steps amidst the darkness which surrounds me.

I submit my will to you, my God, with unbroken trust, knowing you will preserve me everlasting in your light, morning, noon, and night, guiding me to do that which is right in your eyes, ignoring the cries of evil all around me.


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You pledge your life to Joseph Smith, Jr., just like your fathers before you, and as you instruct your sons who follow.

You follow a group of latter day saints who believe that God revealed things not mentioned in His Word;

And who believe that God decided to change His mind on that which was previously revealed, finally telling the truth about His Son.

My heart cries out for you and for your family; and I pray incessantly for God to show you the error of your beliefs.

I pray continually that God opens your heart, and mind, and eyes to that which I can see and know so clearly.

I pray that God unmistakably reveals to you the true Jesus Christ, His only begotten Son, who alone can offer you salvation for your soul, and who alone can bring you into the presence of the one and only true God.

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

John 3:16

Thus saith the Lord the King of Israel, and his redeemer the Lord of hosts; I am the first, and I am the last; and beside me there is no God.

Isaiah 44:6

And when I saw him, I fell at his feet as dead. And he laid his right hand upon me, saying unto me, Fear not; I am the first and the last: I am he that liveth, and was dead; and, behold, I am alive for evermore, Amen; and have the keys of hell and of death.

Revelation 1:17-18


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There is but one God, who is the Father of all that exists.

He was not born.  He will never die.  He does not change in any way, or shape, or form, or thought.  He has never taught us that He was once a mortal man of flesh and bone just like you and I.

He was, before anything was made that is made.  He is, throughout all eternity the same.  He will be, He who judges all things at His appointed time, deciding who will live with Him in Heaven and who will be cast forever into the lake of fire.  He will never tire after all that was is gone.

Besides Him, there is no other God.


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I sing you a tale of two people,

both different,

both once walking in your will, O Lord.

One a working woman of a working husband,

with a baby in daycare,

and a job that does not care about leaving her room for life.

And the other one a white-haired gentleman,

with a wife left home in St. Louis,

and three grown children scattered around the country,

and a job that keeps him out of town for eight to ten days at a time.

I sing you a tale of two people,

both different,

both wrestling with memories of you, O Lord.

One a working woman who stepped outside your will for a while,

to get married, to take a job, to move away, and to have a child,

who woke up suddenly from a momentary transgression

to find her life over here within the world

and your will over there, somewhere different,

and with a heart that will repent and a strong desire to reenter your tent of love.

The other one a white-haired gentleman who shut his heart to you amidst his teenage years,

crying many tears within his heart for a father who lost his love of people somewhere along the years of providing for his family,

and for a mother who loved only you, with a vengeance, at the shattered expense of those she kept reminding of your righteousness.

He had no other defense against their hatred, other than to cast them out of his life with all of the hatred he could muster;

he had no other defense against their hatred, other than to cast you out along with them,

feeling sorry for himself because of the lack of mercy he felt from you;

and now he is a white-haired gentleman who speaks his mind about everything,

but who has a void inside his soul the size of the Grand Canyon because he will not allow himself to love a God who he feels let him down many years ago,

and because he will not allow himself to be loved by a God who he feels did not force his parents to love him as a child growing up in middle America.

I sing you a tale of two people, O Lord,

both different,

both searching for something to fill your home within their heart.


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You show me a world gone mad with perversities,

a world where all the universities teach our children to worship only themselves,

to glory in the deep wells of their own being,

to define what they are seeing in terms of their own idea of right and wrong;

they learn to sing their own song of praise to the god they believe resides within,

to the god who can define what is sin and what is not,

to the god who sits not upon the throne in heaven.

They are all unleavened, without your mercy and without your salvation;

they are all your creation, without your knowledge and without your understanding,

blinded by the angle of light, who is standing between them and you,

who is guiding them to pursue a path of destruction.


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






You are the Lord God Almighty, the God of Abraham, of Isaac, and of Israel;

your glory reigns supreme from everlasting to everlasting;

your victory over the evil one is guaranteed, since you created everything in the beginning and you will judge everyone at the end, and all the events in between are according to your plan.

You answered Elijah with fire, consuming his burnt offering, and the wood alter, and the twelve stones of the foundation, and the water poured into the pit, and the pit itself,

when he called upon your name to show the people you are the one and only true God, and the prophets of Baal were false prophets duped by the evil one.

You answered Elisha by ridding Naaman of his pride and his leprosy, and by answering Gehazi’s greed for money and fine clothes,

when you instructed Naaman to dip himself seven times in the Jordan River to cleanse him of his leprosy, and when you punished Gehazi with leprosy for taking payment from Naaman.

And I trust you will answer my prayers for wisdom and boldness and protection in my witnessing for you and against the angle of light,

when I ask that you allow your light and your glory to shine through the darkness with which the great deceiver has engulfed my two friends who follow the ways of Mormonism.

I trust you will answer my prayers according to your promise,

when I ask you to spare the lives of my lost friends and their families,

just as you answered the prayers of others by sparing my life and those of my family.

My soul grieves for their loss, and yet my heart is filled with great joy, knowing the victory can be yours;

yes, the victory is yours, Father.


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






Make bold my tongue, Father.

Put your words of witness in my mouth, and fill me overflowing with your lovingkindness

so that all who here my boldness for you will be touched by your Holy Spirit,

so that all who here my boldness for you will have their eyes opened to the sight of your presence, and their heart opened to feeling your glory.

Make bold my tongue, Father, that you shall be glorified, and that your works shall be visible to all.

Make bold my tongue, Father, so you can reap the harvest, in due season, of those seeds which fall upon fertile ground;

and the glory is all yours, Father.



Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






How many times, O Lord, will you knock upon his door unanswered?

How many times, O Lord, before you will never knock again?

Your hand reached out and preserved his life and limb when as a child his legs became mutilated, and doctors wanted to amputate,

but you sent a young surgeon who made whole that which was torn apart.

Your hand reached out and caught him in mid air when as an adult he slipped and fell off of the roof of his house and lay unconscious on the ground,

for you revived him to walk away unhurt.

How many times, O Lord, will you knock upon his door unanswered?

How many times, O Lord, before you will never knock again?

Please, O Lord, do not turn your back on him now.

Put the right words into my mouth so he will believe that you exist.

Fill me overflowing with your love, O Lord, so he will feel your presence unmistakably, the way I do.

Use me as your messenger, O Lord, so he will commit his life to you, and in so doing reserve himself a place in your presence for ever.



Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






I ask but a simple request, O Lord:

Continue to bless me overflowing by using me to do your work here on earth.

Praise and glory be unto you, O Lord.



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I walk in your light, Lord, blessed beyond my ability to comprehend.

Dwelling in my heart and soul is your lovingkindness overflowing.

In walking with you, Lord, comes a greater knowing;

My eyes seeing the happenings of another world, previously hidden;

My mind comprehending all the many principalities and powers that hide just beyond the circle of light that surrounds me.

Your light shields me, Lord, and for that I am eternally grateful.



Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






O Lord, I come before you stripped naked of my own desires.

I humble myself before you and ask for your forgiveness for the lusts of my flesh, thinking I can accomplish your will my own way.

Forgive me, O Lord, for my transgressions acted out of the ignorance of pride.

Forgive me, O Lord, and do not hold my weaknesses against the account of my family.

Show them the greatness of your mercy and your love by replacing my feet upon the path you have chosen for me.

Hold me fast, O Lord, to your heart and do not let me stray from your steps.



Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






My faith and trust are in you, Lord.

I will follow your lead even when it makes no sense according to the measures established by this world,

for your rod and your staff define a different set of measures, a set born of righteousness and of love.

You place me upon the highest mountain top in all the earth, with all the world visible to my uncovered eyes, and ask me to take one small step forward.

You ask me to step out in faith and trust from the security of the solid ground;

you ask me to step out upon the solid rock, which is invisible to the untrained eye,

and I do, and I am safe.

My heart’s desire is to serve you in obedience always.

My faith and trust are in you, Lord.


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






There are many words with which I can praise you, O Lord;

but I find the best are those of your servant David.

Know ye that the Lord he is God: it is he that hath made us, and not we ourselves; we are his people, and the sheep of his pasture.  Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise: be thankful unto him, and bless his name.  For the Lord is good; his mercy is everlasting; and his truth endureth to all generations.

Psalm 100:3-5

I praise you for your faithfulness, O Lord.

My heart is filled overflowing with love for you, my God, for your hand rests firmly upon my shoulder, comforting me within the valleys of life, and guiding me to the other side.

I praise you for your mercy, O Lord.

My steps do not always fit completely within yours, my Lord, for I find I stray to the right or to the left before I realize what I have done, even though my heart always wants to place my feet directly within the steps you have drawn for me.

I praise you with my love, O Lord.

I praise you with my continued commitment to serve you in obedience.  I praise you with my life.


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






I rest in your peacefulness, Father;

for I have followed your will in obedience after searching my own desires and hearing yours spoken to me clearly.

I have weighed the two upon the scales of life and have tipped them unmistakably in your favor;

for obedience, carried in my hands with love, is my precious gift to you, placed openly at your feet for all the world to see.


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






Tucson is the home of many unbelievers, Lord.

Some follow a God who once was a man, and a Jesus Christ who is the brother of Satan.

Some follow a God who has no teeth, a God who will not punish for the transgression of sin, a God who will accept you into his presence just because you are a good person.

Some follow no God at all, but only their own desires and their own rules, for that is all they can touch, for that is all they can reasonably control.

None of them follow the living God of creation, the true God of Abraham, the Father of the living Christ, who died for our sins and was raised and now sits in heaven at the right hand of the Father, the God of love and mercy and second chances, the God of retribution and separation of those who turn their back on Him.

And none of them follow the living God, who holds the scales of life in His right hand.


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






I cannot accomplish the task on my own, Father.

All I can do is pray that you will grace him with your mercy.

I pray that you will show him your everlasting glory,

touch him with your holiness,

let him feel your light shining upon his head.

I pray that you will do for him these things I ask,

for I believe my witnessing has touched a nerve of desire within him.

He hungers to be shown the truth,

but he is probably still too proud to ask,

for he is confused by his own logical thinking

And so I will ask for him.

In my prayers I beseech you for him.

Show him your everlasting glory,

touch him with your holiness,

let him feel your light shining upon his head.

Use his life, O Lord, to glorify only you.



Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






As David was pursued by his enemies for all the days of his youth

he put his faith in his God, the God of Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob.

He put his faith in his God, who led him through foreign lands,

who surrounded him with faithful followers in small numbers.

He put his faith in his God and followed one foot after another,

not knowing where he was being led.

He both feared his God and loved his God enough to follow faithfully

wherever and whenever he was told.

And he was redeemed from the difficulties life presented

and blessed far beyond that which was reasonably deserved.

He was faithful beyond logic,

and he was blessed beyond reason.

He was faithful to his God, the Lord God Almighty, the Creator of Heaven and Earth.

He was faithful to you Lord,

and I will follow you also of my own free will.


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






I am on the bright side;

on the side of the Lord,

whose mercy endures for ever.

I am walking on your right side;

you put your right arm around me,

guiding me with your love.

I am walking along side of you,

through deep valleys and over high mountain tops

yielding the desire of my will to the strength of your will.

I choose to walk by faith along side of you,

not knowing where you will lead me,

knowing only that you will love me for ever.


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






Why is it, O Lord, that some don’t know you?

They don’t know your mercy;

they don’t know your love;

they don’t know the gentle touch of your hand.

Why is it, O Lord, that some don’t know you?

No matter how much they search for you in all the wrong places,

looking into other faces for a love that will never satisfy.

Why is it, O Lord, that some don’t know you?

And why is it that some know you better than they would ever feel comfortable admitting to?

Why is it, O Lord, that some don’t know you,

and others do?


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






I am walking through burning battlefields, all are being consumed by your enemy.

I look to the right and to the left, and I see your precious saints falling to the ground with wounds from flaming arrows.

The battle rages out of control all around me, with death’s dark mercenaries breaking through the front lines

as if they were defended by colorful Lego walls and brightly colored plastic people, who have neither the training nor the ability nor the will to fight against the unceasing onslaught.

I can feel them all around me now, salivating at the thought of capturing another soul, turning it to their side.

I cannot resist of my own free will; I have neither the strength nor the ability to fight against the dark waves successfully, and they know it.

That is why they keep trying.

The time appears to be right, from my perspective, Lord.

You are my only hope for winning the fight.

I am defenseless without you.

You are the author of my salvation and the finisher of my fight.

You are the conqueror, Lord, and I am the conquered.

You are the Father and I am in the Son.

You are the only one who can defeat the forces of his darkness.

All I can do is put my faith in you, and wait.

You pick the time.

You choose up the sides.

You bring the weapons.

You determine the playing field.

You decide who will be wounded

You decide who will die.

You decide who will change sides.

You decide who will triumph.

The victory is all yours, as is the praise and the glory,

as well as the telling of the story.

All the praise and all the glory

is yours.



Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






When you were growing up, you wanted my love; and I gave it freely overflowing to you.

You wanted my presence in your life, even though we could not live in the same house together.

At least I was able to remain close by, in the background of your life, and see you as often and as regular as your mother would allow.

You have no idea how deep rooted the pain was, knowing that I was close by but could only participate in a small corner of your life.

There was no way I could be the father I wanted to be; and there was no way I could be the kind of father you needed or wanted.

Circumstances beyond our control have driven a wedge between our lives, and between our love for each other.

By the time you made it into college and began to make it in the world, on your own, with lots of help from your mother and I, you seemed to want your independence much more than you wanted my love.

I tried talking to you about it many times, like we used to talk in the past; but you responded as though I was speaking a little known Martian dialect which had become extinct centuries before.

So all I could do was to be there for you when you decided you needed me, which grew from not very often to hardly ever to never.

And my little corner of your life began to shrink even smaller beyond my control; and the wedge was driven even deeper.

When you grew up and graduated from college and went to work in an area I knew you loved most of your life, I was oh so very proud of you, like the pride you can see shining in the eyes of a new father.

When you decided to get married to a man who seemed to treat you nicely and appeared to love you the way I knew you needed to be loved, I was oh so very proud of you, again.

But when you invited me to your wedding, and told me you did not want me to give you away, I felt the wedge between us being driven oh so very deeply, and the chasm became wider and deeper than the Grand Canyon.

I was hurt and I cried and I mourned for a relationship which could have been oh so very close, but which was driven apart by the circumstances of life.

My heart has grieved for many years now,

praying to my Lord that you are doing well,

praying to Him that He should love you as much as your father does,

praying that He would watch over you and protect you when I can not,

praying that He would lessen the hurt, which I still feel, with His love.


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






My mind is cluttered with thoughts not worthy of you, Lord.

My mind is overflowing with memories of things not done to your glory.

My mind is screaming with lists of things not yet done, and not really very important in the big picture of life.

My mind is undisciplined when it comes to worshiping you, my Lord.

Sometimes no matter how hard I try to push the noise out of my head, I wind up in stead completely unable to focus my thoughts on you

You are my reason for living, you are the author of my salvation, you are the glorious one who directs my faith into areas never before deemed possible,

and yet today I find myself unable to direct my mind toward pleasant thoughts of you.

Today the noise gets in the way of my worship and praise of you, Lord, but do not think for a moment that I love you any less because of it.

Do not think for a moment, Lord, that I am any less committed today, than yesterday, to keep you in charge of my life and liberty and free will.

Do not think for a moment, Lord, that you are to take second place in any part of my life.

But today I need you to reach out to me, to guide my heart through the clutter of my mind.

Today I need to find you battling the army of evil trying to come between us.

Today, as was the case yesterday, and as will be the case tomorrow, I need you to still the thoughts not pleasing to you,

to fill my heart with gratitude and my mind with silent memories of your glory in my life,

to fill me overflowing with the purity of your love.


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






Love in the city

Love in the suburbs,

Love not spoken of

in times of need.

Love delivered

without any greed.


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You work in ways, O Lord God Almighty, in ways I can not comprehend.

Your ways are as mysterious to me as the act of creation itself

I do not understand how life can spring forth from nothingness.

From a single act of love is a bouncing baby boy given life in your own image.

From a single act of love is your plan placed in motion.

From a single act of love will your hopes and your dreams be realized.

Millions of souls shall be touched and called to action.

Battle lines will be drawn in the sand, and a new era will unfold before your eyes.

Some will see and understand, and others will not.

Some will know what is happening, and others will not.

A few will be raised up for the occasion by God’s word spoken through him, and many others will run for the cover of darkness.

But I must confess that nothing shall remain as it was before.


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Speak to me Lord, guide me with your right hand.

I stand ready, at another junction in life’s road.

I could probably go either way and eventually get to where it is you want me to be.

One way might take a little longer than the other.

One way might cause me to endure more trials than the other.

One way just might cause me to learn more about you Lord, and therefore more about myself.

I could go straight ahead, and turn my consulting job into a full time one, even though you specifically told me not to do it.

For, after all, it is the first time in a very long time where the people treat me nicely, and many friendships flourish.

It would mean moving my family out of the Bay Area, to a better quality of life, something I have wanted for a very long time.

It would mean selling our house, and getting out of debt completely, buying another house with the accumulated equity.

It would mean going directly against your stated will for me, and no matter how great the opportunity on a worldly level, I can not do it.

My life is committed to obedience to you Lord

I could take a giant step backwards, and return to California, walking away from the possibility of a full time job.

Replacing it with the uncertainties of finding another consulting opportunity.

Putting my family in a position of jeopardy, not having any income for a while.

Would it be a short while?  Or would it be a long while?

Would it be tolerable?  Or would it be intolerable?

Would we be forced to sell our house because we could not make the necessary monthly payments?

Or would the Lord provide another consulting opportunity, as he promised he would do?

All I have to do is to stop meddling in areas I do not belong.

All I have to do is to be obedient to what he has said, and to what he has promised.

All I have to do is to let him work his miracles in my life, so that the glory will be his completely.

I could even try to take a step in a different direction, looking for another opportunity to do his work.

That would show him how serious I am about following his lead for my life.

Even if it means disregarding exactly what he has said to me.

Even if it means going directly against his will to do it.

But that does not make any sense either, so I guess I will have to stop trying to make opportunities happen for him.

I guess it is time to stop trying to implement God’s will for my life in my own way.

I guess the time has finally come to say:  “I give up Lord.  You work the miracles.  And I will enjoy the journey.”


