Poetry -- Isaiah, in my own words




Isaiah, in my own words





beware of God’s wrath kindled against you
for knowing not which commands to obey
His nourishment forever will pursue
even when rebellion’s vows to repay
why stands unfeigned iniquity proudly
for evil doers against God to fight
sin silently speaks in your ear loudly
provoking the Holy One bathed in light
see not anger confound a whole heart faint
overcome with putrid sores on your soul
when will you begin to show some restraint
and with righteousness His army enroll
       except our Lord leave a remnant behind
       destruction and fire all life shall find

hear not God’s word O Jerusalem’s seed
fear not His law sinful inhabitants
for what purpose your sacrifices plead
and why blood offering’s participants
abominations abound unwanted
when appointed feasts to God unpleasing
your hands shed innocent blood undaunted
causing hidden eyes with His displeasing
wash away all evil doings today
and plead oppression’s cause throughout the land
learn justice and well doing’s vows to pay
and faithfully obey His just command
       reason rightly with God of creation
       or be destroyed by sword’s desolation

God’s faithful city now the harlot plays
and murderers abound where justice dwelt
rebellion stands foremost in life’s displays
with widows and fatherless evil dealt
Israel’s enemies the Lord avenge
yet purging dross from silver judgment’s end
mercy’s redemption stands without revenge
when His righteous city on grace depend
God’s transgressor’s destruction does demand
and sinners forsaken fire consumes
pagan worship sites shameful to confound
when desire hidden in garden tombs
       oak leaves faded waiting water withheld
       tinder for maker’s match unquenched upheld





God’s word for Judah by Isaiah spoken
upon Jerusalem’s last days to pass
His mountain home established unbroken
when coming nations exalted surpass
come to Jehovah’s mountain top retreat
walking after learning’s sanctified ways
inhabitants of Zion’s law entreat
His word righteous in Jerusalem’s days
judgment shall among many nations dwell
with rebuke speaking His exhortation
swords and spears changed by redemption’s spell
war no longer evil’s destination
       see not His exaltation for to come
       anticipation’s final hope the sum

Jacob’s house walks silently forsaken
following ways of eastern soothsayers
horses and treasures graciously taken
and worshiped handmade idols your slayers
therefore by His hand humbled and lowly
your position becomes unforgiven
dust and rocks can never hide you wholly
when glory’s majesty by fear driven
man’s pridefulness by the Lord be humbled
and haughtiness by outstretched hand bowed down
by providence alone man’s cause stumbled
the Lord forever exalted renown
       judgment calls account lofty attitudes
       peaceful presence when humbleness exudes

His special day’s beacon standing shining
upon every beaming soul lofty and proud
everyone lifted up haughty preening
crushed by stone of stumbling lowly and bowed
upon all cedars and oaks lifted high
upon all mountains and hills lifted up
upon all towers and walls lifted sigh
upon all sloops and ships lifted breakup
upon man’s lofty and haughty nature
will the Lord repay empty desolation
He alone exists exalted stature
He alone with majesty’s elation
       fear of the Lord acknowledging glory
       breath of life softly speaking His story





the Lord of hosts takes everything away
when Judah and Jerusalem broken
judgment assails her bread supply to pay
and receding water evil’s token
all her leaders will likewise be removed
replaced with incompetent boys to lead
capricious rulers by desire moved
insolence driven by oppression’s greed
gray haired and honorable men despised
and righteous men no longer there abide
creative men replacement schemes devised
when ruler picked in father’s house reside
       lying tongues and doings the Lord provoke
       against city and people He bespoke

their countenance on faces speak against
and Sodom’s sins in action now declared
woe to them who have evil recompensed
reward for selfish action now prepared
all with humble walking well transpires
eating heaven’s fruit of righteous doings
woe again to them with dark desires
when rewards of justice for wrongdoings
willful children wield oppression’s burden
and women over people they do rule
path’s destruction scattered error laden
standing pleading He lessens judgment’s fuel
       houses overflowing people’s plunder
       why then they beaten and torn asunder

the Lord speaks out against Zion’s daughters
for haughtiness at character’ center
seduction’s eyes overflowing quarters
disobedience allowed to enter
punishment’s scabs upon heads discover
when exposing hidden secrets shorn bald
tinkling anklets the Lord shall recover
and scarves and crescent moons also recalled
clothing jewelry and perfumes replaced
when time’s approaching sweetened smells shall stink
all beauty’s signs in His anger displaced
and ugly branding scars pushed to the brink
       strength falls victim to bloody sword of war
       laments and mourning on gate’s ground a whore





certainly the Lord’s Branch beautiful comes
with glory’s entrance into men’s affairs
filled the earth with fruit’s bountiful blossoms
and Israel’s remnant escapes despairs
all in Zion remaining called holy
so too Jerusalem’s inhabitants
written rightly in living’s book solely
His forever eternal residents
Zion’s daughter’s filthiness washed off clean
and Jerusalem of all bloodshed purged
day’s smoke cloud and night’s flaming fire seen
amidst tabernacle now encouraged
       protection covers every dwelling place
       for stormy weather refuge seek His face





wellbelov’d i sing you passion’s sweet song
about vineyard on fruitful hill planted
protection round about with fence belong
fallow ground and stone’s removal granted
choicest vines lovingly seeded with care
protection provided by watchtower
winepress for squeezing His ripened grapes there
why then only dark demon’s wild flower
men of Judah and Jerusalem choose
between your master and His choice vineyard
over everything done you may peruse
and tell all that might be better figured
       all the master’s care lovingly given
       wild grape’s rebelliousness unforgiven

come see His vineyard’s dark desolation
with firebrands striking judgment’s anger
vineyard’s hedge no longer for protection
and lands devoured in judgment’s hunger
broken down city walls as repayment
and trampled fertile ground for oppression
laid waste by your master in punishment
neither pruned nor dug at His discretion
briers and thorns her bountiful vines choke
and cloudless skies chase latter rain away
vineyard torn asunder under His cloak
destruction then for unbelief repay
       Israel your vineyard Judah your plant
       oppression for righteousness judgment’s grant

woe to them whose houses join together
with many fields fueling greed’s desire
desolation’s winds bring stormy weather
and judgment’s flaming funeral fire
nonproducing lands not in fruit’s season
bountiful vines by His anger stricken
woe to them early rising with reason
inflamed by drink and forever broken
musical instruments and wine for feasts
the Lord’s handiwork now disregarded
people led captive by protagonists
their only knowledge of Him retarded
       men of honor standing feeling hunger
       dried up thirsty dying torn asunder

therefore hell enlarged herself enraging
with opened mouth disregarding measure
speak proudly of your glory engaging
descending to hell’s destroying pleasure
in disgrace faithless people brought down low
every one of lofty eyes made humble
but stands the Lord within exalted glow
holy sanctified righteous laudable
then again shall everything be set right
within their pastures do His precious feed
growing fatlings foremost within His sight
yet strangers eating justice out of greed
       hell rejoices when evilness rages
       set apart when righteousness engages

woe to them within iniquity stand
showing off vanity’s shining garment
why hasten judgment’s work upon demand
drawing His counsel near without lament
woe to them exchanging evil for good
replacing demon’s darkness for His light
bitter circumstances for sweetened food
everything jumbled knowing not what’s right
woe to them whose wisdom sits self approved
all things heart and mind imagined as wise
where found Godly thoughts with prudence removed
becoming only fools of pity’s cries
       consider not life’s path along walking
       justice in your wake forever stalking

woe to them drinking aged wine mightily
whose human strength mingled with strong drink
they justify the wicked haughtily
and remove righteousness with evil’s wink
as fire devours stubble growing
and all wheat’s chaff by raging flames consume
so His people’s rotten root unknowing
dust blowing away ever then presume
the Lord’s law now cast away forgotten
and His word’s truth in Israel despised
against them then kindled anger begotten
with outstretched arm to smite uncircumcised
       hills tremble and carcasses torn apart
       anger foremost forever not depart

lift up high a nation’s banner afar
whistling loudly from earth’s eastern most end
behold they swiftly come with speed to spar
neither stumbling nor weary they descend
God’s henchmen never stumble or need sleep
warrior’s belt tightly cinched for battle
well made sandal straps unbroken to leap
when justice covers law’s fighting mantle
sharpened arrows bent bows standing ready
horses chariots on whirlwind appear
roaring lion’s attacking sounds steady
then prey carried away broken in fear
       judgment descending His darkened sorrow
       unyielding unseen then comes the morrow





when king Uzziah died Isaiah saw
the Lord lifted high upon glory’s throne
His robe’s train filling the temple with awe
six-wing’d seraphim fly above alone
crying holy holy holy in praise
the whole earth is full of the Lord’s glory
doorposts shaking by crying voice ablaze
filling His house with smoke’s sovereign story
woe unto me my mortal life undone
speaking my heart displayed with lips unclean
knowing how my nation never outdone
the Lord of hosts my mortal eyes have seen
       few ever get to stand in His presence
       enter into His majesty’s essence

then unto me a seraphim did fly
with fire’s burning coal within his hand
taken with tongs from the altar nearby
and placed upon my mouth in gesture grand
evil’s darkened sin now clearly removed
whom shall I send and who for Us will go
here i am send me Isaiah approved
and ever in truth my speaking bestow
these people hear but do not understand
and they see but cannot indeed perceive
ears heavy eyes shut lest knowing what’s planned
become converted and healing receive
       desolation’s judgment promised coming
       remnant’s return His glory proclaiming





in Ahaz’s days against Judah then went
Syria and Ephraim to make war
then Isaiah by the sovereign Lord sent
to meet Ahaz with son and speak before
take heed fear not neither bee fainthearted
of these two smoking firebrands coming
plotting evil counsel then departed
Judah’s demise their kings are proclaiming
the Lord says your war plans shall never stand
and neither shall they ever come to pass
Ephraim tossed out broken from the land
when unbelief in judgment does surpass
       Ahaz offered the Lord’s strong protection
       smoking firebrands answer rejection

the Lord again to Ahaz speaking says
ask of Me any single sign showing
heaven and earth now proclaiming My ways
yet Ahaz tempted not the Lord knowing
hear now O David’s house weary Me not
for the Lord Himself will give you a sign
behold a virgin shall conceive My plot
naming Him Immanuel My design
butter and honey shall He know to eat
refusing all evil and choosing good
before that time stands the land in defeat
forsaken by two kings that never could
       suffering for sin then caught up to God
       woman’s seed ruling wielding iron rod