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How do I know, Lord?

Can you tell me the correct way?

How do I know what it is you say in response to my many questions?

Do you talk so I can hear your voice within my cluttered mind,

or do I just find you guiding my thoughts?

Do you speak through your Word while I read it each day

or do you show me your way in visions during prayer?

How do I know, Lord, if you really care?


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I know you are speaking to me, Father.

I know you are trying to grab hold of my attention with your answers to my many questions.

I know you are speaking to me, Father;

but your voice is being drowned out by the noises of living all around me.

I try to shut them out long enough to listen;

so why is it I cannot discern your words, spoken oh so softly?


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All is for my love of thee, O Lord,

All is for my love of thee,

All else is vanity, O Lord,

All is for my love of thee.


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The ball of life is batted back and forth between he who lives and He who is.

The dog of my youth is tied up in the basement, unable to come after me, not barking, just waiting for the proper time.

The ball gets accidentally knocked down the stairs, bouncing to the bottom, out of the reach of the dog’s biting teeth.

He who is follows it down the stairs, retrieving the ball before the straining dog breaks his bonds to get it in his drooling mouth.

Three days later the ball is returned amidst the cheering crowd of onlookers, and the match continues.


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Part 2


written 2007 through 2008






my heart seeks after the shadow

of Your presence Father

i cannot bother

with the doings of this world

which overwhelms

and destroys

to them we are just toys

to be transformed

into objects of need

and greed and glory

a well worn story

but to You O Lord

i am the crowning glory

of Your creation

a world in constant anticipation

of You

You wrote Your story

in the flesh of my heart

setting me apart

for only You


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O Lord my God

i have displeased You

i have not been

absolutely true

to my promise

vowed obedience


but now i ask

for Your forgiveness

mercy grace and

Your loving kindness

and Your promise

of cleansed uncleanness


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O how great a gift i have been given
holiness and righteousness Yours alone
all transgression by my God forgiven
with repentance that demands i atone
incapable of living life Your way
understanding no other choice abound
no teacher prophet nor human repay
my debt collected with int’rest compound
forgiveness of God’s only Son avail
removing sin from precious soul’s account
abundant mercy grace and truth prevail
believing blood and resurrection count
       salvation election Your choice divine
       choosing life over death’s reward is mine


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little one my baby girl all grown up
flying off to college before the sun
raised on meat my Lord’s pleasant table sup
Your saving Word in heart on lips begun
temptation ever before focused eyes
teaching talking training her in Your way
a world around her lost in frantic cries
proud parents preparation for today
people’s disguises no longer hidden
seeing eyes penetrating to the truth
always straying from world’s fruit forbidden
desiring Your teaching learning from ruth
       God’s wisdom understanding world that flatters
       heaven’s heart desiring One who matters


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strong tower shelter from the enemy
hidden under wings that cover me
Your name standing above every other
even father mother sister brother
seeking Your face early in the morning
praying wanting crying Your will dawning
directing my feet along straightened path
any other direction brings forth Your wrath
obedience always Your heart’s desire
from which i neither shrink nor seem to tire
my heart’s commitment following Your lead
standing counted among abraham’s seed
       neither knowledge nor understanding prevails
       when faithfulness in Godly heart avails


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once i saw in all Your glory sitting
light’s illumination then emitting
a picture of the One and Only King
surrounded on Your throne by all who sing
today that image has faded to black
death’s dark demons mounting vicious attack
unable to see Your glory O Lord
only feel the weightiness of Your sword
my life now lived in anticipation
of seeing the author of creation
there comes a day when all Your truth’s revealed
my glorious Lord’s gift of heaven sealed
       in need of Your help patiently waiting
       hopeful confident anticipating


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new mornings entering into Your presence
drawing near bowing before Your essence
unable to see unable to hear
just knowing that my mighty God is near
new mornings calling on Your Holy name
drawing closer approaching Your bright flame
knowing sensing feeling You here today
sweeping my unrighteousness far away
new mornings shower dress drink my coffee
driving thinking adrift amidst a sea
working weekdays ‘til precious time complete
teaching Your word loving discussion’s heat
       Your work my comfort feeling passion’s love
       bills paid nerves frayed fam’ly taken care of


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






God stands calling in the front of the room
follow Me to escape the coming gloom
hear My truth learn My lessons know My word
no more standing in the midst of the herd
sun darkens moon’s crimson stars falling down
God’s wrath descends on iniquity’s clown
a life sown in self loathing importance
not even considering repentance
no remorse no mourning no humbleness
never seeing sin’s standard to confess
what a mess your selfish life has displayed
with God’s second chance how’d it be replayed
       ask for it in truth and sincerity
       maybe God will give you lucidity


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i wish you knew His goodness as i do
He alone represents all that is true
you follow after your own heart’s desire
unaware your soul’s headed for the fire
attending San Jose State for design
another woman in your bed supine
the world’s ways seep through cracks in the walls
fame and fortune standing at your door calls
which way do you go which way do you turn
following the path you’re on breeds concern
i feel it in your eyes and in your hug
life’s conquests reduced to a shoulder shrug
       do you choose to continue along your way
       or stop stand your ground spread your arms and pray


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






receive God’s word with your heart hearing
never to depart life lived with soul cheering
incline your ear to hear wisdom spoken
never to depart life lived with soul broken
cry after knowledge with your voice raised loud
always standing separate from the crowd
seek after Him and to Christ He will draw
always standing separate from the law
grasp God’s Spirit of understanding life
producing mercy justice free from strife
hear His discernment flowing from within
producing mercy justice free from sin
       fear of the Lord gives life enduring forever
       judgments of the Lord are true altogether


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






knocking at Your door i stand

heart held out in shaking hand

across the line in the sand

every morning my voice cries

bowels groaning quiet sighs

this old life never denies

You my Lord and King so grand

looking in i see Your throne

jeweled beauty never known

Your love’s passion in me grown

seeking help on my knee bent

my prayers with fragrance sent

worship always my intent

from this life living on loan

in Your presence drawing near

in You Lord i never fear

to Your voice i always hear

to Your words softly guiding

in my heart secret hiding

on wings of eagles riding

seeing knowing my eyes tear


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






place your foot upon the Rock

worry not about the clock

draw closer to His essence

keep your eyes on His presence

through the world in silence sift

quickly grabbing for His gift

‘cause you belong to His flock

your need for Him exceed all

each morning feeling so small

crying out for this or that

sounding like a little brat

need something easily done

just another little one

‘cause you belong in His call

cast your eyes upon His seat

ever sensing evil’s heat

wanting needing all His grace

shining brightly on your face

looking seeing He is there

healing broken heart laid bare

‘cause you belong at His feet


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






in the beginning God’s Word created
heaven and earth leapt into existence
night day dark and light were not debated
land trees and plants offered no resistance
sun moon and stars light the sky show the way
for the animals in sea air and earth
human beings created the sixth day
quickly rebelling need another birth
eve is deceived by slithering serpent
adam follows eating forbidden fruit
sin shouts to be caught needing to repent
covered with God’s promised salvation suit
       heaven’s battle begins the world’s decline
       forcing man to turn to the Lord divine


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






“eat from the tree and you shall surely die”
said God about His special knowledge tree
but the serpent’s subtle convincing lie
removed doubt for good and evil to see
the woman saw its fruit was good for food
desiring to be like God she did eat
she offered it and man too disobeyed
ignored God’s command and ate with deceit
the woman will want to be the husband
and the man must work and sweat to survive
creation winds down destroying the land
beginning life’s struggle to stay alive
       so the battle of life and death begins
       and only by faith God removes our sins


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






each brother attempts to do what was asked
thinking God most desires our first fruit
the true meaning of the request was masked
when obedience our only pursuit
shed blood alone the proper offering
yet does not cover intentional sin
cain presents his heart’s desire sighing
pushing against God’s perfect will to win
when confronted he rose up in pride
shedding instead his brother able’s blood
murder committed and nowhere to hide
the leaking puddle turned the ground to mud
       repentance not considered in his heart
       so God cast him out marked for death apart


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evil reigns upon the face of the earth
when sons of seth marry daughters of cain
God seeing man’s doings questioned their worth
and with sorrow in His heart brought on rain
but noah found grace in God’s searching eyes
a just man in all his generation
amidst violence corruption and lies
the end of flesh comes at His destruction
God’s covenant established with noah
eight souls saved from wrath against the wicked
ark’s foreshadowed promise to isaiah
of the One to come for His elected
       some of every kind marched into the ark
       emerging into the light from the dark


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patience ponders pending pleasures past due
Satan sending certain outcomes to flee
unable to touch those belonging true
empty worldly wantonness flowing free
desperate damsel demanding more time
fame and fortune grabbing ‘round soft sweet throat
shaken sullen soul giving her rhyme
spoken in conversation’s caustic gloat
deepening devotions drawing too close
success seething beneath silent surface
almost spoken laughingly too verbose
writhing willfully midst wisdom’s distress
       cannot complete your travels on road laid bare
       when His distractions made clear your despair


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God said to abram leave behind haran
and go to the land of promise shown you
in obedience a nation began
to bless all families with promises true
canaan’s land given to His unborn seed
the Holy One of promise yet to come
to Him Prophet of moses you will heed
and to His commandments you will succumb
abram stood before the Lord without heir
knowing one could not come through barren wife
yet seed’s promised number cannot compare
with uncounted stars of heaven so rife
       and so abram believed the Lord’s promise
       who added to his account righteousness


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ninety years have slipped silently away
each one lived as a child of avrahim
cannot technology show you the way
God’s gracious gift never what it would seem
friendship blossoms regardless of season
one wants a lasting legacy to leave
the other driven by deeper reason
a precious soul for my God to reprieve
cannot you hear truth quietly spoken
the words of God trumpeting loud and clear
the battle fought out of sight and hidden
when principalities of darkness near
       i know not what directs your heart today
       yet God’s in control no matter the way


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two sons born amidst the tumult of life
first ishmael to a young handmaiden
then isaac promised to a barren wife
through the ages always trouble laden
one wild and lacking moral rectitude
forever at odds with those around him
fighting against another multitude
relationship over time growing dim
the other in covenant of promise
with God requiring obedience
even at the brink of death’s door rejoice
mercy’s offer for future covenance
       isaac’s sacrifice Messiah portends
       upon whose blood salvation’s gift depends


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






does not Your Holy Spirit offer me
blessings beyond my imagination
relationship with God alive can be
filled with unforeseen anticipation
Your words spoken through Him quietly known
reminding me of promised provision
Your seeds of salvation silently sown
within my heart escaping detection
yet results abound all around me near
having more then needed for my journey
family friends all those i hold so dear
as i seek Your face clear on bended knee
       Your closeness Lord is all i desire
       prayer for which i will never tire


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






promises freely given to abram
so willing to follow You wherever
and then You changed his name to abraham
father of many nations forever
unnumbered multitude for promise given
at the time deuteronomy opens
following idol images driven
and separation grown silent deepens
promised land of canaan also received
at the end of joshua’s leadership
yet each did what was in his heart deceived
disobedience breaking fellowship
       Your seed of promise stands above all other
       Jesus Christ precious gift from our Father


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






does not eternity call out aloud
a melody so sweet within my ear
people standing all around in a crowd
Your spoken sound which they can never hear
temptation stands before me now knocking
a clever disguise to draw me away
remembered self confidence now blocking
as Your call recedes to another day
cannot You break through the strong barrier
with Your sweet sounding softly spoken word
new days arise within without waiver
seeking out again that which i once heard
       Your voice flows through green meadows to my mind
       leading me back to Your presence i find


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






father abraham a man of wisdom
faith earned first place within God’s history
tested by time his will to overcome
asked to offer isaac to God’s glory
following God to offer his own son
his only son ready for sacrifice
in obedience it was to be done
until replacement came a ram His price
shadows fall from long into the future
from a time when another Son offered
setting right past man’s fallen nature
who cannot follow His way not preferred
       covenant born in Him who does obey
       covering our sin for another day


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






desire stirs each day for You my Lord
old feelings back anew in Your power
narrow path never known to common hoard
who run at mention of Your strong tower
Your glory cannot easily be shown
even to those who call upon Your name
no matter how great expectation grown
sin and transgression only You can tame
mercy grace longsuffering Your true gift
for all who believe the work of the cross
humble contrite mourning soul You will lift
for all who receive forgiveness and loss
       abundant in goodness and truth are You
       justice repaying accordingly due


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






within Your will i will walk each day saying
to You belongs glory honor and praise
to You Abba in heaven now praying
supplication and thanksgiving i raise
fool’s hearts believe boldly You exist not
seeing nothing pointing them otherwise
missing faith’s precious gift what have they got
but a lonely life lived as heart’s devise
diligence fills me seeking every day
knowledge completely knowing my reward
faith growing within me always to stay
heaven’s protection forever out poured
       boldness pursues Your door loudly knocking
       escaping from a world coldly mocking


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leaving the temple You are clearly seen
even solomon cannot contain tears
captivity snares every single teen
babylon’s hostages seventy years
on the mount of olives You stand weeping
for a nation not able to obey
Your Holy Place covered with vines creeping
when destruction comes that fateful day
discourse boldly describing future event
the end will arrive with violence felt
believer nor jew could never prevent
one flees and the other disaster dealt
       promises made of an end as received
       salvation poured out on those who believed


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






love overflows unseen with conviction
faith’s fragrant realization not denied
sacrifice offered for Your inspection
amidst the world’s darkest evils decried
cannot anyone appease Your justice
when surrounded by those who disobey
sacrificial blood the common practice
for sin’s pernicious debt we must repay
faith demands we walk within Your presence
an honor born believing You exist
however none could approach Your essence
unless seeking You daily we persist
       by faith we follow wherever You lead
       knowing the rewarder of those who heed


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






which way O Lord do i turn for relief
when nothing i do seems to be correct
going this way brings overwhelming grief
when action demands it’s You i reject
how can i turn my back on You my Lord
when kindness and provision are given
i could turn to inaction and be bored
waiting for You O Lord until heaven
watching resources dwindle to nothing
as i wait for You to make my way clear
listening for words that tell me something
words of many waters i cannot hear
       waiting upon You for which way to go
       knowing that in You it is faith i show


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






predestination’s battle rages on
while day’s length is pounded on an anvil
discussions of darwin never far gone
amidst people’s politics of evil
salvation’s followers argue one’s loss
and how can one chosen choose his own fate
goodness just hidden among refined dross
and politeness a veneer over hate
God’s prosperity preaching fiercely fought
while faith’s unwanted outcome hidden in darkness
people’s expectations of wealth from naught
driving passion for living out cruelness
       arguments rage over nits on a pin
       while perishing people die in their sin


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no one O Lord can understand Your ways
no matter how long we have studied You
we can live life looking our many days
and never know a single answer true
how then Lord can anyone ever know
Your justice and mercy tempered by love
and yet the backdrop of life’s awesome show
contains miracles never spoken of
how then O Lord has a world not believed
the only true and living God revealed
while man follows a heart of sin conceived
hidden in darkness and always concealed
       You are a God beyond understanding
       with love and obedience demanding


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






You light my way O Lord so i might see
the path before me once dark and hidden
now from evil’s treachery i can flee
following along life’s path now bidden
looking back i can see how You did lead
devastation’s draw to the left and right
walking up the middle it’s You i heed
directing my steps even in the night
looking forward i cannot see the way
only enough light for a short distance
placing each foot only after i pray
following Your path without resistance
       Your Word illuminates understanding
       knowing obedience You’re demanding


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






Your faithfulness is life’s only given
provided when needed without asking
protection and provision from heaven
my Lord’s love and mercy now unmasking
honor and glory offered in return
whenever opportune times will allow
no longer living on my own to learn
as i approach on bended knee to bow
worshiping gratefully at my Lord’s feet
singing heartfelt songs of Your victory
drawn in close to Your radiant light’s heat
as You bring to an end all history
       always faithful from beginning to end
       interceding each time i need a friend


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






i write many wonderful heartfelt words
to the steadfast guardian of my soul
Your flowing fountain filling many voids
surrendering all that i am my goal
clear visions exploding in heart and mind
so i may know better the One i serve
freely following You one step behind
never once allowing me to loose nerve
pictures painted with words portray my love
for my Lord my savior and protector
heaven’s images what i’m thinking of
bowing low in honor of my Savior
       will not eternity’s outcome display
       victorious battles pointing the way


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






teach me O my Lord thy marvelous ways
and i will know to follow right from wrong
teach me thy commandments all of my days
so that i may know to whom i belong
teach me to see justice in thy judgments
and i will better know thy righteousness
teach me unfailing love for thy remnants
in accordance with all thy holiness
teach me to follow wherever thy lead
so that i may remain within thy light
teach me honor and praise in all i plead
so i may fervently pray day and night
       teach me what it means to be one of Yours
       prepare me to fight in thine unseen wars


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






desperately wicked the human heart
and deceitful above human measure
according to works are we set apart
not mine but God’s who grants us His treasure
a circumcised heart is God’s desire
for any to be considered a jew
His fury comes forth in consuming fire
unquenchable ‘til stony heart made new
burnt offerings no linger required
covering my unintentional sin
humbleness and contrition desired
as well as a repentant heart within
       my heart given before earth’s foundation
       a gift of God prior to creation


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






my heart O Lord desires only You
awakening each morning to dawning light
cannot i for closeness learn to pursue
my master true who teaches only right
my heart’s love for You encompasses all
freely flowing forth from within unknown
loving You with all my heart my Lord’s call
God’s great gift given for glory alone
my heart sings silent songs of loving praise
to You who lifts my spirit high above
do not i want to follow all my days
as a child pleases a parent they love
       to You alone belongs my heart and soul
       set apart for You Lord each day my goal


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






promises pound against a sea of doubt
trying to push away darkness within
feeling Your love and hearing Your voice shout
in a moment my soul begins to grin
new morning’s bright sun shines down upon me
Your radiance filling overflowing
when i look up it is Your love i see
coming from within my soul now glowing
by day’s end the evidence has faded
of Your presence such a short time ago
beaten by a world in which i’m graded
and measured according to those i know
       You are the one and only begotten
       and by Your love i am not forgotten