Ephraim’s departing days now numbered
when Assyria brings her destruction
from the uttermost Egypt’s fly lumbered
and Assyria’s bee for instruction
within desolate valleys shall they rest
within rock’s clefts and on bushes and thorns
the Lord’s razor shaves their hair in protest
Assyria’s king blowing battle horns
then will man sustain one cow two sheep
and milk enough produced for remnant there
yet only briers and thorns growing keep
where crop strewn hills once only cattle fair
       God’s justice rains on His who disobey
       covenant’s vows require to repay





now speaks the Lord that Isaiah may write
concerning a man’s name upon a scroll
two faithful witnesses stand for what’s right
Maher-shalal-hashbaz for your son’s role
before the child cries aloud my father
Damascus’ riches are taken away
Samaria’s plundered by another
Assyria’s king conquering the day
again speaks the Lord unto Isaiah
they refuse Shiloah’s water bubbling
they rejoice in war’s allies for Judah
Assyria’s king brings justice troubling
       raging river waters now overflow
       judgment’s glory repayment to bestow

through My Judah does Assyria pass
reaching to her neck and overflowing
wings stretched out over the land to surpass
filled with thy breath Immanuel knowing
associate yourselves now together
give ear from far countries all around
gird yourselves broken up for another
see your coming disaster to be found
counsel taken together comes to naught
words spoken against Judah shall not stand
for our God is with us protecting as aught
His shield surrounds with passion’s promise planned
       remnant remaining for Judah to heed
       Immanuel Abraham’s promised seed

then speaks my Lord to me with a strong hand
instructing not to walk in error’s ways
why think they that a conspiracy stand
neither shall they fear their fear in their days
sanctify the Lord of hosts in your heart
let Him forever be your fear and dread
to be your sanctuary set apart
a stumbling stone to fall upon your head
a rock of offense for Israel’s fall
a trap for Jerusalem’s deadly snare
many stumble upon salvation’s call
broken into pieces and in despair
       bind up this testimony spoken true
       waiting upon my Lord hiding from you

behold my children from my Lord given
stand in Israel for signs and wonders
simple pleasant gifts from God in heaven
high atop mount Zion’s goodness thunders
why say they unto you mediums seek
wizards who whisper and mutter madness
should not My people unto their God speak
why seek the living among dead’s sadness
speak of the testimony and the law
if they speak not according to this word
then does not light remain in them that saw
hard pressed shall they then become a byword
       hunger causes them to curse God and king
       trouble darkness and anguish He did bring





dimness upon those distressed shall befall
when at first Zebulun esteemed lightly
as with Naphtali the land shall recall
and Galilee afflicted mightily
people walking in darkness see great light
those dwelling in the land of death’s shadow
upon them shines the Lord ever so bright
upon them comes His promise to follow
your nation multiplied and joy increased
burden’s oppressive yoke shattered broken
just as the day Midian was deceased
battle blood and burning fuel God’s token
       in light Zebulun and Naphtali stand
       repent for heaven’s kingdom is at hand

for unto us this day a child is born
unto us this day a son is given
government rests on His shoulder foresworn
mighty God His name for sin forgiven
wonderful counselor for their teaching
everlasting father for long life’s source
prince of peace for middle curtain breaching
many names for providential discourse
no end of increase for His government
and for His peace understanding unknown
justice forever His establishment
order for His kingdom and David’s throne
       Lord’s zeal performing all that’s been spoken
       His promised people humbled and broken

the Lord sent word against Jacob speaking
and upon Israel it has spoken
all people shall know My justice quaking
when Ephraim and Samaria broken
pride and arrogance of heart do consume
striving to erect the impossible
fallen down bricks with hewn stones do resume
sycamores by cedars now possible
therefore the Lord shall bring adversaries
set up against Rezin together joined
Syrians Philistines emissaries
sent to devour Israel enjoined
       righteous anger cannot be turned away
       judgment’s outstretched hand demands to repay

these people turn not to Him whose hand smites
neither seek they the Lord of host early
therefore in righteous judgment He incites
cutting off head and tail that day clearly
trusted honorable elder the head
false prophet teaching evil lies the tail
leading people in error bringing dread
when destruction descending in travail
therefore shall He not rejoice in young men
neither mercy for orphans and widows
all hypocrites and evildoers when
out of every mouth foolishness bellows
       righteous anger cannot be turned away
       judgment’s outstretched hand demands to repay

for people’s wickedness burns like wild fire
devouring all the briers and thorns
forest thickets ablaze with judgment’s ire
smoke’s rising columns forever forewarns
the Lord Almighty’s wrath darkens the land
and people used for consuming fire’s fuel
no man’s brother shall be spared anger’s hand
many still eating remain hunger’s tool
many eat but are never satisfied
Manasseh Ephraim brothers fighting
together against Judah fortified
judgment’s battle forever uniting
       righteous anger cannot be turned away
       judgment’s outstretched hand demands to repay





woe unto them with unrighteous decrees
writing grievousness which they have prescribed
to deprive the needy of judgment’s ease
to remove the poor’s rights as was described
to make widows party to evil’s prey
to blindly rob all those without fathers
what to do when punishment comes your way
and when mounting desolation gathers
to whom flee you for help from His judgment
and where leave you glory never your own
remain they captives then unrepentant
among the prisoners slain and unknown
       righteous anger cannot be turned away
       judgment’s outstretched hand demands to repay repay