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






desire overwhelms me overflowing
knowing it is You who i want to serve
love fills me full from within now growing
sowing mercy’s seed never to deserve
compassion freely placed within my heart
apart from my natural selfishness
service to fellow humans more life’s art
depart will i toward my Lord’s righteousness
faith found seeping into my soul within
grin upon my face knowing it’s from You
obedience my goal to combat sin
in my heart to approach the light anew
       it is You my Lord true who i follow
       knowing gift given removes all sorrow


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






i see You in all Your glory sitting
high up above creation’s broad expanse
light for living Your presence emitting
knowing my adoption was not by chance
You knew me before the world’s beginning
before anything that was made was made
You gave me life capable of sinning
and covered me forever my debt paid
Your hair like white wool and bright eyes glowing
penetrating into my heart and mind
every feeling and thought You are knowing
Your gift of mercy in my life i find
       worshiping at Your feet my dear Father
       it is You i serve and not another


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






gratitude growing from the depths above
seeping flowing moving within my being
filling overflowing my gift of love
from my everlasting Father seeing
kindness from my Savior God now appeared
washing renewing cleansing every day
from before foundation’s feet my heart feared
in reverence and awe apart to stay
abundant mercy provided freely
bleeding covering ev’ry single sin
finding faith justifying truly
creating hope eternal from within
       Father Savior God upon golden throne
       upholding forever the one You’ve known


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






i know not what lies before me creeping
compassion seeping away in darkness
see not eternity’s clown now weeping
aggressive world steeped in dying starkness
evil’s treasure hidden behind each scene
pulling puppet’s dangling strings with gladness
pleasant politeness masking hearts so mean
suddenly exposing silent madness
glimpses of future desolation seen
hidden abominations standing near
devastation moving closer to glean
unknowing recipients cannot fear
       wars and rumors of wars continue still
       impelling t’ward completion of Your will


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






my life lived O Lord is for Your glory
and nothing i can do can change that fact
days unfolding pages of Your story
written upon a heart of flesh to act
people enter and exit life’s highway
so silent glimpses might be seen anew
quickly fading contacts can always sway
a soul to reoccurring thoughts of You
words simply spoken comfort another
penetrating through the mind to the heart
flower buds blossom converting brother
fellowship with God never to depart
       Your glory always present in my mind
       sharing silent glimpses with those You find


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






i could sing You songs of praise forever
passion poured out from humble heart within
words of existence on balanced lever
O so clever to silence evil’s din
hear not those wailing cries from the darkness
penetrating ears that can never hear
see not starry skies through heaven’s brightness
protecting eyes that see the One so dear
i could sing my songs of love all day long
worship offered to kinsman redeemer
simple heartfelt words floating on a song
words of future glory from a dreamer
       a world cries my Savior dies all for love
       my words ring true for You i’m speaking of


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






You spoke of things few could understand
secret mysteries ‘til Your Son revealed
how many followed to the promised land
standing in faith forever Spirit sealed
Your kingdom can never be seen with eyes
nor entered without an invitation
one can sit down and hear the weeping cries
by those locked out of glory’s salvation
treasure hidden within the seeds to grow
a fisher’s net cast out to catch Your own
redemption’s prize offered to those You sow
from creation’s beginning they are known
       Your kingdom belonging to all You choose
       never to imagine any to loose


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






there is nowhere to go to escape You
when obedience is not desired
imagination creates something new
yet false lies make me so very tired
deception can only be self-serving
pointing me toward my own destruction
absent direct connection to deserving
as partaker of Your resurrection
why cannot i simply stand on my Lord
whose presence remains firmly fixed in place
is it not i who wanders when i’m bored
returning only because of Your grace
       Your promised acceptance is always true
       when wandering heart returns back to You


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






You are infinite and never changing
a loving standard a beacon to see
wisdom divine my life rearranging
guiding directing leading only me
although it cannot be explained so clear
why You find me worthy of such great love
my heart longs for the One i hold so dear
and in my mind it’s You i’m thinking of
love’s bond draws me near every single day
close to the bright flame of all creation
i see You sitting on Your throne and say
change not ever my heart’s great elation
       my soul sings love’s sweet sounding songs for You
       my Savior my God my Friend only true


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






simple sounding words are never spoken
when describing people’s great beginning
simple thinking attacked kicked and broken
by those unable to resist sinning
grinning when they fabricate the story
of how human beings evolved from apes
simply ignoring my God’s great glory
of creation hidden behind dark drapes
a bird flies a child cries a man dies
all to show a Creator in control
miracles denied by skeptics with sighs
political correctness on patrol
       all creation speaks softly about You
       the only One who makes it ever true


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






i know not what transpires each morning
creation groaning for Your quick return
science and logic explain the dawning
sunshine spreading light for me to discern
each day surely bringing new beginning
another chance of doing what is right
to walk accordingly without sinning
remaining at the center of Your light
each morning brings me closer to my goal
closer to the One my heart desires
closer to You who owns my precious soul
and gives me grace for all that transpires
       mornings find me seeking after Your face
       longing to soon meet the Author of grace


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






human passions grow high over Your word
as anger rises close to the surface
we study and listen to what we’ve heard
praying only to obey our purpose
am i wrong am i right what do i know
what will prove i am studied and approved
reading learning teaching all You did show
passing on only Your truth unreproved
election salvation a mystery
each pointing in different directions
a soul is chosen before history
and a soul can also make selections
       You are Author of truth written by men
       and we study to know what You meant when


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






how O Lord is it possible to know
Your word’s true meaning in Holy Scriptures
studying a little each day to grow
from hidden truth secreted in pictures
does not one understand Your word spoken
through holy men of God so faithfully
waiting patiently humble and broken
for direction of their minds prayerfully
cannot one see Your story unfolding
from before the beginning of it all
because of sin it is You upholding
Your precious moral standard from the fall
       desire darkens every human heart
       knowledge of Your word will set us apart


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






i cry to You O Lord each morning
my heart searching to meet You face to face
within me is my simple soul longing
as desperation overwhelms without trace
Your presence sought after in my actions
knowing You must be the One in control
yet finding disaster my attractions
and foot-in-mouth the price paid for the toll
i know You hear me clearly crying out
words of passion floating up to Your ears
yet again having not a single doubt
seeing You O so clearly through my tears
       every day seeking drawing near to You
       the Lord of all Creation ever true


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






does not eternity’s dawning cry out
each morning the Son shining righteousness
my soul awakening with a loud shout
seeing shadows of Your Son’s true brightness
exhortations of love spoken clearly
approaching golden throne with reverence
surrendering soul beholding dearly
my living Gods unrelenting patience
gratitude overflows my soul given
from my God first offering His true love
yet finding heart and mind filled and driven
to the only One i am thinking of
       the end of all creation drawing near
       Your love and patience O so very dear


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






destiny’s dark disciples in control
of a people who willingly follow
the devil’s daemons always on patrol
seeking souls that are empty and hollow
protection provided without request
to those who believe in God’s only Son
He entered our world to offer His best
death was conquered and the battle was won
victory belongs to all who believe
that God died and rose again for my sin
overcoming he who wants to deceive
with power from my living God to win
       the devil seeks all he wants to devour
       yet God steps in at His appointed hour


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






remember when i did not know the way
and simply read about it in Your book
i did not know where to go or what to say
and not even where on earth i could look
why was it You took me under Your wing
and taught me what it was You really meant
You showed me how to You people would sing
and how by You Your messengers were sent
You gave me wisdom for living each day
and discernment so i could do what’s right
You gave me knowledge of forces in play
and understanding of Your shining light
       nothing has been done by me to deserve
       Your precious gifts to one who wants to serve


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






praise the Lord all you who honor His name
sing Him sweet songs of worship from your heart
knowledge of His terrible works His fame
and justice and wrath what sets Him apart
give to the Lord all glory to Him due
sing Him songs of honor on bended knee
after Him alone are you to pursue
and from the evil one are you to flee
look all around to see creation’s truth
heavens above declaring His glory
the evidence has been seen from your youth
how then can it be denied when hoary
       marvelous are Your works O Lord to me
       awestruck by it all when i look to see


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






You entered jerusalem on sunday
bless’d coming in the Lord of Glory’s name
palm branches placed before You on the way
hosanna in the highest Your true claim
You entered and cleansed Your Father’s temple
fulfilling promises from long ago
words of salvation came with Your gospel
so that those who could hear would truly know
You spoke of coming total destruction
of all things that israel held so dear
promising a coming resurrection
that would evidence Your kingdom so clear
       You came to live and die and live again
       so that with You we could live love’s refrain


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






i live at Your pleasure bringing glory
to the One who created everything
writing words to tell a simple story
of my God’s love resting under His wing
You clearly knew me from before my birth
and taught me about You when very young
seeing scripture’s stories for all their worth
passing on only what’s written and sung
You are in my thoughts every single day
and through my heart Your love flows to others
knowledge of Your word’s meaning what i say
offering Your wisdom to my brothers
       i am Your bondservant doing Your will
       keeping my eyes only on Zion’s hill


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






wherein do You dwell that i cannot see
regardless of how carefully i look
i know that Your Spirit dwells within me
and knowledge of You is found in Your book
where hides Your face that i might find You
while seeking after You every morning
i know right well Your presence fills me true
and Your words provide a simple warning
how then can i know You really exist
when my eyes see not and my ears hear not
yet i know if only i could persist
until my life’s end wherein lies my lot
       then i would see Your face in all glory
       at last knowing the end of the story


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






was it possible Lord You did not know
just how many days You would be buried
how many nights are required to show
the sign of jonah could not be tarried
three days and three nights did death require
to prove the truth of Your words as spoken
paying the price for sin Your desire
the bonds of disobedience broken
rising from the grave that beautiful morn
appearing in newness of life to Yours
walking on the road with them by dawn
entering their presence unstopped by doors
       O death where is the power of your sting
       victory alone belongs to my King


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






the power of God unto salvation
for everyone who believes the gospel
jew and gentile regardless of nation
for every tribe and kindred and people
the righteousness of God revealed by faith
of Jesus Christ unto all who believe
judging ungodliness with heaven’s wrath
against all sin for which my God will grieve
the knowledge of God is unsearchable
and we are beyond finding out His ways
yet His qualities seen by the humble
are manifest and true all of our days
       the invisible things of God are seen
       clearly revealed to all those who glean


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






You do bless me beyond my wildest dreams
providing all my needs for life’s living
showing me nothing is as it seems
in this high tech world of human striving
all those who are Yours alone see clearly
the hand of the Lord in our simple life
and cherish all that You do so dearly
allowing us each to live without strife
Your mystery of peace freely given
is unknown to all Yours who do receive
and yet it is a gift straight from heaven
to all Your cherished ones who do believe
       the ways of the Lord i can clearly see
       when Your righteous hand guides and directs me


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






how long O Lord provider must i wait
for life’s ongoing trials to subside
it seems they have only strengthened of late
taking me on an emotional ride
i look to You Lord for daily guidance
on all choices needing my decision
willingly deferring to Your presence
before considering the conclusion
experiential knowledge grows true trust
with heart’s desire teaching me Your way
knowing obedience to You a must
in order to draw close to You each day
       i stand firmly facing Your glowing throne
       worship and supplication Yours alone


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






merciful God of glory O so great
my love abounds beyond comparison
looking forward knowing i cannot wait
until i can see the face of Your Son
Your grace and mercy showered upon me
every new day amidst the world’s antics
exposing all unrighteousness to see
every claim portrayed by godless tactics
Your longsuffering cries out every day
knowing good and evil do coexist
forever goodness and truth show Your way
ensuring Your outcome only persist
       Your light brightly shines on all who follow
       and uphold Your name revered and hallow


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






is it racism or just racial pride
driving all the different groups to speak
how can one just standing by on the side
know who represents the humble and weak
inflamed rhetoric the standard today
using emotion to rally support
cannot you see we are loosing our way
integrity suffers common retort
wherever can i find my God’s reply
for setting eternity’s record straight
when can i hear the popular decry
against all who use evil to debate
       self-righteous offenders grand stand and preach
       always accusing others of hate speech


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






who can say why love will last forever
two hearts beating together as one flesh
every day you see my passion’s fever
entangled with you in life’s simple mesh
banal days march by in endless parade
two hearts singing sweet songs of love’s caring
never lost in meaningless motions made
without compassion offered with daring
you never cease to put my welfare first
even with more important things on your mind
each heart seeking the other in love’s thirst
never departing from what God designed
       each choosing to live together for life
       honoring the Lord as husband and wife


Copyright © 2008 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.









Part 3


written 2008 through 2014






O how i love you
let me tell you some of the ways
i love how you laugh at my stupid little jokes
and when you look at me as if i were really someone special
i love how not one day goes by that you do not put me first
and when i look at you i see the beauty of your soul
i love how when i touch you electricity sets my nerve ends dancing
and when i hold you in my arms we can never quite get close enough
i love how you have learned to put up with my Jewish craziness
and when your Irish determination keeps you solid as a rock
i love how each year i love you more than the last
and when i still desire to sit and talk with you for hours
i love how i could never want life lived any other way
and when i close the door to the world we are all that we ever need
i love you in more ways than mere words could ever express
and when i try i still stumble and bumble like a smitten teenager
i love how thirty years have flown by so fast
and when i cannot remember a time when i have not loved you
i love most of all how God has knit our hearts and souls together
forever creating harmony in one from two so very different






i cannot see you with my eyes
but i know you are close enough to hear my cries
desire driving me to that quickly coming day
when there will be nothing more i could say
to the One to whom my soul belongs
no more softly singing songs
no more reading written words
no more seeing human herds
stumbling through life looking for answers
to all those questions that should never be asked

then i will get to see You O Lord with open eyes
and finally be able to say thank you face to face
for all that You have done to love me
and keep me Your very own
up until the end of time
eternally sublime






cannot one day’s desire ever tire
of distant decades shamefully remembered
of a time traversed without You
yet now reversed to forward facing motion
a magnanimous correction carried out
amidst a silent shout from within my soul’s deepest depth

cannot a fondly found friendship change
more than rearrange a life
one ravaged rife with overwhelming sin
cause change swelling up from within
overpowering the devil’s din to win one soul
teetering tenuously on the brink of destruction
with divinely destined construction
opened for intense inspection

cannot destiny’s dangerous desire
ever tire or even retire
from the devil’s destination for souls
the time is secretly coming
to every harrowing home standing alone
of love lavishly grown by a master gardener
planting precious seeds
in the hearts of His own
forever sown in glory






there was a time
i remember it all too well
when i was not like everyone else
when i heard not silence
in answer to our discussions
when i felt not emptiness
to a presence only memory sees

how long O Lord
how long must i wait
till a time when forgiveness will overtake
for the most horrific mistake
in a life littered with many

how long will You keep silent
and stand far off
just because i was foolish enough
to want to be like everyone else
understanding not the specialness
of a gracious gift given from childhood
now only vaguely remembered
and fiercely sought after
all the days of my life

O that You would return the gift
that i would be not like everyone else
ever again






every moment
my beating heart meditates not upon You
breeds distress within my soul

a cauldron
of old insignificant laments of life
looming all around
tossing me aground
a rat drowned in a sea of human expectations

and yet
my love for You is always there
so easily plucked out of the air
a remedy for despair
if only i would try
to focus my mind’s eye upon You

my redeemer my rock my Lord
lover of my soul
my shield my sword






early mornings are a special time of day
when sleep recedes
and awareness is not filtered
by conscious defenses

there you are
not quite visible
on the periphery of my senses
just out of reach
just far enough
that i spend the whole rest of the day
seeking to get Your face into focus

searching for You
in the land of the living
giving meaning to my life
as i look for Your goodness
in every face i encounter during the day
just waiting to say “there You are”

but alas
it is not possible to know
how far i need to go
till i can seek Your face
and find You

Your face is elusive
from my conscious mind
and yet i find Your presence unmistakable
and Your love uncomprehendible
and Your mind unsearchable
as You grasp me tightly in Your hand
and never let me go






why saith thou there is no living God
and goeth about thy day pretending
narcissism never altogether odd
when indulging desire unbending
why saith thou there is no longing love
and selfless giving outdated design
arrogance an obvious well worn glove
understanding only all that is thine
why saith thou there is no compassion
staring solemnly out of a dead face
ego’s rationale masks comprehension
while allowing neither mercy nor grace
       how canst not thou see God’s peaceful solace
       compassed round about with perfect justice






praise the Lord all ye calling upon His name
and seek His face early in the morning
He provides His saints with eternal fame
when fortunes counted at final dawning
praise the Lord calling upon Him loudly
lift up thy hands to Him only who saves
sing thou songs of love and truth most gladly
when faith’s atoning work destroys death’s graves
praise the Lord with sincerity of heart
and acknowledge Him as the one true God
He alone longsuffering set apart
showing only goodness without the rod
       His truth and justice never in fashion
       love the Lord with all consuming passion






why seest thou not His truth before thee
and goest about thy day in darkness
error entangles His simple decree
of showing not thy brother His starkness
why seest thou not how firmly to stand
and cower behind thy incorrect speech
pernicious behavior forever grand
when desolation’s promise fills the breach
why seest thou not evil all around
and applaud Ishmael in uprising
the pursuit of happiness run aground
when liberal response not surprising
       His gifts squandered in rational debates
       freedom falters when good procrastinates






cannot my soul pursue You in gladness
leveling high mountains to overcome
seeking ever only for Your goodness
when actions taken together in sum
have not You required humility
as my best behavior seen by others
love’s compassion a timeless quality
giving comfort and aid to my brothers
are not You exalted high above all
in a life seeking only Your glory
daily honor and praise to You stand tall
in the center of telling my story
       protection present clearly do i find
       before me ever even from behind






newscasters conceal daily oppression
spewing out false fairness at every chance
never speaking to rampant recession
when captivated by deceit’s dark glance
telling lies about taxes never raised
and how much better off we are today
simple stories of politicians praised
for leading suffering masses astray
media’s message maters to our health
left leaning words filled with iniquity
shattered lives living drained of all their wealth
as vassals trodden from antiquity
       death served up with government’s subtle lies
       life given only when God hears our cries






You alone are ever only before my eyes

listening to my cries and sighs day and night

You alone are ever only compassed round about

removing every doubt that comes to mind

You alone are ever only the One i find

loving unconditionally

without exception

with a special kind of compassion

You alone are ever only near in every season

the only reason here being that You Are

You alone are ever only never far away

standing without sway just beyond focused vision

You alone are ever only the One without derision

offering daily provision for living life

You alone are ever only the remover of strife

cutting it away with a surgeon’s knife

cutting away all that honors not the One who Is

You alone are ever only the One to whom all glory is due

the only One i do pursue

with heart and mind and soul

You alone are ever only the strength of one growing old

never sold out for fame and fortune

always the singular goal of life lived for You

You alone are ever only wholly in tune with Your creation

knowing the elation of those who follow only You

what more can anyone do

You alone are ever only holy and righteous and just

giving gracious gifts to those who trust only in You

what more can anyone do

You alone are ever only the One true God

Your name ever only stands forever

eternal protection ever only for all who bow at Your feet

how sweet the end






Egypt once prominent when Pharaohs reigned
monuments erect in eloquent praise
designs on honor eternally gained
when history recalls her special days
modern rulers only earning disdain
with Chicago tactics of corruption
power’s prominence never to remain
when chanting angry mobs cause disruption
military generals take control
till democratic elections upheld
alert soldiers with vigilance patrol
as every uprising is quickly quelled
       old things abolished in favor of new
       hope stands sentry knowing not what to do






destruction stands silently at the door
wanting ways to secretly gain entrance
dogmatism fights for that we do abhor
while martyrs kill all without repentance
lawmakers ignore the people’s crying
for tightening control over borders
politicians continue denying
the existence of evil marauders
military preparations occur
for battles to be fought around the globe
ignorance causes them not to deter
every chance the enemy has to probe
       perfunctory measures hold back the flood
       till destiny comes for infidel’s blood






can spending simply ever decrease debt
building over many generations
ignorant logic the reason to fret
when giving bailouts and reparations
presidential budget beyond excess
by comparison to any other
selfish ambition progeny’s distress
inflamed by payoffs to friend and brother
entitlements amass the lion’s share
of gratuities liberals dole out
provocative actions a double dare
against conservative’s minuscule clout
       beaten masses abhor any uprising
       anger’s reprise may dictate revising






founding generation’s history lost
amidst years of public education
constitutional clarity the cost
of debase progressive prostitution
Adams and Jefferson never agree
when giving reasons for the nation’s birth
dueling desperados split sov’reignty
grabbing fiercely for power’s greater worth
calumny’s destruction the final goal
hidden beneath civility’s veneer
unbalanced societal scales the toll
when mobilizing emotional fear
       Obama father of hypocrisy
       trying to dismantle democracy






enter Obama Pelosi and Reid
evil destroyers of democracy
leading liberals loving only greed
with their double minded duplicity
twenty six governors fighting for life
liberty and pursuit of happiness
erecting obstacles with pen and knife
to dismantle corruption’s craftiness
serious battle lines carefully drawn
over guns healthcare and immigration
gauntlet taken up defending the dawn
of dwindling government provocation
       caped crusaders deftly defying all
       fear nothing but failure before the fall






a birthplace remains inconsequential
an interesting footnote to living
until ill-gotten gain proves substantial
and all consuming power a craving
rapacious desire shackles the heart
Presidential office the final prize
great fantasies of knowledge to impart
influence peddling bedfellow’s reprise
constitutional crisis looming large
over legal standing of our leader
outspoken conservatives sound the charge
to enlighten every Kool-Aid drinker
       Supremes agree to another hearing
       can rule of law’s demise conquer fearing






public sector unions think themselves due
every pernicious thought within their heart
cravings of malice and greed to pursue
defiant actions setting them apart
upon the back of every taxpayer
their burden is laid for generations
rapacious envy their true destroyer
selfish desire their inspirations
oppressive opposition a talent
making every dictator envious
intimidation their foremost intent
motivations ever so devious
       Saul Alinsky singing songs of their praise
       struggling masses seek their end of days






i call attention to understanding
many essential truths of power’s goal
ongoing expectations her demanding
when starring down a trusting helpless soul
prestige and esteem her requirement
an opening payment for admission
special gratuities her excitement
when standing in honored recognition
most favored treatment her needed respect
commensurate with advantaged elite
fame and fortune her delighted subject
fearing the coming day when obsolete
       power’s obsession can never turn back
       even when a conscience mounts an attack






i sing you songs of sweetness from my heart
never failing passionate praise to show
life’s circumstances keep us not apart
when destiny has but grace to bestow
beauty’s halo dances about your face
as sparkles twinkle glimmering to glow
passion’s aligned polarities in place
magnetic forces pushing us to go
many wonderful years of looking back
with multicolored happenings in tow
unseen actions conspired with a knack
to pull us in directions that we know
       thirty-one years cannot consider odd
       multifaceted marriage gifts from God






security stands guard within her walls
when protection paramount for defense
captivating children my heart enthralls
clowning around in perfect innocence
cannot you see their curiosity
silently following fantasy’s shores
stories gobbled up with intensity
actor’s pretense lurking behind closed doors
spend time within her corridors gleaming
see how lasting love lingers present there
laughing crying rejoice never dreaming
four lives entwined amidst walls never bare
       simple pleasures accumulated years
       earnestly looking back overflows tears






teetering governments pushed to the fore
enraged zealots for freedom clamoring
violent unrest driving civil war
hatred beguiles religious reasoning
wherever ends contemptible madness
cannot any see posterity’s light
mother’s sons in suicidal sadness
understanding not evil forces fight
sympathy saunters silently far behind
pushing misery’s agenda headlong
calamity confronts all of mankind
whenever terror excites to belong
       approaching turmoil surging silently
       death’s destruction coming violently






we know neither time nor coming hour
when the last grain of sand falls far below
destiny’s delight coming in power
to gather together all those who know
you may stand uncommitted to the end
knowing not the winning side in the fight
broken reeds in the wind could never bend
when blinded eyes insensitive to light
see not the obvious standing about
in sun and moon and stars the story told
pay close attention to remove all doubt
to see the living King from times of old
       time will come when you see Him face to face
       will you stand in His honor or disgrace






a poignant player standing center stage
with cherubic face of intelligence
pushing himself on founding father’s page
to escape from lifelong irrelevance
eager participant in all debates
about life liberty and happiness
behind the scene fighting foreign ingrates
as champion of war’s wooden fortress
statesman ambassador and president
independent nature fosters success
as federal city’s first resident
the target of political distress
       above all standing with integrity
       fighting freedom’s call for posterity






his words resound to all generations
declaring our nation’s independence
driven by personal expectations
to fight against federal prominence
partisan politics’ foremost father
when ensuring success with all calumny
state sovereignty’s solid bellwether
depicting deceit’s hidden treachery
consummate consumer always buying
financial debt following to the grave
never truthful and always denying
and for country indifference deprave
       history’s greatness elevates him tall
       following his example brings our fall






natural disaster never warning
unsuspecting souls going about life
awake to see devastation dawning
amidst harrowing hales of sorrow’s strife
catastrophe shaking earth’s foundation
industrial cities swallowed up whole
too many searching in desperation
to find every tsunami ravaged soul
horrified faces in disbelief stare
colossal destruction litters meadows
women and children in fog of despair
aimlessly walking in silent shadows
       today’s emptiness seems never ending
       destiny’s road travels always bending






you taught me going in and going out
all goodness of the living God above
sitting and watching you praying devout
listening to your stories of His love
you walked with me many early mornings
the seashore’s mighty roar within our ears
life for me beginning early dawnings
and yours slipping silently on my tears
your gentle smile lingers in memory
and softly spoken Yiddish lifts my heart
age never lessened our simple story
a grandfather’s love can never depart
       you would be proud of the man i became
       your love within me still growing the same






there is a place where safety sits silently
and little boys look up to their mother
hidden wars surprise so violently
unexpected times there is no other
simple truth never was the right answer
whenever demons invade your heart
never knowing always under cover
until the time of terror would depart
apologies never in all your years
another’s gentle words what was needed
pride your only standard for all life’s fears
selfishness all that you ever heeded
       a mother’s love life’s living advantage
       yours left behind emptiness and carnage






honeysuckle and jasmine in the air
follows a little boy from long ago
seldom times were you ever really there
to comfort a son you never did know
often baseball would bring us together
could any hit your slider dancing by
or your knuckleball light as a feather
wherever did all those teenage years fly
adulthood brought another direction
when independent natures go their way
you thought my behavior insurrection
what debts accrued did i never repay
       a father’s love life’s building character
       yours hidden behind tragedy’s actor






my soul’s forever father stands ready
to direct my steps each time requested
safety never far away quite heady
knowing you’re always with me invested
your demands never very difficult
only to love you with all of my heart
always present when waned for consult
with obedience you’ll never depart
ever ready to provide for your own
food shelter and basic necessities
stories of all you do are seeds sown
as followers tell their testimonies
       perfect righteousness of your love giving
       covered by your blood for blameless living






chicken little a favorite story
teaching children reality’s reason
she ran around forgetting history
ignoring what occur’d in due season
can you see similarities today
between that sad hysterical chicken
and politicians ever in dismay
when disaster casts life away stricken
can you hear Alinsky speak in their ears
telling how to seize hold of the moment
so all use could be made of people’s fears
to push them without hope to the pavement
       when life is driven by contradictions
       the left always responds with restrictions






Obama community activist
abusing every crisis to pass by
actions speak of being a communist
ruling class elite never to decry
does certainty tell of his country born
how many with stimulus dollars paid
where sits compassion when Japan’s been torn
can leadership rally boldly to aid

financial problems collected like gold while stability can never be bought
our children’s security has been sold
with monumental debt higher than ought
       economic discernment his life’s bane
       and position upon world stage inane






where did the antiwar activists go
when Libya target of our forces
missiles and bombs raining down not for show
but covering for rebel resources
wherefore does Obama get a free pass
without any peacenik demonstrations
are they all back at Woodstock smoking grass
or chasing after love’s excitations
what’s their expectations for war and peace
and why wasn’t congress notified first
who are these rebels getting a new lease
are we then again rescuing the worst
       world coalition again together
       what blowing breeze behind stormy weather






middle eastern violence stands calling
while huddles masses cry loudly for aid
jihadist behavior most appalling
as religion’s leaders head the crusade
real battles brewing beneath the surface
when what appears is freedom’s rally cry
truth paints another picture of disgrace
when world anarchy safety to decry
what role remains for those of righteousness
knowing providential causality
overcoming against such evilness
ensconced within heaven’s reality
       destiny’s dark demons taking control
       destruction’s desolation on patrol






life’s ever winding road quickly speeds by
never meandering for your pleasure
twists and turns have you sometimes asking why
always searching for life’s hidden measure
know you not the secret to life’s meaning
with all her uncertainties provided
nibble carefully life’s edges gleaning
while watching all her outcomes decided
when enters sanity snapping you back
to reality’s sweet summer season
caution quickly recedes facing attack
from liberal ideal without reason
       make your stand for rational behavior
       government spending never your savior






wherewith before my Lord God shall i come
before the most high God myself to bow
shall i bring burnt offerings for ransom
with year old calves for transgressions avow
with thousands of rams will my Lord be pleased
or with ten thousands of rivers of oil
with my first-born for transgressions appeased
fruit of my body for my soul’s sin spoil
He has showed thee O man that which is good
what then requires the Lord God of thee
to do justly to love mercy thou should
and forever walk with thy God humbly
       mercy not sacrifice His desiring
       knowledge of God more than burnt offering






debt’s deception

debt’s deception stands knocking at the door
enticing you with all her beauty bold
images dancing gladly evermore
of all life’s wealth amassed before untold
can appetites ever be satisfied
when life’s financial desires compel
negotiations never ratified
by passions pushing safety to rebel
think not of your final danger’s outcome
when overwhelming debt your life consumes
for every penny pays the total sum
destruction dancing as disaster looms
       politicians so love their money gained
       taxpayer’s poverty the cost maintained


first published on kengilbert.com, June 2, 2011.
Copyright © 2011 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






our economy

our economy circles round the drain
getting closer to destruction’s black hole
politicians discussing with disdain
voter’s requests for oversight control
yet stimulus dollars do disappear
into government friendly coffers
ready to bailout all those who revere
past progressive political proffers
over regulation reinforces
our economic slide to recession
leading to never ending discourses
regarding today’s spending obsession
       economic disaster unforeseen
       when overwhelming haughtiness obscene


first published on kengilbert.com, June 8, 2011.
Copyright © 2011 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






how knows one Your sovereign will’s season
when diverging roads suddenly appear
cannot one then seek self-virtue’s reason
selecting the path one’s own heart revere
how knows one Your sov’reign will’s direction
when looking at life’s spinning weather vane
cannot fortitude avoid detection
when one sets aside spiritual gain
how knows one Your sovereign strength unsown
when weakness takes command before the fall
cannot inner strength fight against its own
when haughtiness begins to stand up tall
       my sovereign Lord always stands nearby
       awaiting the contrite to Him comply






His heart and mind forever unconcealed
living life with wisdom His words confess
know you not lovingkindness so revealed
loudly speaking from ancient times address
see you not goodness looking to be found
truth and justice showing clearly arrayed
seeking fairness missing never around
when recompense for evil not repaid
His life story from ancient times retold
when yet before His name was ever known
God’s Son in glory speaking words of old
showing forth destiny’s lineage sown
       entering the world with boldness speaking
       His message for all who follow seeking







speaking simple words of misdirection
his head held high above the common crowd
people unprotesting his deception
pride ever dancing in eyes never bowed
traveling ’round the country day and night
with fortune’s enigmatic fortitude
promises made to cure poverty’s plight
eliciting worship and gratitude
portraying himself another savior
representing everyone’s own int’rest
platitudes conceal his true behavior
’til desperation’s flight made manifest
       integrity and honor nowhere found
       Obama ready lying to confound


first published on kengilbert.com, February 4, 2012.
Copyright © 2012 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







life overwhelms us at sundry times
falling prey to a world hating the meek
when nothing can be done but writing rhymes
and standing on the wall for those who seek
poverty attacks from all directions
devouring today both rich and poor
poverty leads many insurrections
against evil’s hand lurking at the door
cannot One’s goodness restore life’s standing
before multitudes of helpless hunger
today’s world has a way of demanding
deceit’s deception in worthless anger
       the world devours us unsuspecting
       only the One’s promises protecting


first published on kengilbert.com, February 26, 2012.
Copyright © 2012 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







in the streets wailing and lamentation
for growing hunger never satisfied
mourning faces bright in expectation
for a people turned away horrified
not know knowing even where to begin
or how to help a world in groaning pain
Christ’s community must now turn within
for simple ways to fight poverty’s gain
people helping with food clothing shelter
all who silently plead for help indeed
cannot tenderness displace disaster
with determined patients sowing His seed
       poverty stands not sorrow’s chance this day
       when grace abounds with love to all display


first published on kengilbert.com, March 3, 2012.
Copyright © 2012 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






despotic contenders

prices soar beyond reason’s demanding
for necessities and fossil fuel
politicians now together banding
’round economic destruction cruel
progressives attack conservative foes
finding only incompetence at home
both driving prosperity to new lows
and recording all in history’s tome
blogs abound with righteous indignation
fervently warning against freedom’s loss
politically forced deprivation
enslaving everyone in double cross
       where then find we liberty’s defenders
       hidden among despotic contenders


first published on kengilbert.com, March 7, 2012.
Copyright © 2012 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






demon’s death

when one partakes of different thinking
then brought about by artificial means
assaults on a desperate mind sinking
beneath reality’s intended scenes
cannot your inner self survive alive
amidst life’s crying pressure to succeed
entreating passion never to deprive
when fondest fantasy can not recede
your end lingers in shadows yet unseen
mustering deadly forces to deploy
wake up your inner self to intervene
before the shadow’s forces do destroy
       hear not silent whispers of life’s last breath
       before the Lord’s hand conquers demon’s death


first published on kengilbert.com, May 6, 2012.
Copyright © 2012 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






bane of Obama

prayer for power deceives a hurting heart
when thinking subtle thoughts of destruction
incantations never seem to depart
from walls built for personal protection
stellar distance separates a brother
seeking self-satisfaction’s gratitude
cannot you stop to comfort another
broken by political platitude
destiny’s child shines forth evil’s essence
whenever acting the people’s behalf
ignoring all but lucifer’s presence
ages passing withstanding garden’s gaff
       deceiving masses hollywood’s drama
       veracity now the bane of Obama


first published on kengilbert.com, May 25, 2012.
Copyright © 2012 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






freedom’s pay

honored soldiers securing freedom’s wall
throughout the numerous generations
what fortitude finishing freedom’s call
loudly made by founder’s expectations
heard resounding from revolution’s war
oppression falling to independence
cannot you see them closing freedom’s door
bowing down to government ascendance
two worlds confronting national unity
pulling prosperity wounded in tow
see not now divisive’s insanity
destroying freedom’s sacrifice just so
       sad memories this Memorial day
       what passage toll the cost of freedom’s pay


first published on kengilbert.com, May 30, 2012.
Copyright © 2012 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






humanity’s destruction

cannot truth be found these turbulent days
amidst economic insanity
see not poverty coming through the haze
of broken promises’ reality
children crying for comforts demanding
from parents determined to keep alive
governmental agencies commanding
explosive regulations that deprive
workers lined up against oppression’s wall
for a paradise unattainable
hearing financial security’s call
of liberty now unsustainable
       progressive’s darkest powers standing here
       humanity’s destruction coming near


first published on kengilbert.com, June 6, 2012.
Copyright © 2012 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






union bosses

long shadows crawl across the forest floor
as time’s approaching deadline transpires
city streets erupting violence more
now occupied by selfish desires
songs of kumbaya can never reveal
the darkest depths of any human heart
gracious sounding words will always conceal
unseen motives designed to tear apart
freedom’s dissatisfaction disrupts life
of inner city dwellers fighting on
all living there react to jobless strife
and debt relief ideas now spat upon
       confessions of political losses
       calibrate the truth of union bosses


first published on kengilbert.com, June 11, 2012.
Copyright © 2012 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






life’s apprehension

see the Lord coming in all His glory
love on His left and justice on His right
be still and know the truth of His story
spoken in every language in His sight
many hear of His triumphs in battle
and believe because of an open heart
while others thing it an old man’s prattle
deception to those ego set apart
Sodom and Gomorrah stand His witness
made manifest to each generation
see today’s world consumed in emptiness
unknowing His proper veneration
       Father’s comfort surrounds His children’s grief
       life’s apprehension conquered by belief


first published on kengilbert.com, June 15, 2012.
Copyright © 2012 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