Assyria the rod of My anger
when indignation My staff in his hand
O how their hypocrisy does linger
as My wrath against this nation does stand
I give him charge against people of wrath
to carry away the conqueror’s spoil
to carry away his prey on the path
to tread them under like wet slimy soil
howbeit this is not what he intends
neither is this what he has in his mind
upon destruction in his heart depends
many nations’ end forcefully consigned
       are not my princes altogether kings
       so Samaria as Damascus stings repay

my hand has found the kingdoms of idols
whose images Samaria surpass
even Jerusalem in her evils
with righteous justice shall death come to pass
as with Samaria have i undone
so Jerusalem’s graven images
wherefore when the Lord’s righteous work begun
His wrath upon Jerusalem rages
then will I punish Assyria’s king
for his arrogant heart and haughty looks
he says by strength i performed this thing
by wisdom have i set conqueror’s hooks
       their people’s boundaries have i removed
       their mighty inhabitants i reproved repay

my hand has found all the people’s riches
as one gathers every egg left behind
reaching in not even a wing twitches
neither a mouth opened peeping in kind
shall ax raise itself against he who swings
or saw shake itself against its user
can rod wield itself against one who stings
or staff lift itself against abuser
therefore the Lord shall send wasting leanness
and under His glory a burning fire
Israel’s light for a fire of darkness
to devour his thorn and his brier
       his forest’s splendor completely destroyed
       as when sickness consumes all strength deployed repay

it shall come to pass in that very day
Israel’s remnant Jacob’s survivors
escaped captives no longer in dismay
depending upon God’s true endeavors
a remnant from Jacob’s house shall return
they shall return unto the mighty God
from a multitude a few will discern
and return in truth from under the rod
destruction decreed with mercy repent
when overflowing righteousness poured out
for the Lord God of hosts shall then relent
speaking with determination devout
       Jacob’s remnant no longer their captive
       returning to the land God’s clear directive repay

therefore thus speaks the Lord God unto you
O My people that in Zion do dwell
have not fear when Assyria pursue
when he smites you with My rod out of hell
as in Egypt his staff against you lifts
yet a little while then My anger cease
against them then My indignation shifts
against them shall My destruction release
the Lord shall stir up against him a scourge
in accordance with Midian’s slaughter
as the Lord’s rod struck the sea with a surge
so lifted after Egypt’s cleaved water
       his burden from off your shoulder removed
       anointing for his destruction approved repay

to Aiath Assyria’s army comes
moving through to Migron then passed by
supplies stored at Michmash as need becomes
coming over the passage they do fly
at Geba they do encamp overnight
Ramah trembles and Saul’s Gibeah flees
O daughter of Gallim cry out in fright
your voices heard unto Laish with ease
Madmenah takes flight Gebim seeks refuge
at Nob they shall remain at rest one day
at mount Zion shaking fist does emerge
and great power the Lord’s anger display
       Jerusalem’s stature cut down for show
       haughtiness humbled by the Lord bestow





out of Jesse a pleasant shoot comes forth
out of this root shall a fruitful Branch grow
upon Him rests the Lord’s Spirit from birth
acknowledging His Son for all to know
upon Him rests the spirit of wisdom
and of understanding for to discern
the spirit of counsel for His kingdom
and of might for enforcing His concern
the spirit of knowledge for discretion
and fear of the Lord for righteous bearing
He shall not judge by His eyes’ perception
neither reprove after His ears’ hearing
       the poor shall He then judge in righteousness
       the earth’s meek He reproves with uprightness repay

He shall smite the earth with His mouth’s strong rod
with His lip’s breath then the wicked He slay
gird His loins with the righteousness of God
gird His reins with faithfulness here to stay
wolf with lamb shall in peace dwell together
leopard with kid shall in comfort lie down
calf young lion fatling with each other
when leading them a little child renown
cow and bear shall graze together as friends
their young ones shall lie down together then
lion like ox shall eat straw God intends
when righteousness reigns forever again
       nursing child in safety playing near asp
       weaned child’s hand in the viper’s den then grasp repay

they shall neither hurt nor come to destroy
extending through all My holy mountain
full of the Lord’s knowledge on earth deploy
as with the sea all its waters contain
in that day then shall Jesse’s root emerge
a banner standing for humanity
to it seeking shall the Gentiles converge
His rest glorious for eternity
in that day again shall come the Lord’s hand
to recover His remnant remaining
from all nations that captured Jacob’s land
from all the people they were restraining
       His banner to assemble the outcast
       to gather Judah’s dispersed held steadfast repay

Ephraim’s envy shall also depart
Judah’s adversaries shall be cut off
Ephraim shall not envy Judah’s part
Judah shall vex then Ephraim and scoff
upon Philistine shoulders they shall fly
to plunder them of the east together
to smite Edom and Moab gone awry
and Ammon’s children obey another
the Lord shall destroy Egyptian tongue
and shall shake His hand over the river
He smites the seven streams from where they sprung
men’s sandals remain dry crossing over
       there remains a highway for His remnant
       as coming out of Egypt vigilant





say in that day O Lord You will i praise
comfort comes when Your anger turns away
God’s salvation will i trust in my days
Lord Jehovah my strength forever stay
draw water with joy from salvation’s wells
say in that day praise the Lord Almighty
call upon His name as salvation tells
declare His doings among the mighty
mention His name forever exalted
sing songs of glory’s praise unto the Lord
excellent things done in His name vaulted
in the earth all His doings known abroad
       inhabitants of Zion do cry out
       the Holy One stands in your midst devout





Babylon’s burden Isaiah did see
upon high mountain your banner lifted
your voice raised your hand shaken then you flee
to enter into noble’s gates gifted
My sanctified ones do I command
My mighty ones also called in anger
rejoice in My exaltation firsthand
when multitudes heard the mountain danger
a tumultuous noise of great people
gathered together from many nations
called by the Lord of hosts as an example
assembled for battle’s devastations
       coming from ends of heaven so grand
       the Lord’s indignation to destroy the land

howl for the day of the Lord stands at hand
coming with the Almighty’s destruction
therefore all hands faint who cannot withstand
and every heart melts on introduction
before His justice everyone then fears
when taking hold of sharp pain and sorrow
pain gripping tightly with travail’s loud tears
amazed at each other come the morrow
behold the day of the Lord comes cruel
with wrath and fierce anger annihilate
destroying sinners when breaking His rule
coming to lay out the land desolate
       the Lord’s hand outstretched with judgment to bring
       Babylon’s coming destruction His sting

behold heaven’s stars and constellations
shall no longer bring forth their nighttime light
the sun darkened in her operations
the shining moon extinguished day and night
the world’s evil doings will I punish
as with iniquity of the wicked
their proud arrogance will I make vanish
and tyrant’s haughtiness will be shattered
man will I make more precious than fine gold
therefore shall the shaken heavens tremble
the earth’s removal shall be foretold
when coming in fierce anger to humble
       like shepherdless sheep and hunted gazelle
       each to his native land fleeing to tell

everyone found shall be thrust through alive
and everyone captured fall by the sword
children dashed to pieces cannot survive
spoiled houses and ravished wives their reward
behold I will stir the Medes against them
they shall regard neither silver nor gold
and delight not in a colorful gem
nor take pleasure in all things bought and sold
their hunting bows dash to pieces young men
and have not pity on faint of the womb
nor delight to spare any children then
preparing inhabitants for the tomb
       Medes sent against them for final payment
       Babylon made desolate in judgment

Babylon the glory of earth’s kingdom
beauty of Chaldees’ excellency shown
follows after Gomorrah and Sodom
in God’s destruction their world overthrown
never her land inhabited again
neither her generations dwell therein
never Arabians pitching tents then
neither shepherd’s grazing sheep stand within
but desert’s wild beasts lie down safely there
and doleful creatures empty houses fill
owls and goats dance for joy aware
of the many desolations there still
       destruction crying aloud in anger
       announcing end of days by messenger





upon Jacob the Lord’s mercy reside
and Israel His desire does He choose
set again in their own land to abide
for life with cleaving strangers then enthuse
brought home by the people who did return
for Israel’s coming house to possess
servants and handmaids for captives to learn
ruling over another to oppress
in that day His rest shall come to pass
given for all your previous sorrows
taken away all life’s fears then surpass
resting from bondage for many morrows
       promised redemption from bondage with love
       His mercy all Israel thinking of

this proverb against Babylon’s king speak
O how the oppressor has met his end
and the insolent city wind up meek
no longer can their fury yet defend
against the wicked’s strong staff soon broken
and the ruler’s scepter cannot withstand
when the Lord’s words in justice has spoken
against smiting people in wrath firsthand
he that ruled the nations in his fierce wrath
the same persecuted so none can stand
all the earth singing songs along His path
while quietly resting in His strong hand
       cedar and cypress trees rejoice speaking
       since then conquered no more havoc wreaking

hell beneath excites to meet you coming
arousing the dead for many to greet
all earth’s foremost leaders stand esteeming
and her kings removed from regal throne’s meet
all asking questions with curiosity
have you also given into weakness
brought down to the grave by pomposity
covered round about by worms in bleakness
O Lucifer only son of morning
how you have fallen from heaven’s presence
how you have been cut down self-adorning
to weaken the nations with your essence
       Babylon’s king has fallen after you
       down to hell’s depth pomposity pursue

O Lucifer has your heart’s voice spoken
into heaven will i ever ascend
lifted above God my throne unshaken
upon congregation’s mount my life’s end
ascend above the clouds my desire
exalted like the most high God my dream
yet brought down to hell by God transpire
unto the lowest depths without esteem
all they that gaze upon you consider
did this man make shaken kingdoms tremble
the world’s wilderness growing much wider
when broken cities litter resemble
       all the nation’s kings lie in state destroyed
       each to their tomb when destruction deployed

cast out of your grave like a branch despised
and garments of all those silently slain
with judgment’s twoedged sword thrust through surprised
down to the pit and trodden in disdain
join not ever with them in burial
since your people slain and your land destroyed
evildoers’ seed for the funeral
children prepared for slaughter now deployed
held to account for your forefather’s sin
unable to inherit any land
nor cover the earth with cities therein
all Babylon cut off the Lord demand
       turned into swampland for owls to possess
       swept with destruction’s broom in her distress

the Lord Almighty has now sworn saying
as I have thought so will it become true
as I have purposed so never swaying
for My will’s pleasure forever ensue
Assyrians then broken in My land
and trodden under foot on My high hill
then will his yoke depart from them firsthand
and his burden depart from him at will
this is My purpose purposed on the earth
this is My hand stretched out on the nations
who shall disannul what My purpose worth
and who shall then turn back My ovations
       the year king Ahaz died this was spoken
       God’s purpose for Assyria broken

all you of Philistia rejoice not
because his rod that smote you now broken
out of serpent’s root comes the viper hot
a fiery flying serpent his token
every first-born of your poor then feed
and your needy in safety shall lie down
I will destroy your root with famine’s greed
and your remnant remaining slain renown
howl O gate cry O city in despair
all you of Philistia are dissolved
for smoke from the north brings destruction’s fare
and time’s appointed solitude resolved
       what shall one then answer the messenger
       refuge found in Zion His harbinger