destruction’s goal

governmental abuse running rampant
radiating out from the white house door
occupiers singing greed’s hymnal chant
coveting unspoken prizes the more
left and right wrestle insanity’s mind
as media matters’ words spoken loud
savage actions only serve to remind
of power’s madness hyping evil’s crowd
department heads boldly steal with both hands
while blatantly blaming the other side
dying businesses strewn across the lands
emptied of resources by ransom’s bride
       hear not now liberty bell’s missing toll
       Obama playing out destruction’s goal


first published on kengilbert.com, June 23, 2012.
Copyright © 2012 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






love unseen

under the altar rest all the souls slain
for the Lord’s testimony they held fast
how long O Lord ’til we know our soul’s gain
and our blood avenged on the earth at last
one hundred forty four thousand called out
as servants of God on their foreheads sealed
every tribe of Israel without doubt
holy chosen children in time revealed
behold a great unnumbered multitude
from all the many kindred of the earth
standing before the Lamb in gratitude
their white robes revealing heaven’s new birth
       the Lamb’s blood washes tribulation clean
       wiping away all tears in love unseen


first published on kengilbert.com, June 26, 2012.
Copyright © 2012 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






the din

constitutional rights trodden under
by fast talking bureaucrats knowing best
written words’ timeless truth torn asunder
by lying leftist leaders’ plunder quest
Jefferson will not ever understand
why big government allowed to exist
cannot you hear him from his grave demand
politicians quickly cease and desist
Roberts skillfully wrestling the line
of the commerce clause leaning closer right
no longer now can the left redefine
massive taxes to mandate fancy’s flight
       Obama’s legislation winning spin
       repeal’s resounding battle call the din


first published on kengilbert.com, June 29, 2012.
Copyright © 2012 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






freedom lost

when freedom falls folly to evil’s reign
under economic persecution
silence replaces liberty’s refrain
with words of Creator’s execution
independence in dark shadows hiding
from occupiers seeking to destroy
revolution’s patriots abiding
behind battle lines ready to deploy
seven trumpets resounding freedom’s call
across a land once held in high esteem
liberty’s history reminding all
how only spilling precious blood redeem
       must not each generation count the cost
       when nation’s voters know not freedom lost


first published on kengilbert.com, July 5, 2012.
Copyright © 2012 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






lady liberty’s call

why not seize you then the day called today
declaring boldly inner inventions
serve not light’s goodness nor darkness display
when showing forth your heart’s true intentions
why sing sad songs of pleasant times gone by
objecting not to excessive tax raised
can not you see clouds gather in the sky
fierce battles for progressive power praised
why no longer throwing tea overboard
when protesting rapacious behavior
see not precious blood spilled by evil’s hoard
remembering not the people’s Savior
       watchman awaken upon our nation’s wall
       protect again lady liberty’s call


first published on kengilbert.com, July 8, 2012.
Copyright © 2012 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






Obama’s politics

once mighty rivers surrender her dead
signaling times of transition anew
fierce storms gather at the borders of dread
seeing reality alas askew
occupied cities show forth destruction
with democracy quickly retreating
city in the stars under construction
haven of evil envy entreating
north winds announce new ways to inflict pain
hope and change renounce American life
leftist lies encompass truth with disdain
Pravda’s public rantings radiate strife
       songs of social injustice sing aloud
       Obama’s politics makes Karl Marx proud


first published on kengilbert.com, July 16, 2012.
Copyright © 2012 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






evil’s dark days

long lingering lies float upon the air
from felony accusations loudly spoken
voter’s minds locked in a thousand yard stare
beaten by media madness broken
midnight movies manifest deadly tears
for violence erupting with a crack
gunshots speaking words everyone now hears
ignoring all warnings of an attack
safety surrenders sadly to power
of political corruption’s disguise
leftist lies seek reason to devour
anticipating truth’s coming demise
       see not now the joker’s oppressive ways
       only One stands against evil’s dark days


first published on kengilbert.com, July 23, 2012.
Copyright © 2012 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







above all stands my God mighty and true
with hand outstretched to those who clearly see
decide within your heart whom to pursue
and so doing will ever define thee
ask of Him your innermost desire
with patience to direct your countenance
make known to Him whom you most admire
God’s great goodness or your own impudence
see Him to whom all glory due today
with love’s expectation filling your heart
announce acceptance of your debt repay
when His merciful grace sets you apart
       choose you to follow after worldly lusts
       or follow Him whose treasure never rusts


first published on kengilbert.com, August 6, 2012.
Copyright © 2012 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






freedom’s abduction

elected spokesmen come from far and wide
to voice opinions on liberty’s fall
everyday common sense falls prey to pride
when in response to greed’s attraction call
once eloquent speeches fall on deaf ears
each jockeying to promote their own views
hometown people abandoned to their fears
by tyranny’s useless words to accuse
newly established rules oppress the weak
costly regulations locking down doors
can any understand what leaders seek
when deception slides across polished floors
       human reason cowers to seduction
       congress now fathers freedom’s abduction


first published on kengilbert.com, August 16, 2012.
Copyright © 2012 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






for pennies sold

fabricated arguments spoken here
lies erected on shifting foundations
truth by black magic made to disappear
dark wizards throwing up incantations
false promises of hope lead one astray
by fairness ideals of ruling elite
humanity’s downtrodden now display
a long lost fragrance covered by deceit
dark deeds in eloquent abundance grow
lushly watered daily and hidden hung
forgotten innocence no longer know
joyful songs in youthful ecstasy sung
       even heroes can stumble before gold
       freedom’s moral compass for pennies sold


first published on kengilbert.com, August 21, 2012.
Copyright © 2012 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







woes can come quickly when unexpected
upon all seeking fame and fortune first
Godly principles thrown out rejected
unprotected from night’s lightening burst
woe to hypocrites wallowing undone
in their very own devastating deeds
self-righteousness from beginning begun
by fondly following ungodly creeds
woe to politicians of destruction
who in sincerity clearly sell peace
they blindly follow hidden instruction
a multitude of innocence to fleece
       woe befalls all seeking evil’s own way
       consequences revealed when God repay


first published on kengilbert.com, September 2, 2012.
Copyright © 2012 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







can politics of destruction not fail
when ego’s instrument of lies replete
see than how man upon man evil rail
dark words secretly spoken strength deplete
politician’s overspending abounds
where government thievery committed
hard work’s repayment oppression compounds
whenever social fairness permitted
politician’s confusion rings aloud
for liberty bell’s silence greed’s excess
deceit’s principles corruption avowed
’til hidden confessions death repossess
       political lies renounce overgrown
       hear only truth spoken by His alone


first published on kengilbert.com, September 19, 2012.
Copyright © 2012 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






ancient crusades

al qaeda’s footprints leave long trails unseen
covered over by winds of arab spring
insurgents before rolling cam’ras preen
exposing empty songs corrupt hearts sing
rioters clamor for justice revealed
yet murder and rape in God’s precious name
true motives speak volumes with bombs concealed
exploding hope of heaven’s lasting fame
government officials cower in fear
of retribution’s hand crushing free speech
can you apprehend whatsoever clear
proceeding from death satan’s children teach
       wanton men resurrect ancient crusades
       only Jesus’ truth by His love persuades


first published on kengilbert.com, October 14, 2012.
Copyright © 2012 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






election’s hope

modern day warriors take public stage
boldly jousting before fate’s fair princess
everyday people hopelessly engage
seeking calm overtaken by distress
hostile forces take our capitol siege
fervently hiding stories of a fall
common goodness clouded by lie’s prestige
and evil’s heart seeks liberty’s recall
time’s grandfather clock slowly running down
while world’s greatest actors await stage left
future king’s courtesans prepare his crown
his soul revealed integrity bereft
       empty words lead many a man astray
       election’s hope ready to change today


first published on kengilbert.com, October 28, 2012.
Copyright © 2012 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







manhattan stands sentry before the fall
capital central magic once alive
immigrant port resounding freedom’s call
when all escaping tyranny survive
collapsing memories hide silent stains
blood washed away by violent waters
blowing winds scatter lingering remains
across devastation’s missing borders
government regulations shatter life
masquerading as brokenness repaired
faceless masses under poverty’s strife
now fighting off oppression unprepared
       Obama wins a nation on her knees
       relentless evil doing as it please


first published on kengilbert.com, November 15, 2012.
Copyright © 2012 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






blatant lies

terror strikes a fatal blow from afar
overrunning embassies with her hate
Obama blames viral video’s star
shutting down all reasonable debate
popular media use talking points
prepared by astute political hacks
outspoken voice of unreason anoints
pravda’s heartfelt description for attacks
seven secret agencies block the way
to freedom and growing prosperity
yet half a nation still looks for a day
when discourse encounters reality
       accept a world with evil’s blatant lies
       or hear salvation’s call for death’s demise


first published on kengilbert.com, November 25, 2012.
Copyright © 2012 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






anarchy attacks

financial precipice looms large ahead
accelerating closer every day
some gaze upon it with destiny’s dread
others demand oversight to repay
republicans desire spending cuts
to stop erecting disaster’s tower
yet continue they playing D.C. sluts
exchanging integrity for power
democrats demand higher taxes now
as punishment for capital success
at redistribution’s altar they bow
causing further economic distress
       anarchy attacks from all directions
       whenever our own exclude protections


first published on kengilbert.com, December 3, 2012.
Copyright © 2012 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






narcissist’s world

control brightly adorns deception’s hall
where stolen memories fade away fast
attendees hear not reality’s call
amidst history’s retelling recast
heroes and heroines stand not a chance
against magical illusion’s dark spell
they refuse inclusion in evil’s dance
recounting encounters with truth retell
political pawns publish ugly lies
performed by marionettes on short strings
media’s puppet master’s hidden ties
made manifest by songs deception sings
       recognize not demon’s dark death today
       as narcissist’s world transformed to repay


first published on kengilbert.com, December 11, 2012.
Copyright © 2012 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







control abandons principle’s reason
overwhelming opposition’s clear thought
all disagreement considered treason
when logic dictates error to be taught
subtle lies misdirect social discourse
to lay fallow ever prosperous fields
honest behavior slain without recourse
forever prey to evil power wields
national desires demand attention
while individual needs cast aside
liberals require honor’s mention
pushing forward grand ideas to divide
       ungodly actions disguised to disarm
       everyday people fall prey to their charm


first published on kengilbert.com, December 24, 2012.
Copyright © 2012 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







desperados walk among nodding heads
convincing them of their good intentions
ignore they say life’s overwhelming dreads
and dream dreams of progressive inventions
surrender life’s possessions for the cause
hoping help goes to those less prosperous
join your comrades exuberant applause
upholding officials less virtuous
follow quietly death’s congregation
dancing among the hot embers of hell
silence simple minded expectation
upon which graceful Godly goodness dwell
       anointed leader redefines the rule
       orders conceived the desperado’s tool


first published on kengilbert.com, January 19, 2013.
Copyright © 2013 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







all God’s children stand some distance away
separated from darkness approaching
offer up righteous resistance they say
to progressive inventions encroaching
yell from rooftops your sacrifice of praise
to be heard by a remnant remaining
remember Godly gratitude these days
amidst lingering lies quickly gaining
fight against satan’s song of deadly lust
presented misleading to all who hear
conquer evil before becoming dust
and follow after righteousness so dear
       tyranny’s temper continues to rage
       graceful goodness abandoned to the stage


first published on kengilbert.com, January 31, 2013.
Copyright © 2013 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







hazy lazy day singing songs gone by
when presidents always did what they said
never would they ever tell a small lie
knowing only God their heart’s fear does dread
what then can any common person do
to point out their integrity lacking
have we Godly fortitude to pursue
to destroy their political backing
good memories fade now quickly away
so we remember only evil done
only One account ever can repay
made manifest once judgment has begun
       illegal actions stay the demon’s course
       only Godly goodness conquers the source


first published on kengilbert.com, February 6, 2013.
Copyright © 2013 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






deception’s daring

winter winds dispense deadly white blowing
burying northeast cities once alive
misconception’s global warming knowing
popular masses can never survive
rising expenses fueling growing debt
a government’s failing excessive greed
devastation’s deadly plans death beget
political patsies seeking self-need
heed time’s trembling terror before the fall
a government’s guarantees grow worthless
promises presented proudly for all
to cover corruption’s remnant clueless
       deception’s daring leaking leftist lies
       middle class destruction oppression cries


first published on kengilbert.com, February 15, 2013.
Copyright © 2013 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







sequestration smiles cheshire-like broadly
before falling into wonderland’s hole
Obama’s team frames the battle badly
for massive spending to comfort the soul
other people’s money addiction’s need
to fulfill imagination’s desire
indulgence hypocrisy’s godless greed
derived from wanton worthless we admire
economic disaster’s secret plan
confuses the common masses lying
ignore they say whatever spending ban
to survive fiscal ruin undying
       spending brings not security alive
       safety only comes when true love revive


first published on kengilbert.com, March 1, 2013.
Copyright © 2013 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







distance determines devastation’s toll
when swallowed whole by Maslow’s arguments
recognize not prosperity’s lost goal
written in ancient blood-stained documents
brothers sacrificed among death’s remorse
to ensure continuing freedom’s cause
now evil a nation’s collapse enforce
too polite to prolong the left’s applause
madness permeates popular ideals
secretly spoken to encourage change
confirmation of injustice reveals
pursuit of life’s liberty rearrange
       momentum maintains a maddening pace
       social justice democracy displace


first published on kengilbert.com, March 10, 2013.
Copyright © 2013 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






gentle warrior

deception brings dark days slowly dancing
across unassuaged memories of gain
when destiny serpent’s desire glancing
eagerly a golden era disdain
life’s living cannot graciousness ignore
in spite of struggles survival demand
when evil’s desperation night implore
hidden a gentle warrior withstand
commanding armies activists deploy
in search of battle patriots engage
when lies economic collapse employ
reality a tarnished truth enrage
       gentle warrior deception prepare
       humility a victory declare


first published on kengilbert.com, March 18, 2013.
Copyright © 2013 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






hidden hero

fantasy belongs to children playing
adventure’s games of virtuous pretense
hidden hero demon dragon slaying
collecting treasure victory dispense
survival demands attention repay
for clarity confrontation reveal
principle’s forgotten passion convey
death’s dying lawless liberals conceal
destination’s final address declare
a recklessness lying leaders dispute
regulation’s dishonesty ensnare
a ruling class all privilege pollute
       battered nation desolation pursue
       lawless despot hidden hero subdue


first published on kengilbert.com, April 4, 2013.
Copyright © 2013 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






destiny’s soldier

poverty without clear warning approach
when government regulations deploy
silent thief for evil’s envy encroach
upon innocence selfishness destroy
patient people godly goodness presume
to save the day from persecution’s hand
yet ego’s maddening desire entomb
a population God’s absence demand
solitary soldier unseen apart
before destruction’s comfort living claim
wait not for generations passion’s heart
arise against the demon’s deadly game
       hypocrisy’s deception hope withstand
       destiny’s soldier make known God’s command


first published on kengilbert.com, April 23, 2013.
Copyright © 2013 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







senseless death upon flower gardens fall
when wayward zealots peacefulness destroy
violence across vast oceans recall
a youth’s innocence vengeance deploy
terror’s face behind education hide
laughing at every word God never spoke
misbegotten truth in error decide
why an infidel’s life vengeance revoke
oppression’s anger death’s destruction teach
for unreason’s ranting upon display
understand not murder God’s love impeach
to settle accounts death’s vengeance repay
       forgotten compassion love’s truth inspire
       perfect holiness God’s vengeance desire


first published on kengilbert.com, May 18, 2013.
Copyright © 2013 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







deception dances to a slow hustle
before chanting crowds in angry refrain
potomac partners flexing new muscle
legalese to foster financial gain
deception demands a deadly demise
for opposing esteemed reputations
political posturing’s guilty guise
banter to hide power’s incantations
deception disappears in the day’s light
scurrying far away from public gaze
see not cunning fables to devise fright
beguiling stories to set truth ablaze
       deception garners popular allure
       department of evil righteous endure


first published on kengilbert.com, June 5, 2013.
Copyright © 2013 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






liberty’s blood

dastardly leaders force innocence flee
before illegal actions that conspire
preaching promises truth will never see
to follow after nature’s death desire
contemplate the season signaled begin
to progressive power’s altar ascend
know not heresy’s treason from within
when elected criminals condescend
presidential patsies freedom recall
to silence prosperity’s peaceful stand
invasive snooping government install
to cover opposition’s reprimand
       secret orders penned in liberty’s blood
       can any ever stop the coming flood


first published on kengilbert.com, June 17, 2013.
Copyright © 2013 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







black robes trample upon justice falling
laying siege to life’s liberty once sown
remnants of simple memories calling
to victims of government overthrown
nine supremes misinterpret documents
written for a foundation tried and true
they shape their many morale arguments
according to man’s image seen askew
a death sentence imposed without remorse
on an unsuspecting population
oppression’s laws they solemnly endorse
to ensure your freedom’s abrogation
       speak up before your generation sold
       tyranny’s injustice makes herself bold


first published on kengilbert.com, July 8, 2013.
Copyright © 2013 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






history’s child

third world nations rip themselves asunder
under internal opposition’s fire
brother against brother hear fear’s thunder
to spill blood imagination’s desire
murdered innocence haunting city streets
amid aroused excitement chanting death
secret orders from government elites
unreason carried upon evil’s breath
city after city lay themselves bare
at the altar of selfishness gone wild
destruction’s coming tonight unaware
beware the future of history’s child
       America teeters at death’s frontier
       turn back before liberty disappear


first published on kengilbert.com, July 30, 2013.
Copyright © 2013 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







close not your eyes against reality
starring into death’s bottomless abyss
open minds clearly see causality
knowing lib’ral veracity amiss
senseless grief upon innocence befall
beyond reason’s coincidence of life
when overwhelming debt safety recall
and healthcare mandates the mortician’s knife
retribution on working people rain
while welfare recipients ride for free
regulations regard destruction’s gain
as sweet success against prosperity
       lib’ral hatred stokes the embers of hell
       social redesign God’s freedom expel


first published on kengilbert.com, August 21, 2013.
Copyright © 2013 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






august 28

tranquility falls prey at evil’s sword
brandished before America’s town square
where hatred the heart of lib’ral discord
and lying fables food for life’s despair
beware convincing tales of care’s desire
to provide for all necessity’s need
before oppression’s darkness death transpire
to elevate the congregation’s greed
take heed of the coming devastation
overtaking growing complacency
with unjust government regulation
and an out of control presidency
       remember equality’s famous dream
       cannot you now hear failure’s deadly scream


first published on kengilbert.com, August 28, 2013.
Copyright © 2013 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







history tells a different story
of power’s unabated appetite
rapacious consumption her true glory
and sons of anarchy her proselyte
she boldly blasphemes at evil’s altar
to pay homage to and obsession’s creed
singing songs from a different psalter
written to honor an ungrateful greed
amidst hallowed corridors an elite
hear eloquent words of complicity
and lingering acrimony replete
with the scent of hidden duplicity
       power’s corruption deception’s attire
       her only savior redemption’s desire


first published on kengilbert.com, September 9, 2013.
Copyright © 2013 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







politicians comprehend human greed
passing legislation for the public
creating utopia without creed
lawlessness replacing a republic
everyday people caught between factions
both illegal regulations impose
poverty covers many distractions
when lost liberty oppression dispose
apprehension stimulates awareness
of government created agony
uncontrolled spending obviates fairness
carelessness the author of apathy
       attention repays the smallest detail
       indifference calls evil to prevail


first published on kengilbert.com, September 22, 2013.
Copyright © 2013 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







man imagines many marvelous things
gathering around walden’s perfect pond
where lingering souls soar on eagle’s wings
and grab for life’s perfection just beyond
reality tells another story
of devastation knocking at the door
elected elite stealing all glory
demanding everyone sacrifice more
if only every person had it all
they say raising daily expectations
when the burden upon innocence fall
and freedom loses her declarations
       government deception rides a white horse
       cannot you see her death desire enforce


first published on kengilbert.com, October 4, 2013.
Copyright © 2013 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






shutdown politics

shutdown politics grabs hold her players
more enticing than any other game
they imagine themselves dragon slayers
capturing history by fearless fame
each side demands self-righteousness pursue
confusion to ensnare a trusting heart
redefined definitions words accrue
anger against those with truth to impart
now then deceit never departs alone
out of her public forum’s gazing stare
yet daily people government bemoan
without ever standing up to despair
       political sides together conspire
       integrity falls prey to greed’s desire


first published on kengilbert.com, October 17, 2013.
Copyright © 2013 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






liberty lingers

liberty lingers unmoved at east’s gate
patiently awaiting her child’s return
replayed memories of life’s lost estate
underscore her desperation’s concern
her ways remain right for generations
following after an ancient ideal
until there arise new expectations
of utopia government reveal
her disciples against oppression speak
now seeing clearly tyranny arise
destined to destroy morality’s meek
with systemic corruption they devise
       despair a politician’s champion
       integrity liberty’s guardian


first published on kengilbert.com, October 29, 2013.
Copyright © 2013 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







most children blindly trust adult teachers
who upon life’s amazing ways expound
describing humanity as preachers
when their lies reality’s truth impound
no longer remains any absolute
spoken aloud upon the public stage
where only those morally destitute
portray retribution’s growing outrage
lib’rals misleading a generation
with entitlements guaranteed for life
security to transform a nation
into welcoming the mortician’s knife
       memories of better times fade away
       oppression’s tyranny here now to stay


first published on kengilbert.com, November 11, 2013.
Copyright © 2013 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







integrity from a nation depart
before death destroy forever her soul
never to again her reason impart
wisdom to a people out of control
wherefore mysteries now unknown remain
beyond the reach of those who turn away
with reprobation for freedom disdain
against all who godly ethics display
they now repay ransomed reason for good
amid death’s darkness alone wandering
through shadows where once integrity stood
before destruction her path pondering
       hidden disciples her virtue endear
       cherished integrity come reappear


first published on kengilbert.com, December 5, 2013.
Copyright © 2013 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







critical minds contemplate circumstance
to enforce rational reason’s demise
and to conceal deception’s deadly dance
of an old politician’s compromise
as power walks naked through government
unmoved by liberty’s lamenting cry
to offer up her sacred sacrament
on altar where evil goodness defy
imagine the day when virtue prevail
with abundance for security’s need
ever flowing freely without travail
to escape humanity’s toxic greed
       pleasant politicians with words deceive
       chastity lost can never evil grieve


first published on kengilbert.com, December 25, 2013.
Copyright © 2013 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







atop swift horseback a new day approach
when before her morning evil tremble
caressed by her retribution’s reproach
upon the head of all who dissemble
remember forgotten truths unspoken
by an unbelieving generation
hearts hardened by promises long broken
and visions of coming desolation
when streams of innocent blood overflow
because lib’ral betrayal death pursue
every person whose moral justice know
by whom nature’s God liberty renew
       remove treason’s tolerance from within
       before her bloody victory begin


first published on kengilbert.com, January 3, 2014.
Copyright © 2014 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







speak adeptly upon the public stage
of closely guarded social intercourse
where politicians correctly assuage
intolerant action without remorse
stand boldly before this generation
consumed by iniquity’s wicked word
of fairness’ pretense of condemnation
for ancient goodness evil call absurd
behold darkness upon far horizon
preceding coming of conquering king
when judgment’s prophetic word emblazon
many hearts to whom resurrection bring
       rejoice gladly for courage from within
       government deception consumed by sin


first published on kengilbert.com, January 15, 2014.
Copyright © 2014 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







wherefore speak political word’s deceit
throughout a land wherein innocence dream
of pleasant days unhindered by elite
government officials evil redeem
godless souls caught beneath corruption’s hand
unable to resist dark temptation
from whence power’s deadly master demand
destruction of liberty’s foundation
slayers of prosperity’s gentle beast
upon America’s factory floor
before industry workers counted least
comprehend evil suppressed heretofore
       freedom’s enemies everywhere surround
       yet goodness prevail to evil confound


first published on kengilbert.com, February 4, 2014.
Copyright © 2014 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







propaganda with subtle tongue bespeak
boldly of a coming prosperity
forgotten by all but life’s humbled meek
expecting promised word’s sincerity
when deception’s darkness unknown descend
upon undiscerning public with lies
unseen before her evil comprehend
and innocence fall prey to compromise
put forth by sovereign’s government wit
to usurp power upon gilded throne
with orders they illegally commit
against goodness desperation bemoan
       battle clouds quickly gather in the east
       humble heroes arise against the beast


first published on kengilbert.com, February 20, 2014.
Copyright © 2014 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







many lights upon treachery’s hill shine
to guide the way of death’s congregation
learning incantations dark wraiths refine
from ancient scrolls confounding a nation
with expectations of peaceful pleasure
unassailed by greed or contentious speech
and hallowed by greatness without measure
in modern ballads liberals now preach
with obfuscation’s mask of compromise
for liberty’s application to cease
from serving a population unwise
in understanding the demise of peace
       can a nation divided ever stand
       to defend against collapse lib’rals plan’d


first published on kengilbert.com, March 8, 2014.
Copyright © 2014 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






liberty’s flight

snow covered barns decorate the landscape
from the high western prairie moving east
to wooded path where righteousness escape
before the hand of evil’s coming beast
beware when overflowing rage consume
everyone upon whom goodness once rest
and whenever politicians presume
to influence everyday affairs best
defend a fading nation once perceived
as greatest to protect life’s downtrodden
from modern day democracy deceived
denying ungodliness yet hidden
       sentry alarms resound within the night
       to alert us all of liberty’s flight


first published on kengilbert.com, March 26, 2014.
Copyright © 2014 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.









Part 4


written 2014 through 2017







wherefore not an american king rule
seated high above upon gilded throne
issuing orders oppression count cruel
when correctly enforced by mindless drone

cannot government elite make their case
for natural born leadership anew
knowing their own intelligence replace
any need for legal account review

a humbled population broken bow
before the seat of power’s corruption
expecting special favors to endow
a pleasant future without disruption

heretofore spoken objection remain
quietly neutered by hostile recompense
yet hidden among silent heart’s disdain
from retribution death’s demon dispense

nameless attacks upon innocence speak
of forceful vengeance for outspoken view
and positive praise upon loyal meek
for upholding lawlessness greed pursue

forego fear’s obstacle in goodness’ heart
where anxiety reveal her desire
remembering ancient document’s part
in fueling founder’s patriotic ire

arise once again for justice aright
before liberty’s destruction succeed
when providence demand verity’s fight
to protect against growing lib’ral greed


first published on kengilbert.com, March 31, 2014.
Copyright © 2014 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







silent ghosts along the boulevard walk
from early morning to the sun’s retreat
where many fearful people sometimes talk
from behind darkened doorways of the street

daytime wanderers take refuge at dark
in densely treed properties remaining
hidden till morning’s light skyward embark
upon today’s eager search sustaining

hopeful outcasts seek for a better day
but cannot find the way yet untaken
while searching for assurance in dismay
when a new reality awaken

helpful hearts upon every hill approach
to gather together children broken
lost souls upon whom circumstance encroach
with life’s many treacheries unspoken

caring people volunteer precious time
to listen to the many stories told
trauma’s history leading toward crime
and violent addiction uncontrolled

anointed shepherds lead the way unseen
to a better beginning tomorrow
where character’s instruction intervene
for building skills to wipe away sorrow

self-sufficient behavior learned anew
awaken thoughts of coming better days
where integrity’s recompense debut
with transformation’s gratitude ablaze

cannot one ever conquer homelessness
with so many resources brought to bear
for ending habitual helplessness
redeems another from endless despair


first published on kengilbert.com, April 23, 2014.
Copyright © 2014 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







political pride her reward demand
from all inhabitants of a nation
quietly drawn by obscurity’s hand
in service to debt’s accumulation

compounding regulation’s hardship grow
unabated for politician’s greed
transforming a people whose desire sow
oppression’s law of poverty decreed

homegrown energy flourishes alive
in abundance across the northern heights
where politics demand it not survive
galvanized in support of green’s delights

coal burning power stations now pollute
no more than an old politician’s speech
when conservation remains resolute
for liberty’s destruction evil preach

free flowing gasoline from nations come
expensive before this generation
held hostage beneath desolation’s thumb
to fuel a politician’s elation

our own refineries desolate lay
across the pages of history’s book
full of tales destruction’s madness repay
for prosperity which evil forsook

when the face of law’s defiance withstand
attack from moderation’s battle cry
designed so that indifference demand
constitution’s rejection in reply

knowing ancient documents countermand
engineering the social playing field
by demanding discipline’s reprimand
for creativity liberty yield

however still darkness descends behind
on an unsuspecting population
peacefully living freedom unconfined
unaware of coming revocation


first published on kengilbert.com, May 15, 2014.
Copyright © 2014 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







insanity reigns among the elite
calling evil good for prosperity
in a dying democracy replete
with her outspoken insincerity

while poets remember love’s lost passion
and country singers write of treachery
our politician’s prevailing fashion
becomes worshiping evil’s sorcery

note how a lawless leader lingers long
upon dark thoughts of ending liberty
and plunging a once great nation headlong
into economic captivity

telling complicity’s redefined tale
throughout every corner of a nation
to common sensibility assail
with propaganda’s pacification

forget not the blood of patriots shed
upon American soil long ago
when a government upon freedom tread
and excess regulation overflow

how long a peaceful population wait
for evil to silently slink away
knowing wherefore reality dictate
opposition to lawlessness repay

before her coming distant battle cry
resounds oppression’s death across the land
to every person failing to comply
with persecution’s lawless reprimand


first published on kengilbert.com, June 4, 2014.
Copyright © 2014 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







violence lingers silently beyond
reason’s border without understanding
demanding fervent followers respond
to a charismatic fool commanding

politicians reopen borders wide
under the guise of America’s dream
twisted in knots by lying lib’ral pride
for destruction’s deception to redeem

interlopers from a foreign country
forego family for reassurance
of promised governmental gallantry
to open shifting doors of tolerance

searching for freedom’s opportunity
throughout a land languishing divided
in order to destroy humanity
and to allow evil reign unguided

opposition’s anger in rage increase
against a government out of control
almost ready for oppression’s release
from a population virtue extol

when frustration flows across golden plain
to climb the highest mountain to foresee
patriots coming to destroy death’s reign
and to finally overthrow D.C.


first published on kengilbert.com, June 25, 2014.
Copyright © 2014 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







integrity unwanted turns away
from growing government condescension
for announcing independence dismay
over lady liberty’s suspension

when unreason politicians proclaim
to an unsuspecting generation
with lie’s imagination to inflame
lawlessness corrupting a great nation

as desperation’s cry unheard at night
within gilded halls of power’s elite
unconcerned with America’s true blight
destroying goodness rendered obsolete

a senseless war on godliness engage
a faceless army hidden out of view
whose conspiratorial ways enrage
a people who morality pursue


first published on kengilbert.com, July 26, 2014.
Copyright © 2014 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






when again

wherefore wisdom comprehend not darkness
in an outspoken politician’s heart
when contemplating future lawlessness
to force a nation’s goodness to depart

with many little rules to transform day
from life’s pleasant sunshine to endless night
and a multitude of ways to portray
his condemnation for a lesser’s plight

signing lawless presidential orders
designed to drive up life’s daily expense
and to remove the pretense of borders
protecting us from terror’s consequence

how then a loathsome lib’ral pen destroy
the promise of America’s great dream
with enmity his government deploy
many agents to whom evil esteem

when then congressional action abide
upon a promised lawful liberty
contained in a constitution applied
to guarantee freedom’s posterity

when again arise goodness to defend
the lost principles godliness reveal
to a people drowning at sorrow’s end
while patiently awaiting death’s repeal


first published on kengilbert.com, August 16, 2014.
Copyright © 2014 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






time awaits

senseless death upon innocence descend
amidst the quiet days of summer heat
when reputation violence defend
against baseless lies of power’s elite

a time when life’s simple pleasures erupt
into looting a neighbor’s local store
by interlopers who want to disrupt
everyday comfort peacefulness implore

a time when retribution’s dark desire
out of evil’s bottomless cavern climb
from the depths where deadly demons conspire
to destroy all godly goodness sublime

a time when foreign fighters contemplate
an American homeland invasion
in order to infidel desecrate
upon the altar of truth’s dissuasion

time awaits considering her next move
against people ignoring signs of war
so arise to safety’s action approve
before devastation death underscore

arise against partisan politics
driving a government to inaction
and lying lib’ral apologetics
intended to destroy truth’s attraction

arise again freedom’s fierce defenders
to reestablish liberty once more
in order to expose proud pretenders
devoid of godly goodness heretofore

arise to our constitution adhere
before the approaching terrible day
when liberty and freedom disappear
and evil unchecked godliness repay


first published on kengilbert.com, September 14, 2014.
Copyright © 2014 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







drones circle above in expectation
of catching evil’s henchmen unaware
while they prepare to strike tribulation
upon a government in disrepair

foreign fighters obsessed with destruction
of a western culture freedom uphold
stand captive to religious seduction
by the fables false godliness unfold

open borders remember not darkness
silently slipping through liberty’s gate
unattended due to lib’ral laxness
in order to democracy berate

sleeping terror among innocence hide
pretending to love America’s dream
while awaiting promises life denied
before destruction’s religion redeem

wherefore then education’s hate conspire
to raise up a wicked generation
with a heart that devastation desire
for the demise of another nation

wherefore now innocence unseen allow
the presence of immoral men hidden
among the godlessness they disavow
when partaking pleasant fruits forbidden

the final day of vengeance soon approach
from far across the storming sacred sea
where devastation’s demons seek reproach
upon the goodness liberty foresee


first published on kengilbert.com, October 13, 2014.
Copyright © 2014 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






modern day prophets

modern day prophets of darkness conceal
a conspiracy growing against good
following government leader’s appeal
to progressive fanatics of falsehood

who misdirect the public’s attention
away from true disaster arising
to generate popular dissension
among the champions of uprising

anything necessary to prevail
against the moral majority’s stand
even enforcing destruction’s travail
from the beginning when lawlessness planned