Moab’s burden by Isaiah revealed
Ar of Moab then laid waste in the night
Kir of Moab’s nighttime waste also sealed
and silently destroyed by judgment’s might
to Bajith and Dibon went he to weep
over Nebo and Medeba Moab howls
baldness for punishment on their heads heap
and every beard removed amidst their scowls
gird about with sackcloth in streets standing
and atop their houses everyone weeps
howling in their streets disaster handing
weeping throughout their towns disaster reaps
       your cities laid desolate by the Lord
       for judgment and punishment your reward

Heshbon and Elealeh shall then cry
even unto Jahaz their voice is heard
Moab’s armed soldiers cry out in reply
when grievousness brandishes God’s word
for Moab’s recompense My heart cries out
his fugitives unto Zoar shall flee
by the mounting up of Luhith throughout
and with them weeping going up with thee
for in Horonaim’s way they raise up
a resounding cry of her destruction
for desolation comes to Nimrim’s cup
the hay withered by water’s obstruction
       parched and withered her dry grass blows away
       no green thing remains there along the way

therefore the abundance they have received
and all their worldly laid up possessions
shall be carried away from those deceived
brought to the willow’s bank for transgressions
round about Moab’s border sounds the cry
unto Eglaim all her howling goes
unto Beerelim her howling reply
when distress upon Moab overflows
with her blood overflows Dimon’s waters
and upon Dimon will I bring much more
pouncing on those who escape their quarters
following after her the lions roar
       Moab’s desolation ever so sure
       follow then her howling in terror pure





send a lamb to the ruler of the land
from Sela to the wilderness possess
unto the mount of Zion’s daughter stand
for all her inhabitants in distress
a wandering bird cast out of her nest
so too at Arnon’s ford Moab’s daughters
take counsel execute judgment professed
casting night shadows on noonday quarters
outcasts hide and wanderers betray not
in Moab let my outcasts with you dwell
to shelter them from devastation’s blot
for at his end your extortioner fell
       your devastation ceases then to stand
       your oppression consumed out of the land

in mercy shall the throne be established
sitting upon it truth everlasting
in David’s tabernacle unblemished
seeking justice and righteousness fasting
Moab’s haughtiness and pride and wrath heard
but his vain talk in emptiness shall be
when in Moab everyone’s howl incurred
Kir-hareseth mourns when stricken for thee
for Heshbon’s fields and Sibmah’s vines languish
the heathen’s lords have broken their choice plants
coming unto Jazer in their anguish
wandering through the wilderness their rants
       all her precious branches extending out
       spoils carried far away to bring her drought

therefore with weeping Jazer will bewail
and with flowing tears will then water you
O Heshbon and Elealeh so frail
shouting for fallen summer harvest true
gladness and joy removed from growing field
singing absent from prosperous vineyard
no wine tread by treaders in presses yield
vintage shouting ceasing without regard
when Moab seen weary on high places
coming to his sanctuary to pray
never to prevail along high spaces
when spoken against by the Lord repay
       within three years Moab’s glory despised
       only a feeble remnant remains prized





of Damascus’ burden Isaiah speaks
for Damascus a city no longer
a ruinous heap devastation wreaks
among cities forsaken in anger
cities now only good for grazing flocks
to lie down among them so peacefully
afraid of no one wandering the rocks
grazing ruins without fear faithfully
no longer Ephraim a strong fortress
so too Damascus’ kingdom torn away
Syria’s remnant destroyed in distress
when Israel’s children’s glory repay
       thus speaks boldly Israel’s Lord of hosts
       when against Damascus destruction boasts

and in that day comes His actions to pass
when Jacob’s glory wanes among nations
and his flesh’s fatness growing lean alas
for famine strikes them with devastations
as when a harvestman gathers his corn
and when his outstretched arm reaps all the ears
so too when he that gathers all ears borne
in the valley of Raphaim appears
yet gleaning grapes harvesters leave behind
so too as shaking of an olive tree
leaves two or three berries for gleaners find
four or five in outer branches to see
       thus speaks boldly Israel’s Lord of hosts
       when Jacob’s glory wanes with silent boasts

in that day a man looks to his Maker
on Israel’s Holy One respect paid
looking no longer on foreign alter
the work of his hand when in secret made
neither respect he work of his fingers
nor all Asherah’s wooden images
in that day God’s faithful judgment lingers
on all cities forsaken visages
due to Israel’s children abandoned
with desolation calling loudly there
they forgot God’s salvation unpardoned
unmindful of their strength’s rock in despair
       therefore there will God plant His pleasant plants
       foreign seedlings set with permission’s grants