America trapped within a torrent
spreading fear and death today
through actions good people deem abhorrent
while God’s justice await evil repay

cannot evil ever understand good
when a deceiving heart encased in hate
and set on accomplishing what they could
before scrutiny then demand debate

cannot goodness obstacles overcome
with the simple love of one another
brandishing God’s mighty sword to become
the salvation of a long lost brother

redemption follows from a humble heart
believing only God can show the way
when righteousness confess that sin depart
before the coming of the judgment day

when reasonable men regret defend
self-possession’s life of rapacious need
unable to godliness comprehend
when at the last to God they must concede


first published on kengilbert.com, November 5, 2014.
Copyright © 2014 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







freedom remembers not tribulation
fighting for right in sight of God and men
when circumstance demands contemplation
of oppression returning once again

suppressing the truth innocence reveal
behind closed doors one to another
while awaiting a government’s appeal
so that freedom’s greatness soon recover

illegal activity yet remain
unchecked by the beltway bandit’s power
terrorizing all goodness with disdain
and seeking all godliness to devour

cannot then freedom overcome
selfish thoughts of everlasting control
when driven by frustration to succumb
to darkness filling evil’s deadly soul

wherefore freedom’s desire to be set free
contemplates wielding evil’s mighty fist
when sanity awake to referee
between lawful action and anarchist

yet freedom continues to form her plan
to modify a nation’s direction
knowing the progressive’s path never can
guarantee liberty’s resurrection


first published on kengilbert.com, December 9, 2014.
Copyright © 2014 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







politics lingers on a darkened street
awaiting the demise of lawful rule
held hostage by lying lib’ral deceit
and trampled on by open ridicule

politicians feigning sympathy’s grief
over the loss of lady liberty
continue mocking innocent belief
in the righteous acts of prosperity

reality straining to overcome
oppressive regulations passed anew
by an executive set to become
malevolent ruler over virtue

why then follow insanity’s control
by repeating ills government require
while hiding virtues only God extol
and with the world’s correctness now conspire

forget not simple pleasures from the past
when goodness to a brother reigned on high
when forever freedom appeared to last
and every living soul to her comply

before resistance deemed a futile fool
held captive by the darkness of desire
before majestic power counted cruel
and destruction’s politics then aspire

awaken to lady liberty’s call
resounding throughout a weary nation
take heed lest this unique republic fall
to the power of evil’s temptation


first published on kengilbert.com, January 25, 2015.
Copyright © 2015 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







wherefore cries of outrage heard not aloud
amongst a people leaders now oppress
and carelessly set aside disavowed
demanding that liberty acquiesce

wherefore freedom cannot forever last
in the heart of a growing multitude
whereas for principle our founders cast
aside life for a moral rectitude

cannot then everyday people arise
to a resounding call to action now
to expel everything goodness despise
and in response our godliness avow


first published on kengilbert.com, February 27, 2015.
Copyright © 2015 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







life’s simplicity clicks now into place
walking along a path yet untaken
leading away from unpleasant disgrace
at a time when godliness awaken

eyes that never saw before open wide
to see a gentle goodness long hidden
covered by confidence in deadly pride
masking humility long forbidden

suffering seems a distant memory
left behind with life’s addiction to death
recovery remains illusory
attempting to overcome evil’s breath

even though many supporters arise
to walk alongside with hope for today
only gratefulness learned anew applies
for a better tomorrow to repay

wherefore shall we not together reason
to desire to embrace addiction’s end
openly accepting life’s new season
with fervor only goodness comprehend


first published on kengilbert.com, April 16, 2015.
Copyright © 2015 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







see not therefore a dry and thirsty land
driven deceitfully by worldly care
for whatsoever dark desire demand
entrap each soul that evil’s love ensnare

cannot then one escape the coming end
before our greed enslave the gentle peace
and never again goodness apprehend
the grateful justice godliness increase

wherefore come the growing agitation
in the heart of many a silent soul
who walk away from death’s congregation
to finally embrace God’s gospel goal

remember then words long ago spoken
before all madness daily life devour
and never again reject God’s token
mercifully offered in His power


first published on kengilbert.com, July 25, 2015.
Copyright © 2015 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







coming devastation in darkness hide
behind a façade of friendly faces
speaking sweetly spun words evil supplied
to remove goodness from public places

cannot then each individual hear
deception spoken boldly every day
and yet pray that godliness reappear
before justice catches up to repay

wherefore then silence upon lips remain
passively awaiting another’s word
unheard whenever correctness ordain
godly character forever absurd

speak up before goodness passes away
to linger amidst death’s congregation
knowing that only truthfulness portray
the redemption of a lying nation


first published on kengilbert.com, October 11, 2015.
Copyright © 2015 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






seventy sevens

seventy sevens
were determined
to the end
of ungodliness
as light

that which is right
the one and only

who created
that is

to whom
all allegiance

to the
of the


the fire
of His wrath
than ever

we saw
the destruction
of Israel
for blatant
of the

have we
ever won


the time
will come
we need
to make
the choice

to obey
and follow
the one and only
of the

to disobey
and rebel
all that is

to be
by our


if we

will take us
with Him
to His Father’s

we will
in His


first published on kengilbert.com, January 9, 2016.
Copyright © 2016 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







there once was a government freedom grew
from the seeds of patriots planted sure
watered with the blood of a sacred few
who wanted the homeland rightly secure

they fought the British soldiers to the death
to redeem the nation liberty wrought
and were willing to fight to their last breath
against a monarch evil’s power sought

in victory they searched for God’s blessing
when establishing the nation anew
then wrote a constitution professing
life liberty and happiness pursue

they constructed it to follow God’s law
of equality among citizens
three branches balanced against human flaw
and multiple parties of partisans

upon one issue they could not agree
to abolish evil’s deadly foothold
knowing the one answer to slavery
shall remain a deadly wound unconsoled

but with many others agreements came
to set aside differences profound
and one nation under God proclaim
that now lady liberty has been crowned

they fought for rights revered greater than life
in order to guarantee freedom abound
for every citizen living in strife
and end slavery in battle renowned

we long for simple times of long ago
when words were spoken with integrity
knowing how many lies from Chicago
are focused on killing prosperity

for today right is wrong and truth denied
when God’s precious word spoken publicly
angry that goodness is now cast aside
by liberals acting destructively

daily hidden battles today confound
the many true followers of goodness
shielding them with protection quite profound
in order to maintain their righteousness

then comes a president in defiance
of the established rule of common law
unwilling to govern in compliance
with the godliness our founders foresaw

he defines the constitution anew
according to his own depraved desire
knowing congress will bow before his view
because with power’s darkness they conspire

nevertheless his time draws to an end
and soon he will retire to the golf course
speaking up occasion’ly to defend
a past presidency without remorse

how will history remember this man
at the end of a long line of others
to whom power given to fuel a plan
of destruction under lib’ral covers

history sees not the future anguish
from her vantage point fading far behind
knowing then godliness will accomplish
all the pleasant goodness our Lord designed

when worldly influences do conspire
to destroy a people who are His own
we have His promise we can still aspire
to sit with Him forever in His throne

the time now has come to speak up aloud
to let the world know evil cannot win
we affirm what the founding fathers vowed
to keep America safe from within


first published on kengilbert.com, January 10, 2016.
Copyright © 2016 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







has consequences
by those
who do not follow
the commandments
of the

Adam and Eve
were removed
from the garden
for disobeying
God’s commandment
and eating
of the tree
of the knowledge
of good and evil

their eyes
were opened wide
when they
ate of the tree
and they saw
for the first time
their nakedness
and feared

all the people
of the generation
of Noah
were out of control
with wickedness
and disobedience
to the commands
of the

so God
killed them all
in a worldwide flood
except for Noah
who was a righteous man
before God
and Noah’s three sons
and their four wives
who rode out the flood
in an ark
had him build
to survive

and so
salvation came
upon the waters
of the

and then
the generations
began again
from Noah
and his wife

a new life
to try again
to put

well then
here we are
about 5,000 years
to disobey
the Lord’s
over the face
of all
the earth

has anyone
given much thought
to what
will do
with all
who disobey

you pray
for God’s

what comes

by fire

to the mercy
and goodness
of the
to whoever
in the
and commits
to follow Him
wherever He

or perish
in the fiery depths


first published on kengilbert.com, January 17, 2016.
Copyright © 2016 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






His Place

wisdom speaks her gentle truth
in a small quiet voice
causing you to rejoice
with the fervor of your youth

yet some people wonder why
evil goes not away
forever here to stay
looking you straight in the eye

can you resist on your own
and come up with a way
for blessings to repay
standing for goodness alone

knowing God sits on His throne
in the heavens above
showering you with love
if you obey and atone

obedience His demand
for all who do follow
but pride you must swallow
and repentance fess firsthand

choose you now to Him esteem
and your heart to Him care
for His cross He did bare
shedding His blood to redeem

the One who died in your place
to cast off evil’s grip
and send you on your trip
to stand fast within His grace

ever ready to embrace
His goodness newly found
and follow His renowned
up to His heavenly place


first published on kengilbert.com, February 5, 2016.
Copyright © 2016 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






Psalm 40
in my own words

for the Lord i patiently awaited
He inclined unto me my cry to hear
raised me out of the pit unabated
and established my goings without fear

into my mouth He put His song of praise
so many shall in the Lord put their trust
blessed is he who respects not prideful ways
nor turns aside to wicked lies of lust

many are Thy wonderful works O Lord
and Thy thoughts to us which are excellent
they can never be in order explored
nor if spoken numbered without consent

sacrifice and offering Thou seek not
my ears Thou have opened so i might hear
willingly burnt offering Thou forgot
and sin offering no longer held dear

I said lo in the volume of the book
it’s written of Me from the beginning
to delight to do Thy will I partook
of Thy law within My heart unsinning

i have set my heart to preach righteousness
within the people’s great congregation
i have not refrained my lips from goodness
Thou know O Lord nor from Thy salvation

Thy righteousness have i not hid ever
Thy faithfulness and salvation declared
Thy lovingkindness and Thy truth never
concealed from the congregation but shared

withhold not Thy tender mercies from me
O Lord as i worship Thee all day long
let Thy lovingkindness offered by Thee
as well as Thy truth preserve me now strong

for many evils compassed me about
and my iniquities have taken hold
i cannot look up to Thee when in doubt
for my heart fails of my sins uncontrolled

with me O Lord my God be therefore pleased
and show me Thy mercy to deliver
make haste O Lord that my soul stand appeased
and shower me with Thy help forever

let them all be ashamed and confounded
together that seek my soul to destroy
let them be driven back and astounded
and put to shame those who evil employ

let every one who seeks my destruction
be made desolate by God’s outstretched hand
as repayment for their shameful action
who say aha aha as reprimand

let all that seek the Lord in Thee rejoice
and be glad in Thee from morning till night
let such as love Thy salvation with voice
say the Lord be magnified in Thy sight

even though i am poor and needy now
yet the Lord thinks upon me with favor
my help and deliverer i avow
tarry not O God that i not waver


first published on kengilbert.com, February 20, 2016.
Copyright © 2016 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







i have many loves O Lord
that You alone have given to me
according to Thy great lovingkindness
and Thy tender mercies

but the greatest love of all
is the love i have for You
and for Your Word
which You have given me
from the beginning
so that i might begin to know
Your goodness and Your majesty
all the days of my life

i thank you
from the depths of my soul
with the gratitude
that to You alone is due
to the Holy One
who inhabits eternity


first published on kengilbert.com, February 21, 2016.
Copyright © 2016 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







modernity can never understand
the true nature of Your being
nor the fact of Your seeing
all those who follow Your Son
Your only begotten Son

do You ever wonder why
the many multitudes
choose not to follow after You
but rather seek to pursue
all the many kinds of riches
the world has to offer

they amass all the treasures
stored in all the strongholds
throughout the land
and count themselves grand
achieving all that they planned
before the final end comes
to take them away naked
of all they once were


first published on kengilbert.com, February 21, 2016.
Copyright © 2016 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







where am i
why am i in the middle
of an endless sea of people

“hey do you know where we are”
“no man i have no clue”

there’s like a multitude of people
as far as my eye can see
there seems to be no end

what’s that up there
is that a throne
made out of pure gold
high and lifted up
and what are those funny looking creatures
with what appears to be wings
covering their bodies

and there before the high throne
are twenty-four smaller thrones
with twenty-four people sitting on them
wearing golden crowns
who are they

“this is weird man”

hey who’s that old dude
with the white hair
sitting down on the high throne
and who’s that
sitting at His right hand

O crap
is this what i think it is

if that’s God
and Jesus
sitting at His right hand
then i am screwed

i never saw this coming
and i certainly never considered
that the stories were true
i thought they were for weak people
who needed a crutch to get through life
i was too busy amassing my fortune
by stepping on the backs of all the little people
i never considered
what would happen
after i died

O crap

“O God
please forgive me now
i was such a fool”

“it’s too late my child
it’s time to pay the debt you amassed
for all the times I called to you
asking you to repent and follow My Son
but you ignored Me
and went right on doing
whatever you desired”

“open the books”


first published on kengilbert.com, February 21, 2016.
Copyright © 2016 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






some people

some people stand afar off in darkness
not wanting to be seen by trying eyes
they hide their true persona in meekness
and they speak sweetly to cover up lies

they can spin a yarn that fantasy wrought
easier than taking in a deep breath
speaking the many stories evil taught
to captivate innocence unto death

some listen mesmerized to evil’s tale
accounting every word for truthfulness
allowing their soul to enter travail
unable to perceive such wickedness

others remain steadfast in doing right
to always honor the Lord of glory
and to love Him daily with all their might
awaiting completion of His story

they awake to see His goodness each day
shining upon His people with great love
knowing only righteousness He repay
for confessing His name as the Lord above


first published on kengilbert.com, May 28, 2016.
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Psalm 95
in my own words

O come to the Lord and before Him sing
very pleasant songs of praise in His ear
let us make a joyful noise of blessing
and to the rock of our salvation cheer

let us come before His presence each day
singing psalms of thanksgiving to His name
for the Lord is a great God to obey
and salvation and blessing His great fame

He holds the earth’s deep places in His hand
and the strength of the hills are His treasure
with His outstretched hands He formed the dry land
and He made the sea for His good pleasure

O come now let us worship and bow down
let us kneel before the Lord our maker
for He is our God and His fame renown
and we are the people of His pasture

today if you will harken to His voice
harden not your hearts in provocation
as when tempted you did fail to rejoice
and did disobey in reprobation

you wandered for years in the wilderness
when your fathers decided to tempt Me
and tried to provoke Me to unkindness
even though My miracles you did see

forty years this generation grieved Me
a people whose heart did err in protest
so then I swear in My wrath against thee
never ever can thou enter My rest


first published on kengilbert.com, July 16, 2016.
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history remembers from long ago
stories told of a simpler time to know
when friendly neighbors always said hello
and gratefulness much easier to show

remember then that very pleasant day
when godliness showed in open display
and caring affection the heart portray
as one for another true love convey

how then after that pleasant day’s delight
did darkness descend to destroy the light
when public goodness receded from sight
and hid herself from evil’s deadly plight

the times now demand goodness awaken
to battle for her honor forsaken
and men of valor arise unshaken
for sacred honor to be retaken

as media fairy tales cause distress
and government power steals in excess
while lib’ral leaders can only repress
all innocence to godliness oppress

half the country’s households live on welfare
in order to survive oppression’s snare
while captivity holds them in despair
and death’s destruction stalks them unaware

government entitlements do destroy
with deceptive kindness they now employ
and lib’rals must always lie to enjoy
federal power that evil deploy

they want to devastate liberty’s cause
and banish all the constitution’s laws
so that goodness now forever withdraws
never again to shine on evil’s flaws

regardless then of evil’s dark desire
to see goodness on a funeral pyre
how then shall God allow this to transpire
when representing glory’s best attire

shall not evil ever begin to see
the coming of God’s greatest victory
when everyone knows His loving story
to establish goodness for His glory


first published on kengilbert.com, August 29, 2016.
Copyright © 2016 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







a spiritual man encountered peace
at a time he needed to find his way
amidst a people wanting evil cease
from the hand of fanatics of the day

he cried out to a god he thought he knew
for comfort in the face of affliction
and then journeyed long to evil pursue
with a heart overflowing conviction

like-minded men followed him in combat
to enemy strongholds across the land
bringing devastation evil begat
with a vengeance only darkness command

and yet this unknown god continued siege
on an open heart wickedness now own
by forcing visions upon evil’s liege
for destroying enemies of his throne

compassion for life eluded his soul
from the moment vengeance entered his heart
knowing only death fulfill evil’s goal
for his life’s mission to never depart

thinking rewards in heaven his true gain
for following his unknown god’s leading
to kill infidels with evil’s disdain
and prevent all Goodness from succeeding

he knew Goodness sent His heavenly host
to protect the elect from death’s dark door
while killing continued that evil boast
of destroying Goodness forevermore

little did he know that Providence reign
in affairs of men throughout the ages
regardless of the way evil sustain
death’s demand for the infidel’s wages

unto this day continues the killings
at the hands of his spiritual seed
looking to collect on evil’s billings
for the despair brought on by terror’s greed

Goodness enjoys the final victory
decreed before the beginning of time
when Providence wrote evil’s history
and then guaranteed payment for the crime


first published on kengilbert.com, October 11, 2016.
Copyright © 2016 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






call your children

you call your children from a far country
where they have wandered many untold years
because they could not shed idolatry
long established by captivity’s fears

freedom comes only by your outstretched hand
gently touching an unsuspecting heart
guiding them in the direction you plan’d
long before you ever set them apart

you bestow your gift of faith in abundance
for discerning your heart and will each day
and teach them to walk in obedience
in order that your goodness they display

you are the Lord God of all creation
the Holy One to whom all glory due
the only One to offer salvation
in order that your goodness they pursue

your children stand witness to the darkness
of those who deny your true existence
and make for themselves idols in likeness
of living things to arouse resistance

why then they never consider turning
back to the one true God of creation
even when in emptiness their yearning
points them to the God of restoration

their ego drives them to never obey
the commandments with which they disagree
so then in God’s presence they cannot stay
since their evil demands death’s guarantee

send out then many prophets with your word
amidst the congregation of the dead
ready to tell them justice will be heard
before the coming of disaster’s dread

tell them open your heart to Glory’s voice
speaking directly to your heart of stone
so that the Lord of Goodness may rejoice
and change your heart to be His very own

hear Him for His loving kindness spoken
directly to the darkness of your soul
knowing that to His truth you must harken
broken for His goodness to take control

and He will place you on His highest hill
so that through you His light may shine abroad
and through you His goodness He will fulfill
throughout a land where darkness death applaud

bow down then before the Lord your maker
in honor of the glory due His name
and receive His shed blood as partaker
of the goodness all His children proclaim


first published on kengilbert.com, November 12, 2016.
Copyright © 2016 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







a story has been told of a great king
who came in the lowliness of a child
and to Him all heavenly host do sing
in recognition of His mercy mild

He never owned a single possession
as He walked through the towns in homelessness
and never made a single concession
to Israel’s leaders of lawlessness

He entered Jerusalem unannounced
to be baptized in the Jordan by John
then Satan asked that goodness be renounced
so that Jesus could evil’s darkness don

but He would never deny His Father
for His obedience He did affirm
when thrice He did reprove Satan’s offer
overcoming temptation to stand firm

He called His twelve disciples to follow
and to leave all their possessions behind
wanting them to depart from evil’s shadow
to walk along the path the Lord defined

He performed miracles for all to see
so they knew that God sent Him as foretold
in the days when Moses said one like me
would lead you to His kingdom to behold

and thus many believed and followed Him
as He walked through the towns calling His own
they came to see at risk of life and limb
to hear the way of truth that He made known

He healed everyone who by faith believed
so He could do for them as for others
and showed the world goodness could be conceived
to dispel death’s darkness evil gathers

Israel’s leaders knew He had to die
if they were to hold on to their power
and so they conspired with evil to lie
to murder Him at the appointed hour

but the Holy One escaped corruption
when death could never hold His soul in hell
and His resurrection caused disruption
to Satan’s plans to godliness dispel

even though man could never stop sinning
due to a fallen rebellious nature
God had planned a way from the beginning
to give His children hope for the future

so take hold of His gift offered freely
to all who believe He died for your sin
and confess Lord Jesus to them boldly
when His salvation heals you from within


first published on kengilbert.com, January 9, 2017.
Copyright © 2017 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