during the day your plants begin to grow
and in the morning your seeds do flourish
yet for the harvest your grief shall bestow
desperation’s sorrow as you perish
woe to you many people’s multitude
who make noise like the rolling roaring seas
and you rushing nations similitude
when like the mighty waters rushing breeze
nations rush like many waters rushing
but God rebukes and they flee far away
chased as mountain chaff before winds blowing
and as before a whirlwind rolling sway
       evening brings trouble when he is no more
       they plunder and rob for their portion’s score





woe to you land shadowed with buzzing wings
land beyond Ethiopia’s rivers
sending ambassadors to foreign kings
where distance in bulrush vessels covers
saying go swift messengers of the fleet
to a tall smooth-skinned people now dispersed
powerful nation treading for defeat
feared abroad a land whose rivers traversed
all you worldly inhabitants take heed
and all you earth dwellers attention pay
when upon mountains banner raised indeed
and when a trumpet blown to hear today
       the Lord considers from His dwelling place
       speaking to me quietly of disgrace

before the harvest when the blossom gone
and ripening grape the flower becomes
with pruning hooks the cut off shoots begone
and torn away the spreading branch succumbs
all left behind for mountain birds of prey
and for foraging wild animals food
all summer feeding birds nearby do stay
all winter wild animals feasting brood
to the Lord Almighty gifts will be brought
from tall smooth-skinned people ever grateful
from people feared far and wide as they ought
whose land divided by rivers when full
       gifts brought to Mount Zion in thanksgiving
       where the Lord’s Name offers truth for living





Egypt’s burden by Isaiah spoken
behold upon a swift cloud the Lord rides
at His presence idols tremble broken
and in His midst Egypt’s heart melts and hides
I set Egyptians against each other
everyone fighting against his neighbor
everyone fighting against his brother
every city wielding death’s long saber
in trembling battle Egypt’s spirit falls
and counsels made together I destroy
consult many charmers many idols
and dead spirits and wizards to alloy
       to a cruel lord by the Lord given
       a king’s ruling hand by heaven driven

river waters dry up in scorching heat
and riverbeds parched as dry desert sand
river waters with stinking stench replete
and defensive brooks decayed dry as land
reeds and rushes wither up silently
papyrus reeds by the mouth of the Nile
everything sown withers up quietly
all to be no more blown away awhile
fishermen mourn and all anglers lament
all who spread nets upon waters languish
thus they that work in fine flax discontent
fabric weavers confounded in anguish
       Egypt’s foundation broken torn apart
       all her wage earners aggrieved sick at heart

surely Zoan’s foolish princes are unseen
and Pharaoh’s counselor’s advice senseless
how say you unto Pharaoh all serene
when wise sons of ancient kings defenseless
where now are Egypt’s wise men gathering
let them make known the Lord’s plan beforehand
all her deceived officials crouched hiding
all her cornerstones led astray disband
into them the Lord pours a faint spirit
so in all that she does Egypt staggers
as a drunkard steps in his own vomit
so Egypt does nothing when He lingers
       Pharaoh’s advisors by the Lord deceived
       walking into final justice received

in that day like women shall Egypt be
everyone consoling them shrink in fear
because the Lord’s hand shall shake against thee
shaking judgment over all far and near
to Egypt Judah shall be a terror
and everyone mentioning them afraid
because the Lord’s counsel brings them horror
when justice determined against them paid
in that day five cities of Egypt speak
the language of Canaan in their land heard
swear to the Lord of hosts forgiving seek
for destruction determined and conferred
       the Lord’s justice on Egypt manifest
       salvation offered His ultimate rest

in that day in Egypt shall surely be
an alter to the Lord within the land
a pillar standing tall for all to see
upon her border speaking glory grand
as a sign and a witness to the Lord
when Egypt then cries aloud from within
crying because her oppression ignored
He sends a savior redeeming from sin
in Egypt the Lord of hosts shall be known
and Egyptians shall know Him in that day
sacrifice and oblation honor shown
vowing vows to perform them to obey
       Egyptians turning to the Lord of hosts
       sacrificing for sin redemption boasts

the Lord shall smite Egypt with His justice
smiting and then healing with compassion
then shall they return devoid of malice
forever entreating with love’s passion
in that day shall a highway run between
Egyptian and Assyrian nations
all people moving back and forth unseen
and Egypt servant for generations
in that day shall Israel be the third
with Egypt and Assyria in tow
blessed be Egypt My people preferred
and Assyria My handiwork know
       Israel My special inheritance
       all three at peace a sweet smelling fragrance





when commander in chief to conquer came
Assyria against Ashdod revile
when then Isaiah spoke in the Lord’s name
to remove sackcloth and sandals awhile
then naked and barefoot Isaiah walked
for the Lord’s sign and wonder in the land
by Assyria’s king led away shocked
Egyptian prisoners shamed and disband
Ethiopians captive young and old
Egypt’s glory Assyria’s sad shame
Ethiopia’s expectations bold
fearfulness bane of Assyria’s name
       for deliverance expectation grows
       how to escape capture nobody knows





the burden of the desert of the sea
as swirling whirlwinds in the south pass through
so comes from the desert the enemy
death from a terrible land to pursue
unto me a disturbing vision shown
treacherous dealer deals treacherously
plunderer plunders every person known
Media lays siege impetuously
Elam also then attacks to destroy
I will bring an end to all her groaning
therefore my loins filled with pain to annoy
pangs of a woman in travail moaning
       hearing this I was afflicted distressed
       seeing this undone dismayed and suppressed

my heart wavering frightened fearfully
twilight’s longing turned against me in fear
the watchman’s table prepared faithfully
princes arise anointing shield and spear
for thus has the Lord unto me spoken
appointed watchman declares what he sees
chariots and horsemen his sight’s token
harkening diligently with care’s ease
he cried my Lord on tower’s watch I stand
watching continually night and day
chariots and horsemen seen to command
Babylon’s fallen for evil repay
       her threshing complete and sown grain prepared
       justice from the Lord of hosts now declared

Dumah’s burden out of Seir calling
what see you watchman standing in the night
speak O watchman when morning comes crawling
if you inquire inquire what’s right
Arabia’s burden forest lodging
travailing companies of Dedanim
Tema’s inhabitants encouraging
food and water for those fleeing redeem
fleeing drawn swords and bent bows that destroy
the grievousness of war and destruction
thus the Lord speaks and His armies deploy
Kedar’s army falls on His instruction
       all the children of Kedar diminished
       what the Lord has spoken shall be finished





the burden of the valley of vision
what ails you now climbing upon housetops
city noise tumult and joy’s possession
falling not as the sword’s battle slain crops
all your rulers flee together captured
bound together for archer’s destruction
therefore looking away from me pictured
weeping bitterly for some protection
try not to comfort me in my grieving
because my people’s daughter lies plundered
today’s a day for trouble receiving
trodden under foot by the Lord angered
       broken down walls bring your day of terror
       to the mountains cry you out in error

Elam’s quiver brandished full for battle
chariots and horsemen ready to fight
Kir’s shield uncovered atop her saddle
coming to pass devastation’s quick flight
chariots filling your choice valleys full
horsemen at your gate sitting all array
Judah’s covering uncovered fateful
your forest’s house missing armor that day
see you David’s city breeches many
gathering together lower waters
counting Jerusalem’s houses you see
broken down to fortify her borders
       surrounding nations by the Lord deployed
       Judah and Jerusalem fall destroyed

made you a reservoir between two walls
for from ancient pools comes water flowing
have you looked unto the maker that calls
without respect for fashioner knowing
in that day comes calling the Lord of hosts
a call of God to weeping and mourning
baldness and sackcloth in judgment soon boasts
yet behold joy and gladness now dawning
slaying oxen killing sheep eating well
drinking wine together in revelry
for tomorrow we die and who shall tell
when revelation in my ear speaks free
       surely iniquity unpurged till death
       revelation lingers in angered breath

Unto Isaiah the Lord God says thus
to Shebna steward over the house go
ask what and whom have you here to discuss
why a sepulcher build you in the know
why carve yourself a high tomb in a rock
the Lord will violently through you out
a great captivity will seize you to mock
He will violently turn you about
He will surely toss you like a large ball
into a country where there you will die
there your glorious chariots recall
the shame of your Lord’s house forever nigh
       the Lord will drive you out from your station
       He will push you down for the duration

in that day then My servant will I call
to raise Eliakim Hilkiah’s son
clothed in your royal robe he will recall
strengthened with your girded belt he has won
your government I commit to his hand
Jerusalem’s and Judah’s true father
David’s house I lay on his shoulder grand
opening and shutting like no other
as a nail fastened in a secure place
in his father’s house a glorious throne
on him rests his father’s glory and grace
all descendants and possessions time’s sown
       the nail will be removed cut down fallen
       cut off at last when the Lord comes callin’





Tyre’s burden to Isaiah now given
howl you ships of Tarshish for Tyre laid waste
neither harbor nor house left to live in
Kittim revealed unreachable in haste
be still costal inhabitants and know
Sidon’s merchants replenish from afar
by seed’s river harvest revenues grow
marketplace of nations her rising star
be you ashamed O Sidon by the sea
for the sea’s strength has thus loudly spoken
neither travail i in child birth to be
nor rear young men nor virgins my token
       as the report concerning Egypt heard
       so too Tyre’s report by sorely pained word

pass over to Tarshish land by the sea
howl inhabitants of your coastal isle
your joyous city of antiquity
her feet carry her in sojourner’s style
who has taken counsel against Tyre’s greatness
an ancient city of merchant princes
a crowning city walking in straightness
honorable traders of earth’s riches
the Lord of hosts has today purposed it
to dishonor the pride of all glory
to bring His contempt on all who there sit
on honorable men of earth’s story
       O daughter of Tarshish as a river
       your strength drained amidst fear’s cooling shiver

in justice His outstretched hand came to call
shaking the kingdoms from over the sea
the Lord’s commandment against them does fall
against Canaan’s destruction thereof be
O rejoice no more oppression’s virgin
arise pass over without any rest
land of Chaldeans never to begin
until founded by Assyrian’s best
when wilderness dwells amidst tall towers
and raised up places brought to ruin
ships of Tarshish howl for loss of powers
and your strength laid waste by his pursuin’
       outstretched hand of justice proclaimed before
       destruction’s ruin comes through opened door

a day’s coming when the Lord brings to pass
when then Tyre forgotten seventy years
when according to one king’s days alas
then afterward she cries the harlot’s tears
play your harp around about the city
as the forgotten harlot unnoticed
make melodies of many songs witty
collecting memories life once rejoiced
afterward then the seventy years end
and the Lord again will Tyre visit
yet her fornication will still descend
upon all the world’s kingdoms in transit
       for the Lord her merchandise set apart
       food clothing and dwelling gifts from His heart






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