America became soft and battered
by lib’ral forces from within her midst
and her constitution torn and tattered
to guarantee her people not resist

all her claims of freedom and liberty
remain unknown to this generation
who grew up in lib’ral captivity
and were taught their lies for compensation

they never learned critical thinking skills
so as to discern godly truth from lies
and they listened to the media shills
who taught them godliness they must despise

power and fame are their promised reward
for following after lib’ral liars
and they guaranteed goodness be deplored
in order to follow their dark desires

today the battle has come to the fore
with lib’ral forces pretending retreat
while speaking the lies of a DC whore
who sells her service to johns on K street

all our politicians have gone astray
to follow after rapacious desire
in order to America betray
to the lobbyists with whom they conspire

they pretend to want what the people do
in order to get themselves elected
and then reveal the evil they pursue
against the goodness they have rejected

they speak crass words against goodness revealed
and destroy cars and stores to demonstrate
they accuse others of hatred concealed
hiding behind their intolerant hate

how then will justice expose their deceit
and all their lib’ral lunacy repay
when an outsider brings on their defeat
by opening doors for goodness to stay

but this now is just another salvo
in a war that has been raging for years
pray then that many victories follow
for goodness to repay their profiteers


first published on kengilbert.com, January 25, 2017.
Copyright © 2017 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






testing a new president

people are willing to discard the law
that protects life from outside invaders
even from the fanatics they foresaw
coming from afar with death’s crusaders

fantasy informs them that all seems good
and that everyone believes life precious
trust then in others to do as right should
and ignore the evil growing vicious

Alinsky calls to his own from the grave
to destroy godliness wherever found
trusting Obama to goodness enslave
with his ugly activism unbound

hidden heretics strike out from the dark
ready to destroy a new president
speaking sedition’s casual remark
to reveal death’s deadliest dissident

when then many lib’rals attack with lies
and fake news to create contentious strife
to destroy the people evil despise
with calumny’s words to devastate life

many globalists have infiltrated
the halls of the political elite
a shadow government long created
to overcome the world with dark deceit

the battle lines have been drawn for some time
to set in motion a new world order
one which evil’s henchmen portray sublime
while secretly creating disorder

this unseen war rages throughout D.C.
for the soul of our great constitution
some believe that lawlessness can reign free
without ever seeing retribution

others think it protects all innocence
from the eyes and ears of our government
intent on illegal reconnaissance
to silence their opponent’s argument

we now stand on life’s precipice looking
at the dark road leading to tomorrow
wonder whether goodness is abounding
or retreating from our growing sorrow

imagine the tragic consequences
for allowing evil to overcome
by destroying our greatest defenses
without ever heeding the calling drum

why then do we forget to call goodness
to the forefront of the raging conflict
for He is our shield and our righteousness
even when our worship is imperfect

so arise O godly men of glory
to reclaim your sacred honor anew
the time has come to rewrite the story
evil wrote with her long attempted coup


first published on kengilbert.com, March 6, 2017.
Copyright © 2017 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







the braying ego of a godless man
echoes through the cities of his nation
he thinks back to when treachery began
and imagined his own coronation

he would imagine evil to drive fear
into the heart of America’s soul
to destroy family and jobs held dear
and to put goodness under his control

the time came when he arose to power
and began to set his enemy’s fate
making his plans for goodness to cower
to the authority of the deep state

he ignored the people’s constitution
any time its demands blocked his desire
to incite oppression’s persecution
and pave the way for darkness to transpire

he then repeated all the lib’ral lies
as a puppet of the global elite
wanting to ensure the coming demise
of freedom and liberty at his feet

he encountered the ISIS brotherhood
starting uprisings in muslim nations
and provided weaponry when he could
for the rebel’s deadly aspirations

as is typical in life time ran out
before he could complete his darkest dream
so he left his followers most devout
to entangle Trump in his deep state scheme

his henchmen stayed hidden in the darkness
ready to destroy the new president
who legislated with godly goodness
to remove ties to the last resident

they started spying on him long ago
as a new presidential candidate
knowing they could use illegal info
to block appointments and intimidate

they created fake news about his life
and all his dealings as a businessman
knowing it would cause him unending strife
in dealing with the D.C. taliban

they even blocked his attempt to repeal
and replace the accursed Obamacare
which Trump promised voters in his new deal
to ensure them better medical care

and even his supreme court nominee
has been threatened with a filibuster
because the obstinate dems disagree
with a judge who already passed muster

but the senate leaders went nuclear
to lower the threshold to fifty-one
and elevate Trump’s legal warrior
in his most important battle yet won

creating new jobs was first on his list
with all the companies he knew before
he contacted friends so none would resist
moving manufacturing back on shore

he lacked the background to command in war
and many doubted he would take control
then Syria demanded he do more
in his military leadership role

he rose to the challenge on the world stage
in response to the use of chemicals
and launched cruise missiles to evil engage
denying deadly tools to radicals

Russia Iran and North Korea railed
against America standing for right
saying our motives would soon be unveiled
determined to world conflict now ignite

psycho Kim threatens a deadly attack
to America fearing for his life
knowing our battle group is coming back
as the world’s avenging surgical knife

whenever America acts from strength
the lib’ral lunatics come to the fore
complaining tolerance at any length
must be shown to those that goodness deplore

open conflict consumes national thought
throughout the countries of the east and west
each tries to understand what evil wrought
teaching muslim youth to goodness detest

know not then that the world is now at war
for the third time in the last hundred years
a time worse than the crusades of before
when once again religion interferes

just enter the code and press a button
and all the infidels can be wiped out
then return home to dinner of mutton
with the desert wilderness all about

a civilized response can then be sent
as a raining shower of destruction
upon the people terror did torment
during the last thousand years of seduction


first published on kengilbert.com, April 16, 2017.
Copyright © 2017 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







the United Kingdom voted exit
from the European Union of states
because E.U.’s leaders became unfit
to restrain that which darkness procreates

freely the U.K. took in refugees
from war torn nations of the middle east
never expecting the hostilities
death demanded from her merciless beast

they gathered together in a ghetto
so that they might protect their sacred way
and then did heed death’s call to overthrow
all infidels in order to obey

and then with brilliance they decided how
to bring death’s destruction to infidels
by brainwashing their children to kowtow
to their leaders that evil now compels

they have entered unknown territory
where reason has been replaced by the quest
for greatness retold in human glory
and paid for by brainwashed children obsessed

blow yourself up in the market today
and then enter eternal paradise
with seventy virgins for death’s display
of your obedience and sacrifice

see how many infidels you can kill
along the path to earn your prophet’s love
thinking only that your glory fulfill
your destiny to meet greatness above

victory may now seem assured at last
when all the killing takes its toll in fear
spreading death among innocence aghast
at the ugliness your hatred makes clear

but hatred will only bring you sorrow
when you see how governments respond
with overwhelming force on the morrow
for the perpetrators that evil conned

and hatred brings unwanted attention
to your great jihad started long ago
and makes known your current dark intention
to destroy all innocence goodness sow

consider the promise may not be real
before you ever take your final breath
however great your hatred makes you feel
to have such power over life and death

and know that your hatred was born of lies
to turn your heart against all but your own
maybe then you can hear the people’s cries
and understand the heartache you have sown


first published on kengilbert.com, June 12, 2017.
Copyright © 2017 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







silent demons dance across the night sky
waiting for violence to awaken
hoping to incite evil to comply
with resurrected plans unforsaken

they seek after truth’s destruction daily
in order to perpetuate their lies
and let desire lead them on a journey
to the precipice of their own demise

will then goodness arise out of the ash
of lib’ral policies torn asunder
after many years of socialist trash
have they really made their final blunder


first published on kengilbert.com, July 15, 2017.
Copyright © 2017 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







America stands ready to attack
a rogue nation creating missile fears
with nuclear technology on track
to unleash her devastation and tears

China remains unresponsive to Trump
regarding help with North Korea’s threat
no the puppet master will never jump
to support destroying her rabid pet

North Korea’s Kim continues to brood
about America attacking first
knowing that his missile program pursued
guarantees devastation quench his thirst

Kim joined forces with Iran to deploy
a missile with a nuclear warhead
however Iran remains very coy
about her weapon’s fitness for bloodshed

will Iran finally show her true face
to a world wishing evil never thrive
she sits down to negotiate with grace
while keeping her nuclear work alive

everyone worries that warheads are sold
to anyone willing to pay the price
for terrorists will not long be consoled
by simple bombs to enter paradise

meanwhile back in the U.S.A. Trump fights
to root out darkness in the D.C. mire
to stop lying in which evil delights
and to mitigate rabid lib’ral ire

the blogosphere spews vitriolic hate
in support of the leaks and the fake news
pronouncing then their truth without debate
and attacking any with other views

the Senate speaks loudly with perfect pitch
attempting to destroy the righteous right
and to encumber their middle class bitch
with taxes likened to our founder’s plight

they promised they would repeal and replace
an imploding Obamacare right now
and then were re-elected with grace
to overturn the worst bill passed somehow

but the republicans cannot agree
whether to repeal or replace the bill
therefore condemning every enrollee
with skyrocketing costs draining the till

Trump threatens to cut the Senate’s budget
subsidizing healthcare costs reimbursed
to insure that they sincerely submit
a healthcare bill putting the people first

he does the administration shuffle
moving his players all around the board
trying to avoid a bloody battle
with the left leaning congressional hoard

nevertheless his strength comes to the fore
in negotiating deals with others
and in making sure defense is top drawer
with the best toys for his combat brothers

so even though China never responds
to help with North Korea’s aggression
he will not allow diplomacy’s bonds
to compel America’s concession

now America holds tests of her own
launching I.C.B.M. hunter killers
to insure incoming missiles are blown
out of the sky like in Star Wars’ thrillers

America stands ready to defend
her homeland from terror wherever found
a people who will argue to the end
yet battle as one to terror confound


first published on kengilbert.com, August 4, 2017.
Copyright © 2017 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






hatred demanding

hatred gathers her forces quietly
sending them out to attract new recruits
then she indoctrinates them privately
to always follow her evil pursuits

she sets her focus on college students
to brainwash with her darkest obsession
while her lies arouse her new assailants
to perpetuate her deadly oppression

she shows her face in Charlottesville’s crime spree
attacking goodness from the left and right
where thousands protest U.S. history
yelling and fighting from morning till night

hatred refuses to ever take sides
in violence masquerading as good
not wanting to expose what evil hides
behind a facade that’s misunderstood

she manipulates those on every side
to do her bidding of intolerance
ensuring that violence will reside
in the heart of lib’ral belligerence

she incites the left to intimidate
with lying that leaves innocence aghast
motivating them to eliminate
all the symbols of America’s past

hatred topples confederate statues
that bring to mind a war against evil
a time when southern states had no excuse
but to aid in the works of the devil

by removing the statues from our sight
she rewrites our darkest past forever
continuing in her deadly delight
with the deception of her endeavor

demanding everyone silence God’s voice
spoken in the midst of public discourse
removing every alternative choice
from the public forum without remorse

it seems unlikely hatred ever ends
abolishing the current culture war
since her self-righteousness daily pretends
that she’s the one whom evil does deplore


first published on kengilbert.com, August 20, 2017.
Copyright © 2017 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







all lives matter as much as black and blue
and brown and yellow also matter too
why then do people protest to pursue
the destruction of those they misconstrue

and not just with the adrenaline high
of spoken words and signs to explain why
but with violence that all must comply
with their command to liberty decry

bullying everyone who disagrees
with lib’ral lies that calumny foresees
everyone bowing to the guarantees
of power and fortune to evil please

activists who protest everything good
with vitriol to cower those they could
shutting down opponents before they would
stand upon the platform goodness stood

anarchy now reigns throughout the nation
causing every evil expectation
to take the fore in anticipation
of violence for the celebration

evil wins when freedom torn and tattered
running the other way quickly scattered
with the telltale signs of being battered
thinking goodness really never mattered

how then return we to civility
without everyone’s keen ability
to respect others with humility
and a strong desire for tranquility

and how then can we reverse direction
to make the necessary correction
before the twenty eighteen election
with a cure for Satan’s insurrection

we could perpetrate violence also
if only goodness allowed us to know
that for a season our evil could show
in response to the activist’s ego

so we could attack the left with bats
and use our fists to beat back the black hats
to fight all of anarchy’s diplomats
under the spell of lying democrats

but alas we cannot do as they do
we have a higher calling to pursue
following after goodness to renew
obedience to give God all He’s due


first published on kengilbert.com, September 3, 2017.
Copyright © 2017 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






Lord of eternity

give unto the Lord glory due His name
creation of heaven and earth His fame
a strong tower of righteousness His game
and salvation and forgiveness His claim

God gave us His only begotten Son
Jesus of Nazareth the Holy One
to gather His own from under the sun
and wipe every tear away when He’s done

just turn to Him and say i’ve had enough
there’s no way i can do all this stuff
when life in this world has gotten too rough
with evil’s torment to make living tough

forgive my sins and trespasses this day
and give me my appointed faith to say
that Jesus reigns as Lord of life’s new way
and is forever in my heart to stay

therefore will i daily pray for goodness
and His eternal light of righteousness
to fill me with His joyful happiness
so all around will see His true kindness

call humbly upon Him to set you free
knowing He has chosen your destiny
then following obedience the key
for pleasing the Lord of eternity


first published on kengilbert.com, September 16, 2017.
Copyright © 2017 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






the outsider

an angry activist stands all alone
awaiting approval from evil’s own
thinking liberty highly overblown
ready to wrestle goodness for the throne

he came out of nowhere to make his stand
ignoring everything history plan’d
rejecting freedom as law of the land
during his years of illegal command

he had his chance to make a difference
a world leader searching for relevance
speaking boldly for social tolerance
while encouraging open violence

but Providence made known His own design
electing an outsider for a sign
that maybe now we need to realign
our attitude so that goodness may shine

and soon the outsider found a dark scourge
left behind where swamp dwellers did emerge
to attach whenever they felt the urge
coming out of hiding to goodness purge

and these dark dwellers began to attack
with trash talking lib’ral lunatic flack
the outsider knew he had to fight back
tweeting his condemnation with a smack

right standing tall against the face of might
calling the dark dwellers into the light
so he could correct the middle class plight
and turn back the coming beast of the night

but now it seems he will never succeed
against lib’ral lies progressives decreed
in their battle against the goodness creed
and for the soul of America’s seed

congress attacks the struggling nation
desiring socialism’s occupation
to destroy the dream of expectation
for lady liberty’s coronation

senate republicans do their own thing
following the lobbyist’s money string
refusing to repeal healthcare’s dark sting
and the nation’s people disrespecting

then nature sent Harvey with fury’s bath
to devour Houston in its aftermath
and then Irma upon the wind’s warpath
to devastate Florida in its wrath

then came Maria with its full fury
destroying Puerto Rico’s property
turning from the U.S. coast abruptly
to slink away north eastward silently

and now a sniper attacks innocence
killing too many with ambivalence
bullets showering down in compliance
with evil’s dark desire for dominance

with every attack the outsider shows
his caring for those who suffer the blows
meeting them face to face compassion bestows
the silent comfort only goodness grows

will he win this battle of the ages
enacted upon history’s pages
on the left we see how evil rages
and on the right how goodness engages

i long to see the end of the story
where evil becomes the hunted quarry
never again to be predatory
when only God’s goodness gets the glory


first published on kengilbert.com, October 7, 2017.
Copyright © 2017 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






only one

autumn clouds blow across the blacken’d sky
to shroud in darkness D.C.’s common lie
that fed’ral laws to them do not apply
and truth exists only to falsify

winds will change however from time to time
within the swamp some believe quite sublime
where the lib’ral left can commit a crime
to gain the lev’rage for their upward climb

and yet no one’s crime is ever punished
rarely is their reputation tarnished
never will they ever be admonished
and definitely never abolished

meanwhile let’s set aside the swamp for now
to look at hatred’s calling to kowtow
a country willing to goodness avow
with all the destruction evil allow

first term congressmen struggle to fit in
when learning the truth of their colleagues sin
of globalist pandering for the win
while offering up political spin

ex-presidents attack the newest one
some would say in order to greatness shun
but reality speaks to what they’ve done
to protect the globalist power won

Alabama politics joins the fray
with uniparty lies to save the day
to rescue a senate seat gone astray
because integrity goodness convey

global power money runs like water
through corrupt hands in the D.C. quarter
for money they all would trade their daughter
to lead America to the slaughter

so what can we do to stem the tide
of the global force amassing worldwide
wanting destruction to come from inside
with all the deception evil abide

only one stands up against what’s to come
long before he began beating his drum
make America great again the hum
demanding evil forces to succumb


first published on kengilbert.com, November 23, 2017.
Copyright © 2017 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.









Part 5


written 2017 through 2018






the path

a young boy stands looking into the well
seeing all that is ordained to transpire
then looks to the Ancient of days to tell
the meaning of all that his heart desire

he begins his journey along the path
set before him by the Ancient of days
walking through the valley of evil’s wrath
long before the darkness is set ablaze

he exits safely on the other side
expecting to be attacked on the way
seeing then clearly the chaos worldwide
where once tranquility was led astray

life goes on in the midst of the battle
between the henchmen of evil and good
he cannot ignore the lying prattle
coming from a conflict misunderstood

innocence cannot escape their worst fear
with violence running rampant in the street
many of the rioters persevere
until driven backward in forced retreat

mass shootings from a Las Vegas hotel
kill countless concert goers at night
while many find safety where goodness dwell
upon wings of eagles in soaring flight

more shootings at a Texas baptist church
kill children and parents in godly prayer
a neighbor fires back from his hidden perch
saving sunday worshipers unaware

malicious actions that hatred demands
to fuel the unseen fire burning below
can never be stopped by lawful commands
by a congress setting cities aglow

he looks back to where his journey began
knowing the Father’s promise still remains
then assessing the progress of His plan
follows the path that evil still restrains


first published on kengilbert.com, December 6, 2017.
Copyright © 2017 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






too late

the name of the Lord is a strong tower
standing in the middle of every heart
safety can be found in His strong power
protecting every soul He set apart

be not ashamed for His gospel will save
everyone who believes He is able
righteousness is revealed to free and slave
yet only faith in Him will enable

put aside ungodliness forever
it will only lead to your destruction
set your mind on goodness to endeavor
to hear the truth from Jesus’ instruction

see not the emptiness hiding inside
when your heart intently desires the good
and see not your mind seeking after pride
in order to do that which evil would

learn from your introspection of the past
knowing all your behavior sets your fate
and come to the resurrection at last
before death’s destruction makes it too late


first published on kengilbert.com, December 22, 2017.
Copyright © 2017 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







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